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Not to be confused with Berserker.
This is a pretty good explanation for how the fandom is
There was a small shift in tone later in the series

It's no secret that the giant sword trope is pretty famous among video games and anime. Who is to blame for this faggotry? What started the whole giant sword trend? Bleach? Final Fantasy? Nope! The series that started the generic odd over-comming bad ass anime swordsman hero who is cold, apathetic, have arch nemisis of questionable sexual orientation but also has a troubled past/backstory so please no bully is a manga series known as Berserk.

Berserk is an on-going Japanese fantasy manga series written by Kentaro Miura in 1989 which started as a one shot prototype manga in 1988 and it's also the most hardcore manga ever (it's even published in a dirty magazine called Young Animal). While it may be patient zero for all the stereotypical fagottry infesting anime to this day, Berserk is different because it takes place in medieval Europe that becomes hell on earth and takes over 100 chapters to get to the supernatural demon stuff because it's too focused on Game of Thrones style battles and plots. While it suffers from the handicap of its creator being an Azn Berserk has everything! From gore, to fighting, to demons, to Lovecraftian nightmares, to rape, to pedophilia, to gay sex, to child murder, to chibi cutesy jokes, etc. and is generally considered to be Awwright even if the fanbase are insufferable faggots.

Plot & Arcs[edit]

Main Plot[edit]

One chapter a year
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Berserk has no real plot. Any good stories, depth, themes and meaning is entirely coincidental as Berserk is an excuse for Kentaro Miura to draw fucked up stuff, and even Kentaro Miura thinks his own story is shit and will do things like disregard entire chapters he has already published like chapter 83 where you meet God and learn God was created by man as a reason to explain the worlds suffering. Miura also likes to make lots of open threads and then close them as edgy as he can, however halfway through the series he realized how gay being an edge lord is, but is trapted into a dark edgy story because of how he started the whole story. Berserk now schizophrenicly switches tone between comic cutesy antics and sick fuck Awwright story.

It’s unknown if Guts and his rotating gang of rejects will survive since A SINGLE CHAPTER COMES OUT EVERY YEAR because Muira can't stop jerking off to Idol Master. Since this Manga has been going since last thursday there is a massive 30 year backlog

The Blacked Swordsman Arc[edit]

You walk into gamestop and this guy grabs your wifes ass, what do you do?

Berserk decides to open the story right in the fucking middle of the story with a Garbage story that even Miura admits he wrote not knowing where the hell it would go and he was just trying to be edgy and cool. Eventually Miura redeems this by Retconning the entire series with the Golden Age Arc, giving explaination and depth to his main character's unlikable shitty attitude.

The TL;DR of all of this arc
Dramatic reading of this arc

Guts busts in a tavern kills some niggas and tells everyone he's here to kill the Demon apostle that rules the city. People in the city fear the ruler because he is a theocrat that accuses everyone of witchcraft and constantly seeks to kill heretics. Guts frees a fairy names Puck who won't leave Guts alone no matter how many times Guts swatts him away and calls him an annoying bug. Puck tries to convince Guts he's cool by showing fairy's can heal wounds, but Guts is too edgy and cool to have feelings or attach to anyone. Guts tortures a snake Demon to find out where the Apostle Demon Ruler is at. Puck leaves because Guts hurts his feelings and gets captured and given to the demon rulers daughter as a gift. Guts gets into a massive anime sword battle with Apostle demon battle. In the destruction Demon rulers daughter and puck end up falling in the battle area. Guts uses Demon Rulers daughter as a hostage, wins the battle (even though every limb he has is broken), but Demon Apostle fag isn't done yet.

We're introduced to the Behelet. They are magic eggs that open a portal to hell and summon the Godhand, which are 5 MEGA ULTIMATE DELUXE SUPER SAYAN demons who will make you a pretty Awwright demon if you give them a sacrafice. Demon nigger tries to sacrafice Guts, but it doesn't work because a sacrafice has to be worth something to the person sacrificing it. The only thing of value that nigga has is his daughter (who never knew he was a demon and was shocked when she learned). Guts is on the ground as a mangle broken mess trying to kill the Godhand niggers. The Godhand tell demon nigger if they don't give him the daughter, they will take him and remind him he's sacraficed loved ones before. The daughter asks the Godhand what they mean by this to where they recount how Demon Nigger became a Demon Apostle in the first place. She learns the story of how her mom died is a lie, and her father sacraficed her because he caught the slut in a demon orgy. He dedicated his life to exterminating that religion under false pretenses when in reality he was just jelly they gave his bitch the good dicking he never could. Demon nigger is too weak and ashamed to sacrafice daughter, Godhand take demon nigger, and Miura realized his main character was shit and nothing made sense so he better go back in time in his story and give a back story to make this less shit.

The Golden Age arc/Eclipse[edit]

How do you fix the problem of starting a story with a shit unlikable character with zero depth, but cool artwork? In true Japanese form, you overcompensate for those short comings. How bad is Miura compensating? The Golden Age Arc is considered one of the greatest and most tragic Arcs told in all of Eastern literature, so it's assumed Miura would of just became An hero if this didn't work out.

Guts (or Gattsu if your translation is retarded)is re-introduced as an emo mercenary who carries a giant sword and 1v1 some legendary knight for extra money. This kills morale for the enemy army and winning the battle. Guts also established he hates being touched. While walking home alone some mercenaries for the enemy army decide they wanna rob the emo fag and ask their leader Griffith for permission. Griffith says "nigga I don't give a fuck", so a hand full of guys try and swarm him, but get rekt cause he's an anime swordsman. After killing a bunch of those niggas Griffith is impressed and tries to talk to Guts. Guts isn't exactly happy about getting ambushes and tells Griffith "1v1 me scrub!" Griffith does, and no scopes Guts in under a second with one move. Griffith takes in Guts to camp to heal him and tries to convince Guts to be his right- hand man in a totally not gay way. Guts is still ass blasted by his 1v1 loss, so they rematch where if Guts loses Griffith can make him his "fagboy" (yes, that is literally said) Griffith wins again, but wants to convince everyone he's totally not gay so he just makes Guts one of his soldiers. Casca is a bitch to Guts cause she can tell Griffith wants that ass and it makes her jelly.

Gambino, leader of the Mercenary group that raised Guts
Guts begging to be Griffith's "fagboy"

We get 3 years of battlefeild glory stories ending some 100 year war and raising everyone to nobility classes. In this time we learn the backstories off all the characters through flash backs and exposition. Why is Guts named Guts? Cause he fell out of his dead mothers hung corpse and was named after what he looked like. Why does Guts use an oversized sword? He's had to use comically oversized swords since he was 4 cause mercenaries don't keep baby swords. How is he such a good fighter? The leader/father figure type forced him to earn his keep in a merc company and beat the shit out of him everyday till he GIT GUD. Why doesn't Guts like to be touched? Because he has only had 1 true love his entire life, an older man named Donavan who dicked him good at the age of 6, and everyone elses touch only reminds him of the loss of his lover.

A love story for all ages
a dramatic table reading of the source material
Standard fanfic tributes Berserk fans favorite couple
Guts eventually fills the Donavan sized hole in his heart with Casca
Precious moments with baby Guts and mother

We also learn Casca worships Griffith cause she was almost raped by some noble but Griffith cock blocked the moment by tossing Casca a sword and letting her play soldier. Also Griffith did gay stuff for money but is totally not gay cause he totally didn't like it and only did it to pay his troops to further his dream of one day having his own kingdom (he even has a crimson Behelet called the egg of the king he got from a street vendor as a kid so he is totally not gay and is just doing this to be king... right?)

