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Bloodraptor's faggoty Gaia character. Note the flaming wings, pink lightsaber, and various other parts of his faggotry.
Bloodraptor- IRL Ninja. Watch out or he'll assassinate you.
His icon outside of Gaia. He's clearly as amazing of an artist as he is a writer.
Who wouldn't want to join this awesome club?
Protected by an asspie "multininja"? Who wouldn't want that?! the way, his is the only MySpace this is actually on.
More amazing art.
Was being nice!
Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Bloodraptor is a GaiaFag!
You can help by Telling them to GB2/GAIA.
BE WARNED! They might be pretending to be a /b/tard, making them part of the cancer that is killing /b/.
Their faggotry is relentless.


Bloodraptor aka RAPTOR948, feared by the Alliance as "the devil from Silvermoon", is an asspie weeaboo Gaiafag on JewTube, GamerDNA, and the WoW forums. He is best known for making retarded claims about game balance, stalking people in game and posting shitty videos on JewTube. He is obsessed with Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Getting Revenge on Crawford for stealing his "hot Asian twins". He is currently training his body and mind for his new fighting style and raping Sailor Jupiter. With his 'friend' Crawford betraying him and taking his "two hot azn twins", he's most likely dying alone, since no one likes asspie weaboos who play WoW.

He has several interesting points of view involving WoW, life, and things around him. He believes, instead of making a Spanish-speaking server just for Mexicans, they should all just learn English, or play another game. He also believes interface mods are wrong, but a nude patch for some "personal sexual pleasure" is completely fine. He is completely delusional, and will rape your mind with stories about how he's had a bunch of sex and girlfriends - meanwhile he's roleplaying a character from Sailor Moon who has a Charmander.

He clearly is a misogynist and hates women as evidenced by this quote from his MySpace.

I'm not the sex-starved skirt-chaser I was before, I just want to get that chapter of my life behind me.


—Bloodraptor, on his past life.

He is a changed man nao. His look on womenz has changed.

I dont mind meeting lesbians, it's marely a similar interest, women.


—Bloodraptor, on lesbians.

He clearly thinks lesbians are horses.

I am like a turtle, you have to be kind and patient but also partially agressive if you want me to come out.



Bloodraptor is a turtle.

An Hero?[edit]

With his hot Asian twins stolen from him by the EVIL backstabbing Crawford, he began to spiral into depression, and claiming he was constantly getting backstabbed. He vented in a blog post in his GamerDNA, which he later BALEETED when all of this was leaked.

Ok, I run my guild and I get praise frequently for it from my guildies, which helps me to feel good. but when someone leaves and says they were treated poorly because they were in my guild, it hurts like a bullet to the chest.

Anyways, possibly a month ago, I met 2 girls who were twins in reality, half Japanese twins, my initial thought was "sweet, if I can get with them I can get laid to 2 hot chicks", but as I got to know them I formed a place in my heart for them. after having tried to find a suited place to gain some semblance of a loving relationship, I wanted to treat both evenly, things moved too fast, and I had made mistakes.

next thing I know, they both went out with this guy I met in-game who they met in reality. needless to say the guy forcing me out of the picture is named Crawford, and he's prettymuch ensured I have no chance at love with either if my gut is right.

simply put, I was left feeling betrayed, the feeling like if your mother who raised you your whole life with love and support without once getting mad at you without good reason suddenly shooting you in the heart from behind and calling you a disgrace as you drift into death. I felt THAT betrayed.

thanks to that little incident, an old wound thanks to another girl may never heal again.


—Bloodraptor, on betrayal.

He had had enough. It was time for action.

Use scrollbar to see the full image


He took his sword, and prepared himself for the sweet release of death. He pressed the blade deep into his flesh, as he finished writing his suicide note on gaia.

Tell the asians I'm sry. <3



And... then, to his (and our, here at ED) frustration.. the wound stopped bleeding and healed, almost as if it NEVER HAPPENED! I suppose it was his metabolism and strong mindset saved him from the cold grip of death. It seems that his Guardian Angel prevented his suicide, and told him that he had a mission in life that he had not fulfilled. All in all, the most disappointing thing since Chanology. There's always next time, I guess.

He is our gr8 leadr, with fans world wide.

Bloodraptor to this day continues his EPIC one sides battle with the EVIL Crawford. After the hot azn twins being revealed as an obese couple from Oklahoma, Bloodraptor took up his 1337 ninja sword and self taught skills to take on his arch nemesis! In the first letter to the evil Crawford, and began spouting random things.

Words cant describe how much of a souless disgraceful failure you are! you lied, you cheated, you stole, you bullied, you expressed racism, and sexism.

you're a chovanist pig of the worst kind, and you're a racist of the worst kind!

I hope you get arrested and thrown in jail so bubbuh can have his way with you!

but even that would be too good for you! you deserve far worse! worse than death, worse than any punishment hel has in store for you!

you make me sick!

your parents must have been disgraces as well, or you were just the unwanted accident your parents didnt have the money to erase! nobody will miss you, nobody even gives a rats ass about you!

grow up, or live in exile!


AMAZING! We continue on as his aggressions become worse and worse with the following week of silence. After watching American History X, Bloodraptor decided to pull off some new tricks to get to the Evil Crawford, and decided to claim the azn twin's exposer as a Nazi.

Real Men Of Genius[edit]

Today we salute you. Mr. "I am Ninja in my Mom’s basement guy".

(Mr. I am ninja in my Mom’s basement)

Wearing nothing but a Ninja mask and throwing stars, you're living the real American dream: Watching Naruto and Sailor moon ... Naked. (Did you say hentai?!)

Sure there's cobwebs, roaches, plastic Nunchucks, smokebombs, Samurais, and Geisha girls, IN YOUR DOJO BASEMENT! (Everyone likes Kung fu)

Your keen instincts tell you to stick to activities that involve a lot of bouncing and jiggling. And if that doesn't work, who cares? You have warcraft. (Cloak of Shadows on Cooldown!)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Ninja boy. 'Cause we all know, when the going gets tough, the tough get ganked. (Mr. I am Ninja in my Mom’s basement guy!



—Ventari (Sisters of Elune) on Bloodraptor

The Invasion[edit]

Bloodraptor, guild leader of FLYING RAPTORS in the US server Echo Isles, put all of his trust into his guild members. He thought he was safe. Boy, was he wrong... It started with one invite, then another, and another... And soon enough his entire guild was spamming his chat log with his YouTube link. Bloodraptor, you cannot hold us back.


His Gay Jewtube Videos[edit]

and the spamming, just stop, seriously, spamming is so immature.

and my Youtube videos are supposed to be taken 2/3s as art, the alliance nerf vid was an educational piece I'll be trying to delete since it seems nobody is paying attention to it, and it was a long time ago.

the corruptors and MGT vids though were supposed to be epic pieces of ART. like the elegance of a well educated and lady-like woman depicted in ideal surroundings.

my better videos were to be artistic, but apparently the immature crowd who choose to spam my youtube URL prefer to just ignore the time spent in the art of the videos, and just go spamming and making immature jabs at the moves used. IT WAS DONE FOR ARTISTIC PLEASURE! NOT SOME HALF ASSED JOKE TO FEED YOUR EGO WHICH NEEDS TO BE GIVEN A SERIOUS DEFLATION!


—Bloodraptor, On why a keyboard turning rogue with a default UI and shitty naruto music is art.



His Youtube Profile.

His Myspace Profile. Lulz.

His Gaia profile.

His guild website.

Bloodraptor's swords of no cutting

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