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Bloodshows Logo - Original.gif

The newest in the never ending line of shock sites, is yet another clone/ripoff of Ogrish and It began as, which was also another ripoff of 2girls1cup that featured a five minute video of three women shitting into another girl's mouth. The site was originally a small collection of gore videos, but now has 31 different video rooms including not only gore, but also humorous videos and an unregulated comment section that anyone can contribute to, officially demoting it to another version of /b/ without the CP. As such, it has been relegated as a safe haven for sick fucks to mock dead people and claim that they would've totally cockslapped death in the face if they were put in the same situation.

"Socially important"??? Oh you sick fuck.

The site was started by Joe Frankulin (don't mention his real name or he'll delete your comments, even though he already has mentioned it himself), a.k.a. Drolsinatas, "Satan is Lord" spelled backward, which is so fucking metal that it's a wonder that the internet hasn't imploded. He is the ex-guitarist for the doom metal band Goatlord, which was exactly how it sounds. After getting bored dominating goats, he got into death videos online after seeing Chechclear. The next logical step was to create a website that compiles videos that all he and his fans can wank to every waking second.

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