Alternate ending for Berserk where the Eclipse is avoided
The Brand of Sacrifice works via bluetooth technology and allows demons to track you within 30 feet

Guts decides to leave the Band of the Hawk in order for to gain the love and respect of Griffith cause he overhears that Griffith can't respect someone who can't follow their own dreams. Griffith gets pissed over Guts trying to leave him, and they have a totally not gay Mexican stand off with swords, before the fight ends in one move with Guts winning. Griffith cries in a totally not gay way about losing his boy toy. To prove he's not gay, he sneaks in the king's daughters room and starts having hot sex with the King's daughter, Charlotte, but he still ends up thinking about Guts. Griffith gets caught by a cock blocking chamber maid was then tortured for a whole year because the king of Midland wanted to bust that cherry first. The king sends all his armies to kill off The Band of the Hawk and almost succeeds because Casca is now highest ranking comander in charge since Guts and Griffith are gone and women are shit at everything. Casca has The Band of the Hawk run and hide for a year cause she is a shit leader due to being a woman, and right as it looks like Midgar is finally ready to kill off the remaining Band of the Hawk, Guts comes back and saves everyone. Casca and Guts have sex (where Guts has flashbacks of his first true love, Donavan) and they are more or less kinda sorta a couple. Guts hears about Griffiths totally not gay crimes, and decides to save Griffith. Missing all of his skin, fingernails, tendons, tongue, and dick, Griffith gets rescued by Guts because Guts couldn't figure out a dream other than swinging his comically oversized sword and was gonna come crawling back to the man he offered to be a "fagboy" for. When they find out Griffith is useless and will never get better Griffith almost becomes an hero and accidentally summoned the Godhand. This starts an event alluded to from the begining warned about known as the eclipse.

Griffith agrees to sacrifice the entirety of the supporting cast you've grown to like the Band of the Hawk and becomes a edgy, discount Batman. Each character dies in a more gruesome and fucked way then the last until Guts and Casca are the only 2 left standing. Griffith decides to take a time out from Eclipse party time try out some new kink he just got into,Cuckolding. Griffith has tentacles hold Cacsa in place so he can take her to pound town on a fuck truck while Guts is pinned down to a pool of his friends' blood. Guts is enraged by this passionate love making (because he wanted that dick) so he cuts of his own arm to run over there and cock block! However, like any good house party, cock blocking is prohibited so giant demons hold down Guts and he struggles around so much he pokes out an eye. Guts cries like a bitch and Griffith cums.

Dark man cucks white boy so hard they both squirt
The TL;DR of the Eclipse
Family Guy's take on the Eclipse
The ending for the Golden Age Arc we got instead

After all of that, a "mysterious" Ghost Rider knock-off bursts through the sun and saves Guts and Casca. Guts then gets a huge fucking sword and devotes his entire life to murdering Griffith painfully and brutally as possible, all because he got cucked. Casca was dicked so good by Griffith she is left with the brain power of a potato, meaning he literally fucked her brains out. Until Casca gets her mental shit together she is constantly get him Guts danger as he's now pretty much the baby sitter of Griffiths left overs and she doesn't want Guts to touch her after getting that good Griffith Dick. This makes our emo black swordsman the biggest cuck in Japanese fiction as he watched the man he loved fuck the chick he loved and is taking care of the slut after with no hope of ever banging her or him again. On top of this Guts now has a visible brand on his neck that bleeds around demons that lets everyone know he is a cuck.

The Lost Children Arc[edit]

The alternate ending to The Lost Children arc
The Lost Children fairies prancing and playing in the Forrest

We pop back into the current timeline. Lost Childen is a Cool story but does nothing to progress the story and exists because Muria wanted to draw some loli sluts.

The TL;DR of all of this arc
Some weeb fag pretending this arc isn't just filler

Guts is on the hunt to kill all the monsters because he blames them for making him a cuck. He wanders into a village that hates fairies with Puck, who is a fairy. They think fairies are evil beings that steal kids and murder towns, and nothing Puck says will convince them otherwise. The whole town is ready to do a good ol' fashion lynching but then a swarm of fairies starts attacking the town shooting through the townsfolk like bullets. Guts starts anime sword fighting them, and realized these fairies aren't fairies... They are demons cause they make his demon senses tingle. Guts 1v1 the fairy queen which ends with all of the fairies retreating. Once the dust settles all the dead fairies turn into the corpses of missing children, pissing off the town.

Guts goes to hide and Random Anime child #731 realized Guts did nothing wrong. She feeds and hides him, but is kidnapped by the fairy queen. Turns out the fairy queen is Random Anime child #731 long lost friend who ran away. Turns out Random Anime child #731 was abused (like all the children in this shit small town) and one day found a Behelet, and was beaten close to death so it activated. She sacrificed her mom and dad to become a fairy queen and started kidnapping kids to make them fairies too. The Kids stay kids forever. They also kill and rape each other in war games for fun because they had perfectly healthy upbringings that taught them this was normal behavior.

Guts saves Random Anime child #731 and genocides the fairies. Right after doing this Guts is confronted by The Holy See army who think he is a heretic monster based on misinterperted stories they have heard, but mainly because the corpses of all the aforementioned demons turn back to human, thus making Guts seem like a serial killer. They capture Guts alive and the conviction arc starts.

Conviction arc[edit]

Muira decided to finally move the story along, tries to repeat the same idea but midway realizes that doing that is kinda gay so he just throws a bunch of mystery plot holes all over the place to fill in with stuff later. For this arc Muira just wanted to draw a bunch of sacrilegious shit and orgies.

Farnese acting like pretty much every Catholic school girl does
The reason Skull Knight helps Luca and her whore gang

Guts is prisoner of the Holy See army lead by Farnese. You already know this religion is shit because they let a woman be in charge of anything, but its made very clear through out that Farnese was a diversity hire only put in charge because traditionally the Holy See has always celebrated diversity in the workplace. Farnese whips Guts, Guts talks a bunch of sacraligious shit about how God and Demons are the same and how Farnese needs to get a fedora and read more Carl Sagan. Farnese gets butthurt and has Guts put back in a cell. Guts escapes cause he's the original generic anime swordsman, and sneaks to Farnese's tent where his equipment is being held. Guts sees Farnese whipping herself topless, because in the middle ages cutting wasn't trendy yet. Guts knocks her out and takes her hostage to escape on horseback. As they ride a demon hoard drawn to the Bluetooth brand on Guts comes out and chases them along side the Holy See and even starts attacking the Holy See army as well. Since the Holy See army is busy fighting demons Guts figures "awww what the hell, I'll kill demons to" pulls over on his horse and Anime Swordsman fights demons that are posessing local wildlife.

Guts tells Farnese GTFO despite her tits being on display. Farnese gets to the horse and tells the horse "I need to mount you" the horse responds "Nawwwww bitch, this time I'm gonna mount you." As the possessed rape horse gets ready to give Farnese a good dicking, Guts sees this and is reminded of how he was cucked by Casca and Griffith and refused to be made a cuck again. He kills the horse, but Farnese gets possessed and becomes a cock hungry slut and is just about to rape Guts, but the sun comes up, the demons go home and Farnese's man servent Serpico show up to cock block Guts and take the his boss back to diversity hire HQ so she can give a rousing speech about how men should just not rape and how she is a powerful strong independent woman who don't need no man.

Shut up woman get on my horse
The TL;DR of this arc
Praise be to the lord
Praise be to the lord
More Guts cock blocking

Guts goes back to the hole in the ground he left Casca in, and finds out from the two kids who were watching her that she left because kids are useless and not paid mental health professionals. Guts is freaking out looking for her cause he had a dream Casca was gonna get burned at the steak and become a baked potato. Guts leaves to the holy city of Albion cause Skull Knight stops by and says some shit about her being there, and someone is gonna try and make THE ECLIPSE 2!

