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This is an article about the HTML tag. To read about the human function, please see *blinks*. To read about rainbow blinkies, please see Rainbow blinkies.

Blink is a wonderful HTML tag that pisses people off.

This one once worked in firefox:

<blink>text here</blink>

This one once worked in firefox:

<span style="text-decoration:blink">text here</span>

Why not combine the two?

<blink style="text-decoration:blink;">BLINK BLINK BLINK</blink>

Because it doesn't work anymore.

Better yet, put this in your header and all your blink tags will work (maybe not in webkit):

<script type="text/javascript">




		var _b=document.all.tags('blink');












<style type="text/css"><!--blink{text-decoration:blink;}--></style>


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