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Belle Delphine (a.k.a Belle Kirschtein) is a conventionally attractive Britfag cosplayer, "social media influencer" Professional E-beggar & H₂O Huckster whose biggest claim to fame is selling jam-jars filled with her used dirty bathwater in July of 2019. The product, which was marketed as GamerGirl Bath Water™, sold for $30 a shot and came with a warning that “You shouldn't fucking drink this because that's disgusting and it will kill you. Seriously, you will literally die if you drink this THOT's pee-water, so stop being a horny retard for two seconds and actually use your brain for once in your pathetic, worthless life.” The product sold out within days.

Belle is also a known animal/corpse abuser who once put googly eyes on a deceased octopus and then went out on a date with it for a video. The octopus ended up in Belle's bathtub, meaning that you most likely drank dead-octopus water.

I sexually identify as mentally deficient, what about you? 😂🙌👌👌👌💦💦💦🔥


— Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine — Early beginnings of THOTtery[edit]

Before Belle became a fully-fledged THOT, she often cosplayed on the Boomer website of choice, Facebook, where at the tender age of 14 she gained 100k for the next 2-3 years and often fell foul of other members of the cosplay community. Back then her fanbase was mainly bitchy schoolgirls rather than the thirsty basement dwelling neckbeards she would go on to attract. One of the incidents on Facebook involved her posting to Cosplay Circle, a group created by Alodia, asking for opinions. After the criticism she deleted her post and uploaded screencaps to her wall, branding the community "toxic". Belle threatened to "quit cosplay" on several occasions but never did because money and attention. Some report that before finally coming of age Delphine sold underaged nudes; it is also believed that she dropped out of school aged 14 to focus on full-time THOTtery.

Belle Delphine selling n00des 0w0[edit]

Around the age of 17-18, Belle Delphine sold n00des of a girl who trusted her. She only did this for money and she "did not" know who it was. She did this so she could go to France.

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Belle Delphine: Pedo Baiter & “Internet Troll”[edit]


When she turned 18, she broke up with her white knight boyfriend who still cries about her every night. And she began shitting out lewds as soon as possible. She often portrays herself younger than she is to cater to her paedophile fanbase. In late 2018/early 2019, Belle began gaining traction from Youtubers reacting to shitty TikToks and her NSFW posts on Instagram only served to intensify the thirst of teenage boys and imaginative paedophiles. In June 2019, Belle 'trolled' her brainwashed fanbase by uploading a photo and stating that she would create a Pornhub account if said photo reached a million likes, which it quickly did. When she eventually posted to Pornhub her fanbase was disappointed to find no actual porn.

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On July 1st, 2019, Belle announced via Instagram that she would be selling her own bottled "gamer girl bath water." Which apparently "sold out" which if you look in the source code of it. It's actually just written in there to seem like her fanbase is a bunch of cucks. Now everyone, (even "News outlets") think she is some kind of trolling genius even though she isn't. And after the success she gained, she made a 10,000 tier list which got sold out in a matter of seconds because of her retarded fanbase. On July 18, 2019, Belle's insta was taken down; reasons are unknown but speculation is that mass-reported, Instagram deactivated, or she deleted insta due to another e-girl being murdered. For the past month, Belle used all the money she has earned from scamming people into having a honeymoon in Greece with her boyfriend. Which her incel fans have found out and her lack of content in her Patreon has made her lose 2,000 patreons which she used to have 4,000 patreons before. She still posts on her exclusive Snapchat Patreon. Which she continues losing her fans. She also got food poisoning XD UwU Pathetic.

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Molesting dead Cephalopods ಥʖ̯ಥ[edit]

The dead octopus is all of us.

Belle's fanbase in a nutshell[edit]

Drinking Gamer girl pee

Incel Dreams

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