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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Behold, the best OC ever conceived.

I don't think Ignoring is gonna do as much as it seems to do before. Even if you ignore them, they still call you a pu**y-faggot, which is kinda dumb.


—BlueMario1016 on trolls

Deviantart-favicon.png BlueMario1016 (or "Nicky" as he likes to be called) is quite possibly the best artist society could breed, creating the greatest Original Character of our time. His art style ushers in a new era of artwork that doesn't pay attention to anatomical structures of animals and humans alike by combining seizures with Crayola crayons. His common places of refuge are on DevianTART, YouTube, and Xat where his limitless plethora of friends join him in his adventures, stirring up drama amongst themselves and crusading against legions of trolls and haters.


A spawn of homosexuality gone wrong, BlueMario1016 was abandoned at the ripe age of five once his fathers learnt of how many autism points he scored on his IQ test. After many instances of Blue being a useless piece of shit in society, he was sent to a special school for him to live the rest of his life with his own kind in New Jersey, only further causing his mental capacity to decrease.

Doomed at the beginning.

And then Blue discovered the internet, which was probably too mature for him (and always will be), and instantly spewed endless rants on YouTube about a bunch of stuff. Fortunately, his account was hacked and any documentation of these rants have long since been annihilated. It should have ended here for Blue, but being a retard, he also made a DevianTART account to further acquire a higher ability to be trollbait. It worked, and soon there would be two years of Blue's life going to further waste than it already was. He started an army of one to combat trolls, haters, and all who he didn't like.

He was recently raped (read below), however, and now all he has left is a Yahoo e-mail and a XAT account (which he still uses). This raping was mostly celebrated (even by some of his own friends).


Every now and then, Blue will forget to take his ritalin, and soon enough he starts to eat Crayola brand crayons. In a short amount of time he will find paper, and begins having batshit insane seizures all over it, puking the crayon wax as he does. This eventually turns into his latest piece of art. Blue just happened to be his favourite colour to eat, and so he created his character BlueMario, because it was the most original thing he could think of. There has been slight debate over what the "N" depicted on his character's hat really stands for, but it's widely accepted that it means nigger.


Blue is also an expert at creating quality animu, his best-selling manga sold at least two copies worldwide. It's also likely that these copies were purchased to make fun of Blue's face and share it with friends for instant lulz. Blue instantly reacted by plotting the destruction of those who said his artwork was bad by reporting them as being meanies, but no one took him seriously and ignored him, which caused him to whine to himself more.

An accurate review and reading of the entire series.

Anti-Troll "career"

Ever since he's become trollbait, he's been trying to put a stop to every "mean troller" on the Interwebs and has joined Anti-Troll groups like the ATO. But he didn't realize this made him even more of a lulzcow than he already was, and so lulz ensued. He used to post journals about every single problem he had (until his dA account got h4x0rd). He was so focused on his anti-trolling that he even passed off constructive criticism as trolling. Blue has even made a whole series of rants on trolls and haters, which you can watch below if you actually want to watch 42 minutes of a guy crying about how "disrespectful" trolls are.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Final Part


Drawing of Doomer3868's OC done by a fellow devianTARD
Proof that Mariosenshis loves to "troll" her own friends. This account had a "fight" with BlueMario and some others

"Imposter Raid" on deviantArt and final Haxoring

His first YouTube account got hacked sometime during 2010. His password apparently was his own fucking name. The hacker tried to convince people that BlueMario1016 was a hoax but his friends knew it was a lie as Blue, as expected, bawwwed about it on a lulzy devianTART journal. However, nothing similar did happen until 2012. Sometime during the month of July, a bunch of "imposter" accounts mocking BlueMario surfaced on deviantArt (there were a lot to name). Blue made a journal about it and called it an "Imposter Raid" which apparently made the "imposters" laugh and the number of imposter accounts grew. One of the accounts also spread the IRL videos of BlueMario that are here in this article. But none of them got to escape dA's banhammer because BlueMario reported them. It seems making accounts to mock Blue wasn't enough, and so, on July 15, 2012, NewBlueMario1016 on YouTube and BlueMario1016 on deviantArt got hacked. His e-mails were hacked the same day too (or so they say). Blue retrieved his YouTube account and his e-mails the next day but they were hacked again and Blue hasn't retrieved them since. His YouTube account now is filled with crappy CGI Simpsons rule 34. Then his Wikipedia account got hacked too but he retrieved it (see his talk page). This time the h4x0rs didn't try to get it again. And eventually his Skype was hacked too. It is unknown who did the haxoring but Blue himself seems to have accused one certain person (or it just looks like it)...

Lol Blue thinks I ruined his life because of the comment below. Or he thinks I hacked him. Lol I didn't do that. What a faggot.


—YouTuber Mangoman2033 (comment on the NewBlueMario1016 YouTube account)

BlueMario now got his deviantArt account back. Nobody knows how yet.

BlueMario1016 IRL

Blue's haters hacked Blue, annoyed him and mocked him. But this wasn't enough. They wanted MOAR. And so, they decided to spread the following video of him IRL.

The following e-mail sent by BlueMario is proof that video is indeed him IRL. He sent that when one of the accounts of the "Imposter Raid" spread videos of him IRL and revealed part of his dox.

Blue Niggy

Blue Niggy [email protected]

Change picture View profile To [email protected] From: Blue Cyan ([email protected]) Sent: Sun 7/15/12 8:13 PM To: [email protected] I got more bad news of deviantART of my own.

I'm getting a lot of bad comments, and it seems that I'm being haunted and there's this hate account that's EXPOSED all my REAL LIFE Info! Including the info about my BBC Documentary!



  • BlueMario1016 appeared on a documentary named "Louis Theroux: Extreme Love" on BBC (which is from where the IRL video of BlueMario comes)

  • He's GOAEY
  • He's GOAEY
  • He's GOAEY
  • He's GOAEY

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