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"Isn't that WILD?!?!"
Bill Nye will gladly assist.
Bill Nye: Science Superhero
Bitches don't know.

Bill Nye, Bill Nye the Science Guy, or Brown Eye the Anal Guy, as he is known by the h8rs (November 25, 1955) is that Jew in the bow-tie that was on the TV every time you looked up in your science classroom throughout your entire grade school education. He is most notably recognized for his ability to talk about science and throw puns in between to make you less interested in science altogether. He also did this fucking annoying thing where he'd repeat an important scientific word nine times with different close-ups of his face each time, an obvious hypnotism method to garner more sexual attraction from every child in grade school.

Now you know!


Why Bill Nye The Science Guy is Fail

Why Bill Nye The Science Guy is Win

  • Successfully trolled the education system.
  • Wears a bow-tie.
  • Did not have his iPod stolen.
  • Is Ted Theodore Logan's dad.
  • Proved how stupid people in Texas are.
  • Gave a lecture about keeping our environment clean and related get-fabulously-rich schemes at RIT.
  • Creates SOME lulz.
  • Guest starred in an episode of Stargate Atlantis
  • Fucked a woman way, WAY out of his league- Soledad O'Brien- while co-hosting a TV science show with her.



LOLI!?!???  ITS A TRAP!!!

Self-esteem rising. I feel more confident about life now that I know all of the above. THANK YOU BILL NYE!!!!

Bill Nye facts

Bill Nye was among the first to encounter the rare Black Jesus.

There are a select few who believe that Bill Nye is the son of God and the second coming of Christ, and they own this website. They tout facts proving Bill Nye's greatness such as:

  • Bill Nye can split atoms with his bare hands.
  • Bill Nye's sperm count is measured in moles/milliliter.
  • Bill Nye knows the momentum of an electron... AND where it is.
  • Bill Nye decides if Schrödinger's cat is alive or dead.

Bill Nye pwns astrology

On his children's show, The Eye of Nye, Bill Nye clearly explained why astrology is full of shit by pointing out the obvious, that the constellations have moved from their original dates, and thus people are not the zodiac signs they thought they were. This caused massive butthurt and identity crises among astrofags everywhere and they keep flooding this video to this very day.

scientism is the ultimate disease. Out to disregard everything under the guise of non-proof


—Abyss Reflector, unaware that "scientism" is what gives him the food, clean water, and shelter that allows him to survive on a day to day basis.

Ah... a shining example of sciences' failures.


—James Swanson, an obvious failure



—Every butthurt "Scorpio" ever

A fun thing to do when someone asks you your sign is to lie and tell them you're something completely different. Then you get to be entertained as the deluded moron makes a fool of him/herself by lighting up and saying "I KNEW IT!"


—chronicprocrastina has the right idea

He's wrong regarding how this information applies to astrology. "Western astrologers don't work with stars or constellations. Their focus is our solar system. They study the patterns of the planets and the moon as they pass through 12 zones defined by the relationship between the Earth and sun. Those zones have the same names as constellations because of a historical quirk, but they are unrelated to the constellations." from: freewillastrologycom


—Kari May unintentionally explains why astrology makes no sense

Bill Nye is a Sagittarius. His body type and cranial structure prove this. He has multiple placements in Sagittarius and Mars in Libra which is in detriment, leads to poor musculature.


—TheAstrocologist still relying on phrenology

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Bill Nye "god-tier" videos

NO WAY! He... just explained how magnets work!
>Doing it right.

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"Holy fuck!"

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