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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

YouTube Favicon.png BetabyteIphone AKA Justin is a naive, overweight, self-centered, uncharismatic prick who makes videos on Youtube. Justin's specialty is in making tech video's into which he puts lots of his time and effort; even though nobody watches them. He uses his parents hard earned money to buy useless tech shit just so he can review it for his Youtube channel (typically iPhone cases or cameras). Justin is more then willing to suck anybody's cock in order to get more e-fame and will partner up with pretty much any website or group to get exposure. If Justin ever enters into an argument with somebody over Youtube it is more than likely that he will bring up how many Subscribers he has in comparison to you or just issue empty threats like for example: "I'm going to hack your account" or "If I ever see you in public I'll fucking kick your ass". Justin also claims to be good with Java and computer languages in general so that means he can hack you; but in reality he's a Script kiddie and probably doesn't know anything about computer programming. Justin has also catergorically stated that he is NOT fat, even though you can clearly see his man titties and double-chin. He also appears to experience difficulty breathing during some of the videos. In one video[1] he shows his wrist to the camera and states that this is PROOF that he's not fat. This is just another example of Justin being a complete retard. Justin is a consumate internet tough guy, whenever somebody makes a rude comment Justin will then engage in a flame war with said person until one of them gives up. Justin will then threaten to come over to the persons house and murder them and their family, along with other failed insults and threats that he lacks the gonads to follow through.

What a beautiful child.
I will find out everything about you and I'll ruin your life.


—Justin being a internet tough guy


He first joined Youtube on the 17th of February 2007 under the guise of nicki906[2] (named after his cat). His offerings were basically unfunny MS Paint stories about him playing Runescape or Habbo; but there was another video series he made that was entitled 'Bear town comedy' in which he and his sister would make videos together using stuffed-animals. Unfortunately he deleted all of what was left so nobody can ever enjoy them ever again.

Where Justin is now

Justin finally decided to stick with one channel which is called Betabyteiphone. He made this account 21 February 2010 around the same time he made his first account. Ever since he's been getting a ton of subscribers using the fake-iPhone-giveaway method that many people on Youtube are already exploiting. Most of his videos now feature him showing you how to download some shitty app to your iPhone or a retarded review of the newest Apple product that his parents bought him.

Justin's hobbies

Since Justin doesn't really have that much of a social life

iPhone give-aways

This is the only reason why Justin has as many subscriber's as he does now. The method by which Justin snares his subscriber's is very simple and was easy to find out.

  • Make an iPhone give-away video explaining to the viewer that he/she must be subscribed to your channel in order to be a part of the contest. It's also good to create a sense of urgency; for instance set it so that when you reach 1,000 subscribers you'll end the give-away and the winner will be chosen, this is so the viewers will think they only have a limited time and they'll subscribe quicker.
  • Wait and let all those retards subscribe to your channel.
  • Make a fake account.
  • End the give-away and choose the fake account as the winner
  • Announce that the winner has been pick
  • Repeat

Oh the Drama

If you haven't already guessed there are a lot of people who troll Justin. There are some people who leave one comment and then there are others who cause a full on internet fight, like pesolord12 for example, He hated on Justin for the longest time until he got too offended and left Youtube.

Guys, I believe every race is equal in this world, I don't care if you are asian, jewish, mexican, american, african. I don't care whether you are Black, Brown, Red, White, Or Yellow. I believe every race is EQUAL so just remember if you have "BetabyteiPhuck" on your page, ITS NOT ME.


— BetabyteIphone


Just recently Justin attempt to blank this article only for it to fail and show a diffident sigh of butthurt

[More coming soon]


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