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Helium kills
He's invading television with his faggotry

Billoon45, aka. Bill Monroe, is a 46 year old bald man with an unsavory obsession for balloons. His JewTube profile lists his occupation as a "floor tech ( somewhat unemployed ) for now," which is double speak for a part time janitor. It is very hard to explain why or how someone with this sort of damaged/deranged mindset could come into being. His love of balloons is blatantly sexual, seeing as 90% of his 155 videos allude to various fetishes and sexual acts being performed on balloons.

Unfortunately, Billoon45 fails to understand that some people actually enjoy his videos. In addition to being extremely creepy, his annoyingly high-pitched, nasal, halting, voice makes his videos difficult to watch.

Good day and happy inflations to you all


—Bill on life in general

I am glad your father is retarded .



Get to Know billoon45[edit]

"A commoner contradicting a statement made by king billoon: "I am not gay"" -Billoon45 having an orgasm
Proof Billoon45 is gay.
Just a guy who likes to have fun.

His career in "Floor tech"[edit]

By making inferences and listening closely to details in his "commentary of the past month on the job," we see that billoon45 is working part time, at $9 an hour and still finds the funds to maintain. His working skillz are limited to mopping and vacuuming looooong hallways from the working hours of 2:30 - 11:05. His coworkers and/or employers are unhappy with him the first month on the job, all is well.

His sexuality[edit]

There are some questions that are totally uncalled for... like, am I a sex offender or a child molester, come ooonnn!! You guys need to get a clue! I am not a child molester, really, I'm just a guy who likes to have fun.


—Billoon45; over explaining himself a tad too much

Uh oh he's at it again


—DevianTART troll

Bill on[edit]

while checking my videos on youtube I came across some links to it, one was for Encyclopedia Dramatica and what I read was in bad taste I talked to a few friends about it. sometime later, I looked things over and it looked like someone did a hack job on the artical, more power to whoever did it :)


—Billoon45; posting on

If you wish to chat with Bill Monroe, he has been known to post on, where many of Bill's fans question him about his love for balloons.

See thread here

Sexy acts performed on his "balloons"[edit]

Bills "floor tech" skills on display.
Comment asking Billoon45 about his balloon fetish.
Billoon45's reply about how he doesn't hide his balloon fetish.

Keep in mind all these videos portray non consensual sex with balloons, always resulting in the death of the victim. If you check out his JewTube favorites, you'd see some of the videos are either of over-sized animu tits or some chicks messing around with balloons. Since he's not likely to get close to either (except by raep), he sticks to the balloons.

Billoon Strikes Back ?![edit]

Asking for it.

After discovering his article here on Encyclopedia Dramatica, Bill decided to take the lawl into his own hands in an act of vigilante justice. Under the username of "Billm" he attempted to meticulously remove small pieces of his article, hoping that no one would notice if he did it a little bit at a time. Needless to say, somebody did notice, and Bill swiftly got banhammered, but not before uploading these now deleted quirky videos of butthurt to his YouTube account:

He should be a serf or something. Harvesting sugar cane until the sudden surge in physical activity kills him. What a wise soul, him and his long thoughtful pauses and drawling voice groping for words. self important sick fuck.



Billoon Bursts ED's Balloon[edit]

Billoon is bullied but he won't let the evil empire get him down!!1!

Through sophisticated social engineering techniques, the indomitable force that is Bill's intellect has discovered that the dastardly fiend behind his article is either Butthurt or Whatever!!!112233. Bill has yet to reveal how he discovered this shocking information, but remains adamant that GOOD WILL PREVAIL!!! Bill has stated quite clearly that he intends on winning this epic battle by doing absolutely nothing.

Update: Another victory for the overmind!

You can't keep a good man down.

Love finds Billoon[edit]

Here she is making whale noises to another fat friend of hers

An EDiot finds a fuckbuddy for Billoon.

Billoon faces hardship[edit]

After creeping out fellow staff members with tall-tales of his JewTubes adventures, the school where he was employed as a janitor put him on paid suspension and he was eventually fired. It was deemed that Billoon was unsafe around children with his unusually open obsession with performing sexual acts on balloons. And thus he was banished...once again...from the custodial arts.

Billoon admits that he was at fault for his dismissal, noting that he was warned in advance regarding his videos. But he just couldn't help himself. Those soft squishy balloons...the smell of them and how they feel against your face. oh my. How can one resist?

See for yourself:

Billoon has since removed many of his videos, but will soon reveal their new secret location to only his most loyal fans. To Be Continued.

Billoon Radio Interview[edit]

Billoon gets interviewed by a popular NZ radio station 'The Edge'.

Bill Moves On[edit]

Bill recently decided to delete all his ED videos but not before leaving a farewell speech... :(

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