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You may be able to see him, but with eyes like that, he'll never see you. And this is why you need to GTFO of the way when you see a chink behind the wheel.

Commonly referred to as bishies, these are Japanese homosexuals that often have crooked teeth and shave everything. They are typically loved by 12 to 16 year old girls and pedophiles, and are the constant masturbation material of wapanese. Also associated with an obsessive love for anime, J-Pop, and yaoi. Bishounen aren't real humans, but cyborgs created by the Japanese media for various mass-marketing schemes. Any potential to do anything aside from selling their ass is always undermined by the fact they're "OMGkawaii!"

Their popularity has steadily increased in non-azn countries since Al Gore created the internets, and various communities on livejournal are dedicated to every move they make.

They are frequently featured in anime and video games, and are always faggots. Lots of fanfiction is written about real and fictional bishounen who take it in the ass because of their blatant faggotry. Drama is sometimes spawned over which looks best, which is pointless because all azns look the same.

This shit gets wapanese everywhere wet like the rainforest.

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