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Sparkledogs. When there are others that are too popular then they are, it's no wonder that Deviantart-favicon.png bleedingfirewolf decided to troll and trace.

You know it's an important announcement when it's brought to you buy Mr. Poo himself.
The destined fate of every sparklefag.

Just who is BleedingFireWolf[edit]

Ask her why she's such a whiny attention whore.
Leave it to insecured faggots to dedicate something to themselves to boost their own ego.

A typical pair of bored-to-death cuntrags who love spending their time making e-drama because no one in the real world, not even Mommy and Daddy, would give these twats any attention.

Say hello to Caroline DeGeeter and Charlotte DeGeeter. Two 17 20 year old failed aborted sparklwuffs with no lives. Born on April 24th 1995 1993 and raised in Belgium. Two twats that are just as obsessed with Sparkledogs, blueshinewolf, My Little Pony and one day hope to be famous enough to beat blueshinewolf in her fantasies in pursuing an art career. Did we mention they love disney?

Le gasp, a two-headed sparklewuff.
Possibly would explain why they're so fucking stupid, no?
Caroline contradicting herself over and over. Nothing on your ED that isn't bullshit.
Confront Caroline on how much of a bitch she is and she'll block you hiding your comments.

At first it was believed by a faggot that blueshinewolf had returned under a new account Deviantart-favicon.png bleedingfirewolf in hopes of gaining more attention but in the most discreet of manners. However it wasn't long after that the biatches posted a photo of themselves to debunk this myth and rightfully done. Of course long after this had happened it was discovered that Deviantart-favicon.png bleedingfirewolf hated blueshinewolf that much they took interest in being entertained by her ED. Of course when they found out that their username was plastered on their idol's ED it was a disgust to them. Interesting, isn't it? A typical furfag response.

Oh they do enjoy ED alright but not if it concerns their faggotry.

Police.gif Fact Alert
Furfag really isn't 18 but actually 20.
It's one thing to lie about your age online because as we all know people would feel sorry for how piss ugly you look but to post your real age online then lie about it means you have problems. Anyone wanna bet she'll respond with "Oh they're just taking it out of context." Lulz. Too bad, you're a liar and you'll always be a pathological liar.

Once upon a time[edit]

Both furfags brought it on themselves to be classified as attention whores.
She's great at making herself the perfect target and she wonders why she got an ED in the first place. Lulz.

So in the beginning our dear sparklecunts were bored because they weren't getting popular with the usual crap they were spewing out. So what's the best thing to do? Why cause a commotion among the many ass-kissers and whiteknights of Deviantart-favicon.png blueshinewolf and Deviantart-favicon.png amathaze. As that is the greatest way to get caught on purpose and to get sympathies from the fans of either furfags.

So time passed and the twats started producing their own fugly ass canine abominations because sparkledogs will make you famous, literally. Now of course they seek revenge on being called out for the obvious shit under their latest trolling account, Deviantart-favicon.png sourblackblossom. Course should you confront them they'll deny everything calling you a turd. Because of course when you get caught in the act the first time around it was just an experiment to test the fucktarded fans and ass-kissers. Because at this point, what will they call it now? You'd think that if this really was another person copying their method to get famous then why haven't they called this "thief" out in a journal yet like before? Strange.

Going after blueshinewolf again are we girls, Deviantart-favicon.png SoaringWhiteWolf. What did Bullshitwolf do to the both of you to piss you two off so much? ( Basically, any tracer tracing from BSW must be SPP. Once a tracer always a tracer right? )

The amazing art[edit]

Kinda like the comics you both have made so far.
The fail comic known as Destiny About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The story is about a young wolf named Chi who lives in a world where some animal species have the ability to use Magic at a certain age. The time for her and her friends to get to know Magic has come, but not everything will go as she hoped...



Dunz steal her stolen shit u gais!!! Srs bsns. They fail at drawing anything so it makes perfect sense for them to steal.
Forgotten Eclipse. Fail animation that will never go any further.
The fail comic known as Forgotten Eclipse About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Sakura, a saluki house dog, lives a peaceful life with her humans in downtown Tokyo, Japan, until one day, she gets dragged into a world of which she ignored the existence. When she comes across Naoko, a green fox the size of a labrador, she is led to a hidden underground city populated by unnaturally colored animals. These creatures called the Sparks ( also reffered to as sparklenimals ) are the results of scientific experiments never announced publicly. While Sakura is discovering this new world, evil complots are being forged by dark forces, and Sakura has yet to uncover her true self.



Of course the comic will be canceled long before it even begins because as we all know they suck at creativity. It's true that no sparkledogs will ever be hired by anyone including Disney because of course no real sane person would be interested in such ugly ass canine abominations but hey, that's why the online fandom exists. Not only are the deathly bright colors dangerous but most sparkledogs artists fail in knowing anything about anatomy thus the other aspect that makes these canine abominations even more horrendous.

Because who needs it.

Aside from failing horribly at anatomy both talentless cuntrags love ripping off whoever they want and of course should you confront either sparklebitch about it, prepared to get called a troll. Because only they can rip and it's not even a big deal really. Lolz, funny how when they get ripped twice in a row they bitch about it.

Definitely just used the line art. Pffft. Such a hack.
If this didn't happen...
this pos wouldn't exist either. Trying hard to be uber poopular.


The winning entry of Deviantart-favicon.png bleedingfirewolf's latest contest, Forgotten Eclipse Logo Design will soon disappear and be forgotten just like the other many failed comic abortions from before.

So before the whole e-drama they started with blueshinewolf and Deviantart-favicon.png amathaze they were into making failed contests about their failed sparkledogs. Who would've guess this crap wouldn't have been touch by any sane person, furry or not. Of course neither of them gave up so now they put out a logo contest to get more asspats and free art. Isn't it interesting how on their home site they claim to be sooo creative but yet they fail in creating a decent logo. Who here doesn't feel bad for her latest victims in their petty contest? Poor poor Deviantart-favicon.png strawberry-loupa, will she ever get the prizes that were offered? Another question one would have to ask if they don't take their own fail of a comic seriously then how is the winning logo ever going to appear on an actual comic cover?

Failing as hard as possible.


To help get feedback on their basic shitty art before they came into the sparkledogs fandom they created a fuck ton of accounts. Thinking this was a better way of getting moar poopular with other artists. More importantly the artists they love to hate.

The Kawaii Desu Fans[edit]

Deviantart-favicon.png amathaze speaks nothing but truth. Too bad SPP's fans are too retarded to believe it.

Every sparkledog artist have their own set of stupid fans. If not an army of them such as blueshinewolf.

1. Deviantart-favicon.png Aly12343 The 'bestest buddy', and furfag. Really just a retarded dog obsessed with fucking.

2. Deviantart-favicon.png krissi2197 Go show her some love on her home here at ED, Krissi2197.

3. Deviantart-favicon.png CandyCocoaMonster is an inexcusable fucktard. No really, if you disagree with her she'll call you a bitch for it.

4. Deviantart-favicon.png jennawolf48 is the failed canine abortion born with no brains.

Contact the sparkle cunts[edit]

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