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Old Indian Lady Hurt By Words On The Internet

Are you really serious? You are saying, you don't get offended by words?


Archive today-ico.png Bindu on Twitter

I am sorry, I get offended when people call me terrible names


Archive today-ico.png Bindu on Twitter

BECAUSE you told everyone on Twitter that they can say whatever on stream. I offered a stream not one with chat..
esp. chat where everyone says the most offensive and hurfful things to me. Like they just did on Twitter now



Archive today-ico.png Bindu on Twitter

Old Indian Lady Gets Confused By ED

BeCandid Mark Kern Grummz Owns ED.jpg

BeCandid CEO What's Dis.jpg

do those ads download the harmful thing


Archive today-ico.png This woman is the CEO in a company specializing in anonymity, mind you

Old Indian Lady Gets Confused By Memes

The headline might be misleading as it could be yet another lie, as she apparently don't think Jews caused 9/11.

Q: So attacking the Jews for causing 9/11 is okay ?

A: and why would you attack them considering they didn't even cause it.


Archive today-ico.png Bindu Being Asked The Important Questions

Old Indian Lady Lies

So because she couldn't win in an argument, she went for the oldest trick in the feminist handbook: Claim you are being harassed online, when nothing of the sort is happening.

Yeah, people are now posting extremely graphic porn images with my face on it. Exactly what I expected. How is that Ok?


Archive today-ico.png Bindu Said Lyingly

But of course this was not the case, as nobody wanted to picture her disgusting julab face. Internet autists tried to find this porn, but to no avail.

actually just did a search and i can't find any "graphic porn with her face on it"


Archive today-ico.png e-tectives on the case

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BeCandid CEO Lying About Shoops.jpg
BeCandid About No Shoops

Old Indian Donates To DNC

Bindu Reddy Donating To DNC.jpg

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