Meanwhile Farnese heads back with the Holy See army to Albion as well to give a diversity and earning report to Father Mozgus. Mozgus looks like he was dropped on his face too many times as a kid, and has freak show weirdos guarding him 24/7. We find out later the reason Mozgus looks like that is cause he drops himself on his head repeatedly to pray and he's a huge religion fag. The town of Albion is poor as shit and peasants are burned and accused of being witches all the time. Some people try and avoid being burned alive by going to Father Mozgus's atonment-a-torium to pay for their sins via BDSM. We find out Farnese is a sick fuck who gets off and touches herself to torturing people because it makes her feel powerful and like she's a strong independent woman. We learn that Casca has been hanging out with a crew of literal whores. This isn't surprising given what Casca did during the eclipse, but no one wants to fuck a tard so the prostitutes wrapped her in bandages and told everyone she had Super AIDS. Oh the whores are also in the same sex cult from the Blacked Swordsman arc. There is an orgy is a side story where one of the whores tries to convince her client to join via whore magic and he runs scared after kissing Baphomets snake cock, to snitch but he gets pushed off a cliff by the cultists. Later on they get accused of being witches anyways but only Casca gets arrested because Casca is a retard.

Guts finds out from the whores that Casca is arrested and Guts goes all generic anime sword hero and starts fucking shit up. They save some runt kid named Isidro from a Muslim rape gang along the way too and Farnese is having doubts about her faith. Guts fights Mozgus and his crew of freaks (cause they demons and shit) and the town starts going bat shit crazy with destruction and all sorts of shit but no one is sure why. Refugies think its a prophecy and Guts is the devil and Mozgus is a Holy Angel, in reality there was a hidden Apostle called "the egg of the perfect world". The TL;DR is he was thrown away as a baby, lived in a gutter, had no one, came across a Behelet, and when he died from bodies being stacked on him he could only offer himself as a sacrafice to the Godhand as he was the only thing that mattered to himself. He wished to make a perfect world so he became a Behelet himself and wished a mock eclipse. He also eats Casca Weird demon kinda sorta there rape baby but no one understand WTF is going on with that weird shit.

Guts wins, the runty kid saves Casca last minute from burning at the Steak only to have her kidnapped by the whore's sex cult buddies because they believe she is a god cause her bluetooth brand gets demonic reception. They are gonna make her fuck the goat god but Guts shows up and rages because if he can't get his dick wet, no one can. Guts thanks the whores for taking care of her even though their sex cult friends almost rapedher. The runty kid and Farnese follow Guts as the kid is a fag and Farnese finally got a fedora and watched Cosmos and no longer thinks God is cool. Her man servent Serpico (who is also her secret half brother, and has wincest thoughts about her but keeps it in check because he sees himself as her protector) also comes along. They all go back to the cave they came from.

Also Griffith is back as a human now and is gonna build his kingdom.

Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc[edit]

Muira's editors were getting sick of Muira's shit and told him that if he didn't stop dicking around and actually progress the story, not just remake an old plot with shit tons of open plot holes, they were gonna send him back to the rice fields. However since Berserk has no story and the plot is twisted to bend around whatever sick fuck shit Muira felt like drawing, this lead to Muira taking longer and longer to do any work. How long? It took 6 years alone just to finish up a small sub plotline about riding a boat to an island.

The TL;DR of all of this arc
The videogame version of this arc
This arc pretty much proves that Griffith did nothing wrong
Some weeb pretending tits and gore is super deep
Yet another circlejerk summary of this arc

Guts takes Casca back to her cave/sword grave yard/potato field (where potato brained tards don't have to pretend to have Super AIDS to not get raped again), Guts sees Rickert talking to none other than the man who cucked him, Griffith. Rickert decided that sleeping was more important than getting murdered and raped by demons so he has no clue about the Eclipse, and Guts never told him because Guts is still butt hurt about being cucked. Immediately Guts tipped his fedora, unsheathed his katana and prepared to defend m'ladies Casca's honor. However before Guts can even get close to Griffith, Zodd the immortal (a demon from Golden Age Arc) decides to cuck Guts out of his chance for vengeance. We learn during this fight that Griffith is king of demons on Earth, him being human on Earth has something to do with raping Casca and corrupting the baby Guts accidently in Casca that got eaten by the egg of the perfect world, Griffith is rebuilding Band of the Hawk 2: Electric Boogaloo but this time with demons, demons are back invading earth because of what Griffith did with the eclipse and Griffith is going to go get his kingdom.

How all of soon to be Falconia sees Griffith

Griffith tells Zodd to stop fighting Guts. He offers Rickert and Guts a chance to rejoin the Band of the Hawk and have a right hand seat at his kingdom. Guts rages at Griffith in a nondescript way that leaves Rickert confused why the two of them are mad at each other. Griffith responds to Guts "TL;DR. Nigga you still mad bro? Dude, I don't even think about that day. I did nothing wrong. If you stop acting like a cuck bitch let me know and I'll give you a job." Out of nowhere a cave boulder almost falls on Casca and almost kills her, but Griffith saves her in front of Guts in a way he never could then flies away riding Zodd. Rickert wants to know WTF is going on, and Guts finally admits he is a cuck and tells the story of how hard he got cucked. Rickert falls to his knees in disbelief of what a cuck Guts is. Guts leaves Rickert behind taking Farnese, Isidro, Serpico, and Casca to get revenge on Griffith. Griffith tells Rickert "I'm not taking you with me cause you could never truly hate Griffith. Look after that blacksmith daughter who took care of us and never sexually experiment with cuckholding. It is degenerate as fuck"

The story starts following Griffith as well as Guts

Griffith goes back to the Castle he was tortured at and goes back to Princess Charlotte and decides to prove he's totally not gay and marry her, but first he needs to Remove Kebab trying to build mosques in his fiance's kingdom. Griffith saves the city in the middle of a jihadi attack where we learn that the Muslim king is a fake Godhand demon draggon that converts westerners into islamic demons by dipping them in a vat of Hallal meat. The Holy See is overjoyed that Griffith Deus Vaulted the shit out of the city. The Pope sees Griffith as the 2nd comming of Jesus and offers to personally marry him to Princess Charlotte (and overlook Griffiths obvious homosexuality and demon apostles... Which lucky for Griffith the church has lots of experience overlooking fucked up shit). Some of the salty Nobles from the Golden Age Arc try and object, but Griffith says "Look nigga, first off your King is dead coward bitch with your citizens cheering me on so I am king by right of Conquest. Second, the pope says I am the chosen one by historical prophecy which I fit perfectly so I am king by religious prophecy. Third, I was made a noble before getting thrown in jail for cucking your king and now your princess who is now your Queen by birthright wants to marry a nobel who saved the kingdom so I am king by legitament marraige. Say something bitch, I am not gonna let people keep thinking I'm gay. I only did gay stuff once for money! That don't make me gay, that make me a good leader."

Meanwhile with Guts, he is getting sick of Casca being a retard and wants to fix her before he tries to 1 V 1 Griffith. Puck says "You know we could just go back to my place and visit my buddy who has a magic cure for autism." Guts yells at Puck for not mentioning he had a cure for Autism sooner (I mean we could of skipped the whole Lost Children and Coviction arc if you just mentioned this sooner) but apparently Pucks home is on an island far away and they need a boat to get there. Guts throws a tantrum and tells everyone to go away and leave him alone, he'll take care of Casca and cure her Autism all by himself. Guts sucks at taking care of the Autism riddled Casca for a few reasons:

Puck, Farnese, Serpico and Isidro run into Guts again and say "you done being a whiny little faggot yet? Cause if you are we can help you by looking after your potato." Guts accepts their help cause he has no clue wtf he's even doing anymore. Farnese tells the Guts that if he needs a boat she can get one, but they gotta go back to her home town and the quickest way to get there is through a mountain that is infested with trolls, now lets GTFO of this forest. As they leave they stumble across a small cabin. This is where we meet pedobear approved party member Schierke. Schierke is a 12-year-old girl who acts like she's 30. She's done nothing but study magic with her granny, who sees nothing wrong with sending her underage girl with a full grown man who just tried to rape a retard. She makes sure Guts is able to get some sleep by disabling the bluetooth on his brand of sacrafice, so when he starts telling his granddaughter what to do he'll be full of energy and have a clear head. Farnese begs Schierke to teach her to be a goth witch too cause after leaving the Holy See she realizes that she hates god and loves listening to The Cure. Schierke agrees.

Skull Knight shows up out of nowhere and is apparently BFF's with Granny. Granny gives them a bunch of special magic weapons, and out of no where Apostles and trolls start attacking. Granny is burned alive, but she is cool with it cause she knows that the man who almost raped a retard moments before meeting her grand daughter will be looking over her. Guts takes on some Apostle with a cannon sheild and almost died but Guts is given the Berserk armor. Berserk armor is fully equipped with

  • An comfortable interior that stabs the shit out of you and anchor its self into your nerve endings and bones, which will re twist and let you use your broken limbs
  • Nerve ending sensors that tell your body that pain is for faggots and over rides the manual nerve ending sensors
  • Turbo boost technology that tells your body pain is for faggots and lets you over ride the regulators that tell you to stop or you'll pull a muscle
  • Sleek outer exterior with dent resistant paneling
  • Dark edgy design popular with emo fags and cucks
  • low fuel milage is worth the performance you get from this head turning machine. As long as you have atleast 1 drop of blood in your body. However the owner manual clearly states that trying to operate the berserk armor without blood will void the warranty and loss of life or even worse, damage to the berserk armor are no longer covered by the manufacturer.

Guts gives the armor a spin and has such a good time he doesn't wanna get out. Who could blame him? When Guts takes the armor for a spin he has such a good time hackin' and slashin' he doesn't care if he's carving up demons or slicing Casca into hashbrowns. Schierke eventually is able to get Guts out of his test drive by astral projecting tugging Guts until he finished penetrating the Apostle, explodes he hot load deep inside the Apostle and slides out of the armor.

After the Apostle is dead, they learn a city on the way through the troll infested mountain is being infested with trolls because Apostles weren't spaying and neutering their pets. They decide to go and help because even though the Holy See is there they are kinda shit at helping people. We're given back story on Farnese and Serpico. Farnese is a spoiled rich girl who was a pain in the ass who lit everything on fire. Because of this her father told her to GTFO and join the Holy See who had a diversity hire spot in upper management ready to be filled as the only requirements were that she have a vagina, be noble, and be a moral fag who likes setting shit on fire. Serpico's backstory show him taking care of his Alzheimer riddled mom, who keeps telling him his daddy was a super cool rich guy and he's totally gonna come back from the gas station any day now. Serpico figures its just her Alzheimer talking. He goes and works for a rich family to be the servant of their crazy pyro daughter, Farnese. He puts up with her bullshit partially cause the money is good, and partially cause he wants to fuck Farnese and with as crazy as that bitch is burning shit one minute then getting naked in front of Serpico and begging him to cuddle her, there is a good chance he may get to stick his dick in crazy. While working there he finds out his mom wasn't lying and finds proof that the noble he's working for is his dad, Farnese is his half sister, and he still has the weirdest boner for her. How bad does he wanna fuck his sister? Farnese accused his mom of being a witch for having Alzhimers and told him to burn his mother alive or stop talking to her, then he joined as a soldier for the religion in whose name her burned his mother alive for while serving for the girl who told him to do it. Serpico never got to fuck his sister, but not because Farnese knew they were related. Serpico kept that shit secret cause the crazy bitch would cock teased him on the regular and would occasionally let him squeeze on her tits before getting all embarrassed. He had a chance to fuck her but he got all moral faggy and before Serpico could remember "wait a minute, this bitch has no clue I'm her brother" she got all BPD and ran of embarrassed putting her clothes back on.

Guts, Casca, Schierke, Farnese, Isidro, Puck, and Serpico make it to town. The Holy See is burning anyone they think is a witch. Guts and co. tell Schierke "Hey, maybe you may not wanna be dressed up like a witch while telling everyone that you're a witch" but Schierke isn't a poser goth, she's the real deal and it's totally non a phase mom so back off! I don't have to change the way I dress for anyone. The guards immediately tell her no goths allowed, but she uses magic and they forget that they are standing right in front of a witch and let her in the city. Her and Isidro get into a fight with a pirate who is selling children into slavery, Guts goes to find a room to store potatoes in, Farnese is figuring how she is gonna go back home and tell dad she's taking a boat. After the pirates get their asses kicked by children (which lets be real, means you are probably a shit child trafficker) the town has a massive troll/Apsostle attack. Schierke shows he is a super overpowered magic loli slut and drowns the town. The town now changes on thinking goths are gay.

Farnese and Casca however were captured with a bunch of other women from the village. Some magical shit Granny gave them is barely giving them enough stealth to not be noticed and hide while the trolls in the troll cave who are busy trolling the women that they kidnap's vagoos with their penises, trolling their wombs into shitting out more trolls then eating mommy when the lolcow is no long producing lulz. Schierke through goth senses sees where they are at and whats going on. They send guts in to fuck shit up while they stay behind and light candles and incest and chant "protection spells". Guts fucks shit up and sees the slutty Godhand chick (Slan) was waiting for him. Slunt wants guts to use a Beylet and become an apostle, but Guts really isn't into her like that. Slant gives Guts and Astral wound, which is a wound he'll have forever that won't heal. Gee who ever thought he'd catch something like that from fucking around with a dirty whore like her. Skull knight shows up out of nowhere, helps Guts kill the bitch and dump her body behind an Arby's, then teleports the crew to saftey cause the only way to get rid of the troll hole was to kill it with fire.

The crew goes back to town but the next morning Farnese is no where to be found. She ran away to do whatever she needed to get that boat for guts and she couldn't bear to say goodbye. Guts figures out quickly that he needs Farnese because 2 kids, a guy who wants to fuck his sister, a fairy, and a guy who tries to rape the mentally retarded are really bad at taking care of the mentally retarded. They decide they are going to go to Farnese house and tell that bitch to get in the kitchen and keep an eye on Gut's potato.

Farnese talks to her dad who is pretty pissed at her cause she has fucked up every single sweet comfy freebie he's tossed her. We learn that her brothers are alpha chad military captain tycoon traders, yet some how still disappoint Farnese dad. Dad tells Farnese "Look bitch, you are shit at business, you are a shit fighter, and you couldn't even not get fired from a 501-c3 tax exempt organization diversity position where you didn't have to do shit. The only thing you are good for is slurping up sperm and shitting out babies. I'm gonna auction you off the the nigga who will put your ass in check and add to our networth. Christ you stupid bitch, if you didn't have a cunt men would hunt you for sport then feed you to their hunting dogs." Farnese acts like a submissive little girl because she is realizing what a woman's place is. We learn she feared arranged marriage but was willing to do it for Guts who she's developed a crush on. Guts shows up with his posse, and is received by Farnese family who is shocked to learn their stupid bitch daughter has any friends. While waiting to speak to Farnese dad, Guts is challenged to a final duel by Serpico where Guts beats him through out witting Serpico. Serpico comes clean saying he hated Guts at first but has earned his respect now. Guts gets ready to tell Farnese dad whats what and that the bitch has a tard wrangling job to do, but suddenly the Muslim demon army gang is attacking fucking everything. King Muslim's Apostle form is a giant cloud of lightning that fucks everything up

We hop back over to Griffith who is fighting this nigga at the same time Guts and co are. Guts does some shit that saves everyone by teaming up with Zodd the Imortal, and Griffith hops inside a dragon Apostle fucking everyones shit up. Griffith is inside the monster next to its heart and before he can do anything Skull Knight shows up and tries to take a swing at Griffith with a sword made of Beherrits. Griffith bends space and time so the swing goes around him and cuts the dragon in half, and because the sword was made of Beherrits it also merges the Astral glide realm (the realm where demons fuck your bitch) and the real world. A bad ass kingdom falls out of the corpse of the dragon, giving Griffith the Kingdom he always wanted.

Meanwhile Farnese's dad's estate is all fucked up but he's impressed to see that his daughter wasn't a useless slag in combat. Farnese finally tells her dad she's a strong independent wymen who don't need no man and she's going to go with her friends to master the art of tard wrangling. However before she gets to go we learn that Dads plans are actually gonna work out for her after all. Farnese's brother arranged a marriage with his naval academy buddy Roderick. Roderick has his own vessel and crew, loves adventure, is a chad alpha Navy/tycoon trader, and is totally into Farnese and seems to be the first character we meet in the series who just genuinely a good dude. Farnese meets Roderick and decides to stay engaged as she needs the guys ship and knows damn well she can't do better than him.

Guts and co set off on a boat to reverse the autism Giffith caused Casca through vaginal vaccine injections. Its debated when the next arc happens durring this boat ride. Some argue its at the start of the boat ride, some argue its after the pirate battle with the pirates that Isidro fucked up, some argue its after the ship wreck, some argue that the boat ride took so long fucking long that the boat is an arc unto itself. But the TL;DR is Farnese is engages, Griffith is king and got his dream kingdom of Flaconia, Guts and co are on a boat.

The Love Boat Arc & Fantasia Arc A.K.A. (((The Current Arc)))[edit]

Miura got tired of cutting him self on all that edge
Leaked ending that finally clears up what Skull Knight meant when he said "Casca may not want the same thing you want when her memories return." Does it count as double cucking Guts if she rapes Griffith back?

Muira is getting sick of his own creation. All he wanted to just draw a bunch of shit he thought looked cool and loosely use the story as a way to fund retarded weebs giving him money to draw crazy shit, then you write one really well crafted arc just to make up for the start being poorly written dog shit and suddenly everyone wants you to be the next George R.R. Martin. Muira now stalls as long as he can to crank out his next chapters, the lines between when arcs ended and began blurred. Muira has started and finished entirely new mangos in between not finishing Berserk. While the quality has maintained, his insufferable faggot fanbase cries that the art isn't as good cause they notices slight misplacement of squiggles that people who know what the inside of a vagina feels like never would notice. Muira stated in an interview with a gay-advocate magazine that the story of berserk is about 70% done, which given how OP Griffith is compared to Guts means Muira is looking to rush this shit so he's done with his contract and can go the fuck away and jerk off to idol master games in peace.


Everyone considers the boat saga a fucking arc, deal with it
The emotional moment when Griffith didn't appreciate you arts and crafts
The exact moment Rickert stopped sucking
Griffith did nothing wrong, srsly
Miura responds to fans wanting timely releases

While not technically an "arc" it took 6 years to finish a story about a fucking boat ride (and that is just for then to crash on a shitty island, not to get to their final destination), so it might as well be an arc. Guts is all reflective of shit from his past and reflects on Skull Knight (you know, the guy who could of just teleported them all to the Fairy island instead of causing a 6 year journey) saying that even if Guts cures Casca's autism his retard bitch might not want the same thing Guts wants after getting dicked so good by a faggot it made her a tard and infected her baby with G.R.I.D.S. Farnese and Schierke both lust in private over Guts who is too busy being emo to notice... Not that it would be a good thing to make a move, Rodrick seems to like his fiance and he needs his boat/crew to un-potato his cheating whore tard. Schierke teaches Farnese how to astral project which she uses to spy on Roderick and Guts talking about Casca. When Guts is about to say what he considers Casca to him and why he's bothered watching after a retarded bitch who cucked him for so long Farnese gets emotional and heart broken refusing to hear it because it would hurt too much to know he has feelings for her. Roderick and Farnese discus how she used satan magic to spy on him, and she heard them talking about how Casca was Gut's lover. Roderick looks confused and thinks to himself "bitch, the fuck you talkin' about? He didn't say that shit" (spoiler: when it's revealed it will most likely be 'my commander' or 'my friend'). The Pirates that Isidro fucked up a while back are back and decide that it would be a good idea to try and raid a fully loaded naval vessel that has an accomplished naval war captain at the helm. The outcome is predictable, but now the ship is damaged so they have to take a pit stop at some shitty middle of nowhere island.

Fantasia Arc

We're back to schitzo flipping between POV, but this time from 3 points. Griffith, Rickert, and Guts & co.

Luca and her whore gang interviewing for their government job in Falconia

Rickert appears in Falconia with the bitch who taught him how to blacksmith. He's gone from Shota to Jailbait in this amount of time (and may be within the age of consent in Europe) and has added engineer to his resume after building crazy hand guns and other inventions needed to fight off demons from killing them. He headed to Falconia to keep the Blacksmithing bitch safe and Falconia seems to be the only place not getting fucked up by demons. Rickert finds out upon arrival that his old buddy Griffith is king, and immediately is given a tour of the kingdom by the group of whores from the conviction arc who now have government jobs at imigration. In this we learn Griffith has pretty much made the prefect kingdom, and the kingdom has crazy future technology from the past that no one can figure out. Immigration and societal standing is merit based, and since Rickert is not only a black smith but an engineer who understands how all the old technology works (that no one there understands) he's a shoe in for a green card and a high paying job. The whores immediately are all up on his dick, but Rickert doesn't have time for these ho's. He wants to see Griffith. The ho's laugh and are all like "Nigga, you and everyone else. He's the king." Rickert shows them his mercenary rank medals from his time in the Band of the Hawk and was like "Naw ho, this nigga gonna wanna see me. We go way back. Nigga I helped him get to where he's at". The band of whores who are now glorified DMV employees get so wet from this bit of info you could probably drown a toddler in their panties. They say it'll take time cause the king is out doing totally not gay shit like killing demons because he is totally straight and not gay.

Rickert rejects Griffith's faggotry

Griffith meanwhile is fucking up demons is some skirmish with other demons. We learn Sonia is a close battlefield asset to Griffith cause she's kinda a psychic but not really but enough to where she's helpful. Some Concerned Mother is wandering around wondering WTF is up with the demons in Falconia, Sonia walks around with them and shows that the demons live in a special forrest outside that is a degenerate nightmare but the demons stay in check cause Griffith gives them all the people they want to eat and if they step out of line Griffith will fuck them up and have them live with the shame of getting their ass kicked by a faggot. Griffith returns from battle and consoles all the families who lost loved ones. The words are enough to put the families at ease, but Griffith is flamboyant so he decides to up his game even more. Griffith brings back the souls of the dead to speak with the families they left behind one last time. This is why the whole kingdom worships Griffith like a God. Not only has he built the perfect kingdom, not only can he fuck up any nigga that steps to him, but he can literally bring back the souls of the dead to say goodbye. At this point even The Holy See is too scared to call him a faggot, so everyone now just pretends he's not gay.

Rickert finally has time to see Griffith in his royal garden the next day. While being escorted to Griffith, he acknowledges how perfect the kingdom is. Rickert waits while someone shows Griffith the band of the Hawk medal and says who it is. His other advisors are jelly, cause Griffith is happy as fuck, tells everyone to fuck off for a bit while he kicks it with his old hommie from back in the day. Griffith tells Rickert he finally achieved his dream, he's pretty much perfect and he did nothing wrong. Then he says that Rickert is an old school homie whose ride or die shit from back in the day has secured him a place as royal court right hand man. Rickert asks Griffith about what happened, Griffith tells Rickert "nigga, I did nothing wrong. Do you want free money and bitches or not." Rickert bitch slaps Griffith in view of all his court. Griffith tells them to hold before they merc his ass. Rickert says "you know, after seeing what a baller ass kingdom you built, I didn't know what I was gonna do. Is doing gay shit for money degenerate? Maybe, but you was a real nigga then so I put I looked past it like I do with my prison niggas. Is cuckholding degenerate? Yeah, and you a gay ass nigga for dat shit, but I wasn't there and you didn't cuck me so I couldn't say shit. But you come visit me at the grave site of all the niggas you killed who used to be your hommies, and don't even noticed the swords I put as grave markers. Nigga, I was so detailed with my arts and crafts on that shit that every single sword was unique and you couldn't even 'give me a looks good bro'?! Naw nigga, fuck yo kingdom I would rather die in a brutal horrific ways then live under a faggot who refuses to tell me how nice my home decor is." Griffith says if he changes his mind there is always an open spot. Rickert leaves, and even though no one heard what the fuck he talked about the fact he slapped the dude and chose to GTFO of utopia is a pretty faggoty look for a king and as we all know Griffith does not like it when rumors questioning his sexuality are stirring about. While Rickert is prepping to GTFO a demon assassin comes out of nowhere to kill Rickert. Rickert fights him a few times thinking he won only for the demon assassin to come back later to try and kill him again. Eventually a group of muslim fags (who were at one point converted to Griffith's side but switched) kill the demon and we learn that even though Griffith said shit was cool, the fact is Rickert knows too much. It's unknown if Griffith would of killed him in secret, but he can't afford to look like he's trying to kill an old member of the band of the hawk and still be an king who isn't a total faggot. He's now hiring assassin demons to make it look like an accident so Rickert STFU about Griffith being a homo. He decides to leave with the muslim rape gang and convert to Islam and take his Blacksmithing bitch with him. I'm sure they'll be totally safe

THE LOVE BOAT ARC 2: Fantasy Island

Isma's father
Pretty much Isma's attitude about getting naked
You should see her remedy for blue balls
She'll basically show anyone her tits. It's no big deal
when you cum so hard you blow shit up

You thought you were done with the boat saga just cause it took 6 years and 2 arcs to crash land onto some random Island? Fuck no! However atleast the Guts cuckhold crew is getting off the boat and walking around while Roderick fixes the boat so he can speed run curing Casca's autism to go home and marry/fuck his fiance. Isidro goes off one way to explore, Guts and co go to find people in the city on the island and get some food. Isidro sees a mystery cave and thinks "huh, a dark cave on an island with unknown dangers, clearly I should go in completely alone because that is a smart idea" Out of nowhere a cutie 3.14 shows up wearing only a t-shirt and is all like "dude, our evil island God lives in there and waves crash in here all the time. If you are gonna be a retard at least do it with those people you showed up with on that boat or you gonna get wrecked." Isidro tries to pretend to be a bad ass but a tentical tries to rape him so he runs away dropping his magic fire dagger Schierke gave him.

This is where we are introduced to the next wholesome not shit person who is barely legal and will join Gut's cuckhold crew, Isma. We learn Isma's Backstory is she has lived on this island her whole life and her dad died. Her dad was pretty much her only fried, and the island hated her because her dad openly told everyone he loved fucking fish and slammon fish pussy. They also didn't wanna put up with Isma's bullshit about being some kinda special mermaid or how it was wrong for them to not sacrafice people to the island tentical rape God. They also probably hated her because she with take off her clothes without thinking for like, no reason, but you think at the very least the dudes on the island would be nice to her... Isma didn't take it personal and was still friendly, however her behavior is what you would expect from a chick who never have interacted with anyone IRL other than them throwing rocks at her and yelling "Fish Pussy!" Isma takes Isidro back to her place to dry off and treat his wounds so he doesn't of blood loss. However because Isma has 0 social awareness she imediately gets naked in front of Isidro while talking/treating his wounds with him like its nothing. Lucky for Isma Isidro is just a spergy kid whose balls haven't dropped yet and rather than trying to convince this hautistic girl the best way to treat his wounds is to suck the venom out of his penis knowing damn well she's nice enough to do it and socially retarded enough to not understand what is really going on, he'd rather try and be Mr. Cool Guy telling her stories about his adventures and get off to how cool she thinks he is while staring at her tits.

Schierke senses Isidro was in trouble and uses her satanic magic to see whats going on through his eyes only to see a rockin pair of tits. Schierke being a cock block can't let a nigga get his tip wet so she goes to Isma's place. When Schierke arrives at Isma's place, you think there'd be some akward love triangle shit, but Isma is just excited that she now has a second person who will talk to with out throwing rocks at her and telling her that her cunt reaks of tuna. Schierke grows fond of Isma, but sees she has some special kinda fish aura radiating from her. Isma tells her about how her dad was a fish fucker and her mom was a fish but no one on the island believed her mom was really a fish so no one likes her. Schierke scolds Isidro for starin at Isma's fuckin' rockin' tits, and Isidro is like "bitch, I could of just said 'OH GOD I HAVE A PAINFUL PRESSURE BUILD UP IN MY BALLS, PLEASE HELP ME!' and she would of treated it vaginally then let me cum in her by telling her she's a fish so she won't get preggo... Don't get on my case for starin at the only pair of tits in this house you flat chested bitch." Schierke realizes that Isma is so socially retarded she could probably tell her "hey Isma, I noticed you don't have much food on this island. I have some nutritious yeast growing on my cunt that I'll let you lick off" and Isma would probably do it and genuinely think that she had a nutritious meal and not a gay experience, she starts yelling at Isidro for losing his magic weapon (because women aren't happy unless they are complaining). They go get the weapon back and Schierke uses psychic again and learns Guts and all they are in trouble.

Guts tries to get a beer at a bar but learns that the people on the island aren't people, they are corpses that the tentical rape demon god uses as his finger puppets to play pretend island society. Tentical rapist tries to give Guts the Donglevan treatment but Guts isn't gonna let someone fuck him unless they are a black man cause his doo doo hole has an affirmative action quota. There is a massive sea battle and on top of the Cave Demon god attacking, the Pirates they just killed are now back as Tenticle Butt Pirates. Guts puts on his Berserk Armor, everyone else fights off the butt pirates.

While fighting off Butt Pirates, Isidro falls into the ocean and Isma is quick to get naked and go after him as she wouldn't want 1/16 inch cloth slowing her down while swimming. Isma gives him mouth to mouth while totally naked (seriously Isidro, being this shitty at getting laid almost makes you a bigger cuck than Guts) Isidro wakes up and rather than focus on being happy about getting to make out with the only chick with a decent rack who doesn't see him as the loser he is, he starts freaking out she has a fish-tail. Of course Isidro is retarded and stutters when trying to bring up her t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tail. Isma thinks he's freaking out about her fuckin' rockin' tits and she's all like "My tits? Yeah they're pretty awesome and they are only gonna get better. Don't worry I don't give a fuck if you see em. Their just tits. Hell you can play with em later if you want. I don't care. They're just tits." but then he finally says "tail" and Isma is like "FUCK YEAH, I KNEW MY PUSSY DIDN'T STICK LIKE FISH FOR NOTHING!" We finally meet Isma's hot topless mermaid mom. Isma's mom tells Isma she's a mermaid and can change with her secret powerword that she should tell no one cause then they will control when she can change and she left her dad cause he wanted to live in a shitty neighborhood and not live the baller lifestyle under the sea. She then rubs her tits against Isma's tits and teaches her how to super sonic moan with a bunch of other hot naked mermaids to kill shit.

Meanwhile Guts kills the tentical God by forcing his way inside it and cutting his way up and out. Moonboy who we don't know much about pulls him out the Berserk armor this time.

Now that the Tentical Rapist is calimari, Isma's mom tells Isma "you can live with me, I will let you play with my tits and not throw rocks at you and call you fish puss" Isma decides she'll visit but she would rather hang out with this group of people she JUST MET than her biological mother who taught her how to mermaid and can make her moan so hard she can blow up an island. Isma tells Isidro "Yeah, apparently all I have to do to change into a mermaid is have my super secret mermaid name said allowed which is why I am supposed to keep it secret cause them someone could control me" then shortly after says "So Isidro, wanna know my secret name? I'll tell you. I trust you Isidro. You wouldn't force me to live on land in my fish form and refuse to let me change back until I sexually satisfy you and keep me forever as your sexual slave that you can use whenever you want while you do what ever you want to anyone else. I mean you totally could and all though with that info, but I trust you. wanna know it?"

But before Isma could tell anyone, finally arrive at Pucks fantasia Island.

technically still the Fantasia Arc

We are introduced to Fair Fantasia Island. Its a cutesy island where shit doesn't go bad, but they don't trust humans cause they would just wanna take all their shit and sell it. Puck tells them, naww, its cool trust my crew. Shit is all cutesy and fantasy, but eventually they decide to try and cure Casca's autism. The Queen Fairy sets out the rules and promises nothing other than the 2 magic bitches need to go through her dream world and figure out what is causing her autism. Schierke and Farnese go into dream world to un vaccinate Casca, and the Guys go drink.

While in Cacsas head, Farnese and Schierke learn Casca sees herself as a broken doll who was shattered into a million pieces and they have to go through her out of context memories to put her back together. They learn that she was a soldier, they she was wet for Griffith and a cunt to Guts, that her and Guts used to fuck, etc. Finally the last piece and Casca is no longer autistic.

When Casca wakes up, she explains she knows who everyone is because it was all like a dream going on in the background. She slowly remembers everyone in her past but can't remember what happened in the eclipse for some reason. She slowly remembers more and more and as Guts walks into view we're given visual indicators that Casca remembers the Eclipse.... But Miura is an asshole and rather than answer what people have been reading 20+ years for he cuts to chapters of Griffith killing demons and fighting a battle.

There are more arcs More shit that happened in the last arc that can be summarized It's more or less up to date but as new chapters drop, you can post the TL;DR here. YOU can help by getting off your ass and doing it and uploading moar pics


  • Guts: Also known as the Blacked Swordsman because of his relationship with Donovan. He wields a giant sword and kills demons every single night,. Some argue he's the most hardcore protagonist in all of animu. He does a bunch of hard core shit like being born from his mother's corpse, taking black dick as a child, getting stabbed through the face, and jumping into the mouth of a giant sea god and killed it from inside... but he does this to over compensate for being the biggest cuck in manga. Is it impressive after all of that he STILL FUCKING SURVIVES?! Sorta, then you remember he cried like a bitch while a faggot came in his bitch and made her a Potato.
Does this answer your question
  • Donavan: Considered the only true love Guts has ever known he paid Gambino 3 silver coins to turn Guts from a swords-boy to a swords-MAN! Guts accidentally killed him during a lovers quarrel because he thought that Donavan told him a lie about his "father", but would later learn this lie was the truth and forever be haunted by losing the only person who he ever truly loved to youthful emotional acting out.
  • Gambino: Found guts under his moms corpse still alive and let his favorite whore keep him as a pet since she had a miscarriage. He was also the leader of the Mercenary group that took in Guts, and all around a pretty cool guy. Guts killed him by accident.
  • Griffith: The saltiest faggot ever written in literature. He snuck into princess Charlotte’s room for a one-night stand because his boy toy left him, only to get his homosexual ass arrested. He then thanks his friends for saving him by mercilessly murdering and raping them. He did create a pretty sweet kingdom though, so he did nothing wrong per say other than be a huge faggot.
  • Casca: spends the first half of the manga being a bitch and sucking on Griffith’s titties for affection, and the other half as a Down syndrome patient that will put anything in her mouth, except Gut’s 10 inch Willy. At least she is one of the few black characters in anime/manga. Edit 2018: HOLY SHIT SHE'S NO LONGER A POTATO!!!!
  • Schierke: loli witch girl that all the pedophilles want to fuck. Guts would have died like five times if it wasn’t for her ass. Berserk fans ship Guts and her because she is a Mary sue in the world of Berserk (as she is as powerful as Guts and not a useless dramatic twat) but she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay underage (not that being a pedo ever stopped anyone in Berserk)
  • Puck: Stupid ass fairy number 1. He started as a plot device to explain Guts surviving being on the bring of death every and coming back every major fight he has (as fairy dust is magical healing stuff) as well as give insight into Guts mind as fairy's have minor telepathy. Past Conviction Arc he is a chibi "comic" relief character who past his healing use is pointless.
  • Ivalera: Stupid ass fairy number 2. See above and swap Guts for Schierke
  • Farnese: Freaky catholic woman who plays the role of Casca’s special ed para. yes... she almost got raped by a horse. She eventually gets horny for Guts even though she has a chad navy badass she is engaged to who gave her his ship and crew just to please her. This is why you need to beat women so they learn their place gentlemen.
  • Isma: Everyone on her home island hates her because her dad fucked a fish bitch, so she's super lonely and infected with GOTIS. Possibly the only wholesome character in the story. She feels no shame ever and takes off her clothes at the slightest possible excuse she can in front of anyone and feel no shame, probably because she is so desperate for people to like her. She would rather chill with her friends and almost get killed than reunite with her IRL mother who gave her Mermaid powers and saved her life.
  • Sonia: A kinda psychic who thinks that she is Griffiths right hand girl because she uses her psychic shit to help him in battle. Oh boy is she gonna be pissed when she finds out that Griffith is gay.
  • Rickert: Went from virgin mercenary 10 year old to chad manly blacksmith. Slapped Griffith because even though he admits it's a pretty sweet kingdom he made and he could see how Griffith did nothing wrong, he didn't appreciate the craftmanship he put into the sword tombstone graves he made for every member of the Band of the Hawk. Griffith sends demons to kill him cause Rickert knows too much, so Rickert agrees to convert to Islam and join a muslim rape gang for protection.
  • Roderick: Navy lad that risks anything for a piece of Farnese’s catholic ass since he has an arranged marriage to her. He is a nice guy over all and is responsible for Berserk fans waiting 8 years for Guts to get off of a boat.

Berserk 1997 Anime & 2012 Golden Age Arc Movies[edit]

While an overall better adaption of the manga compared to the nightmare born from 2016/2017, blatant problems have still arised from either the lack of effort from the producers, or lack of money. When you can’t even afford to give an anime a proper ending, instead ending with Guts get his eye ripped out, you probably shouldn’t have adapted it. But what has haunted Berserk fans for years was the horrid opening theme “Tell me why” by Penpals. The notorious engrish and shitty guitar skills from the theme are a constant reminder that our lives will amount to nothing. 2012 had 3 movies that covered the golden age arc that were more action packed and relied less on anime stills for action, but peoples feelings on this are mixed. Animation in some parts is trash but amazing in other parts, Guts mercenary past is glossed over hard, the love story between Donavan and Guts is glossed over, glossed over Griffiths gay sex, certain characters are cut out. Best way to put it is if you are a Game of Thrones normie you will love this trilogy and get into Berserk from watching this and most of the cuts are made to keep it from becoming generic anime sword hero the movie for weeaboos only. If you liked the manga, you will hate it because you are an unpleasable faggot.

Pretty much what you'd expect from an anime in the 90s
yo grasses on, nothin will be wong
Guts goes full BERSERKER
The Christmas special was a bit weird but alright

2016/2017 Anime[edit]

The Berserk anime is known for its QUALITY animation, the bemusing result of its attempt to combine 3D and 2D animation, CGI, and cell-shading. The animators were so embarrassed with the (un)finished product that they redid some scenes for the Blu-Ray release. Pretty much everyone and their dogs can tell you to avoid this adaption like the plague. It’s for the good of humanity. At least we got to watch old Farnie get tongue fucked by a horse in 3D.


Video Games[edit]

Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage: 1999 Dreamcast[edit]

A shitty Shenmue rip off with hack and slash shit gameplay that we got in the US, and was vaguely named so normies would buy it. If you have not read up to a certain point in the comic the game makes no fucking sense, and barely makes sense in context as its poorly written and poorly made. The game is cannon because Kentaro Miura wrote the script and has original plots in it. The TL;DR is Guts meets some faggy town infected by demon plant spores and King Ballsack gets Guts to kill a tree and steal its heart to make medicine that will un-retard Casca. Plant people try and say that they are happy being demon plant reatrds, then they try and kill everyone. Guts gets plant heart anyways, but turns out Ballsack lied the whole time! He wanted the demon plant heart to create Super Sayan demon army. Guts kills everything, the demon plant uses Casca to become super sayan. Guts kills demon plant and saves Casca and learns the magic medicine works on Casca and makes her un-potato for a minute, before she goes back to being a retard again. Turns out the plant makes crazy people sane and sane people crazy, but Guts killed all of the plants so he can't un-retard Casca anymore.

Play it yourself or just fast forward through the long play here.
The TL;DR where a fanboy makes excuses for a shit game
It was for the Dreamcast, nobody remembers it

Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō: 2004 PS2[edit]

A good game we never got in the US and never will.

Dark Souls/Bloodborne[edit]

Because Berserk is old as fuck, it's inspired a lot of stuff. Dark souls seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from Berserk, but given that Berserk started the whole generic edgy anime swordsman thing it could of came from anything. Berserk fans freak out and pretty much suck Dark Souls cock because it's totally the unofficial Dark Souls game that isn't total shit.

Dynasty Warriors Berserk edition Berserk and the Band of the Hawk[edit]

In February 2017, KOEI Tecmo release another QUALITY Musou (Dynasty Warriors) type of game under the Berserk franchise titled Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. It's speculated that this was done because Musou style games are already controversial so when it inevidably is shit you can deflect all criticism by saying its coming from people who don't like that style of gameplay and is not their fault. What makes this knock off Dynasty Warriors game special? Well, it's the first time that the story of Berserk from Golden Age to the current story gets good animation and sticks with the story line more or less and rewards putting up with their game with snippets of animations of the Manga they've wanted forever. Of course since its a shitty Musou game the epic battles are changed to generic game play hack and slash, and since its a videogame no nips or REALLY hardcore story stuff like Donglevan and Guts relationship is gonna be covered.

Does this mean Berserk finally has a good video game adaptation? Well the story is neutered, the Game Play is a crappy version of an already crappy style of game, and the only incentive to keep playing is to watch cutscenes you can watch on youtube for free that serve as a do over for the 2016 anime. I'm sure you can figure that out for yourself.

Verdict: Even by Dynasty Warriors standards this game is shit
LOL, every version of this game is censored
Jim Sterling who gives every Dynasty Warriors game 10/10 GOTY thinks it's unplayable trash
Save your money and watch it here, but you'll never get your wasted 9 hours back

The Memes[edit]

Rape Horse[edit]


Based off the iconic scene where, everyone's favorite freaky bitch, Farnese proves herself to be useful by almost getting raped by a demon horse.

Griffith did nothing wrong[edit]

It should be obvious Griffith did nothing wrong but many readers seem to be retards. Griffith took the men who swore to give their life for the dream of Griffith owning his own kingdom, and made good on that oath. Casca had been in love with Griffith for over a decade and Griffith FINALLY gave Casca a dicking so good she became retarded (all making sure never to break eye contact with Guts to let him know that he still truly loves Guts). He even allows Guts and Casca to escape and squirted a baby into Casca that protects her from demons. Griffith also gave Guts a dream to live for even if that dream is only to kill Griffith. Griffith ain't even phased by Guts wanting to kill him and totally would make Guts his "fagboy" again if Guts stopped being mad about being a cuck. He even gave the Demons in the Eclipse the best party they have ever had. Griffith not only gave everyone what they wanted, but found a way to help and please everyone. It ain't his fault people are butthurt sensitive crybabies.

Stick I found at the park[edit]

The only thing more badass then an a one eyed swordsman wielding a sword larger then Chris-chan's fat rolls is an eight year old boy playing with a stick. Some reason a fan thought that would be a good idea, at least he thanked his mom for taking him.


Over used sound effect in the comic. Berserks faggoty fanbase thinks any manga that overuses this sound effect is ripping off Berserk because Berserk is the original OC please do not steal of every anime trope.

IdolMaster addiction is why Berserk goes on Hiatus[edit]

Kentaro Miura is a lazy fuck who bearely cranks out a single chapter a year or does interviews. People searched high and low for a reason there were so many Hiatuses, and turned to some of the few interviews he's done. He mentioned in a single interview that he is a big fan of the IdolMaster series and even bought an Xbox 360 just to play the games. While the fact he is playing a game about underage girls dancing to american idol garbage would raise eyebrows in the Jewnited States of Americunts, obsessing over 2D jailbait is a national pass time in Japan. What was weird is that Miura bought an Xbox 360, a system that Japan hates because it is a rival to the overpriced techno-Fischer-Price toys they sell to round eyes. Miura also mentioned in the past he's suffered video game addiction before. Berserk fans being the insufferable autists they are went and compared the time line of releases and saw the more IdolMaster games released, the longer Berserk hiatuses became. While some may argue other reasons like mental/physical health, working on other projects that release inbetween his hiatuses because he doesn't wanna just do Berserk, or spending so much time creating each detailed panel that it just takes forever so deal with it + not knowing himself where the story will go = long release times, all TRUE AND HONEST Berserk fans will tell you that their weeb lord and savior is too busy jacking off to underage girls to make their edgy hardcore drawn stories for them to jack off too.

Dark Souls is Berserk[edit]

The creators of Dark Souls have already said only 2 or 3 things in the game are directly inspired by Berserk and everything else is generic horror/fantasy stuff, but leave it to insufferable Berserk fan boys to claim that everything is a rip off of Berserk because no one else could possibly come up with thinking of combining horror and fantasy on their own.

Trolling Berserk fans/non-Berserk fans[edit]

Berserk fans do not get trolled by normal things that would piss off most fandoms as they are all edgy faggots. They themselves started jokes about how Griffith and Donovan did nothing wrong. However, Berserk faggots are not immune from being trolled and because of how Autistic the Berserk fanbase is it's not hard to troll non-Berserk people with Berserk stuff.

Trolling Berserk fans[edit]

  • Say Berserk is ripping off anything. Berserk fans consider Berserk the original OC DO NOT STEAL and rage at plagiarism accusations.
  • Compare Berserk to Game of Thrones
  • Say the 90's anime is dated trash that is boring and didn't hold up back then, the Golden Age movies did a better job and didn't look like trash, and the 2016 anime series is amazing.
  • Mention that Miura needs to take his time making Berserk and should take a break before straining himself to write a new chapter.
  • Remind them that Berserk is not planned out and Miura shits out chapters on the fly so any speculation of what will happen is pointless
  • Say the Golden Age Arc was kinda TL;DR and boring so you skipped it to get to the good stuff.
  • Say lost Chapter 83 is canon
  • Say lost Chapter 83 is not canon
  • Say Miura did a shit job writing the Dreamcast game and blame him for how bad it was
  • Say Darksouls (or any other anime/video game) took nothing from Berserk and that Berserk relies on such generic over arching themes that anyone could come up with half the garbage in Berserk on their own
  • Spoil parts of the story
  • Say Goblin Slayer (or any other edgy anime) is a modern day Berserk and in some ways better than Berserk
  • Confuse the Black Swordsman of Sword Art Online with Guts
  • Say that you thought the story is too simplistic so you moved on to something better
  • Moan about Casca and Gut's reunion scene when we've got nothing but Griffith chapters so far
  • Say that Guillermo Del Toro wants to adapt Berserk, laugh in their faces when they find out it's only a rumor
  • C L A N G

Trolling non-Berserk fans[edit]

  • Say that whatever they like is drawing inspiration from Berserk without crediting Miura then give a TL;DR presentation how
  • Talk about Berserk to people who don't care and never read it
  • Meme Berserk memes at people who have no clue WTF you are talking about
  • Say that the Mango is so much better than the Animu
  • Talk about how deep and complex the story is

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