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Don't rush, ladies!

Steven Jason Williams aka Boogie aka Boogie2988 aka "that disgusting fat fuck who's not AvantGardePony" is a pathetic, morbidly obese, emotionally manipulative, hypocritical, fence-sitting, supposedly video game based YouTube vlogger and the poster child of faking being sweet and lovable for profit.

This is how delusional his fans are.

Boogie has successfully built his entire online presence by fooling millions of no-lifers into thinking that he's the nicest guy on the internet. His fans think he is the Mr Rodgers of YouTube just because, supposedly, most of his low effort videos are all about kindness, positivity or some bullshit nobody with half a brain cares about. In reality, Boogie is only bitching and moaning nonstop about how hard it is to be a beloved youtube millionaire. He constantly whines about being fat and has been promising his fans that he'd lose weight for at least 8 years only to bail out on his latest fad diet at the last minute every single time. This doesn't stop his fans from calling him "an inspiration" for only eating enough junk food to feed 5 people all on his own instead of 6.

He is also not above whining about his abusive childhood and any other "problems" ("Muh Algorithm isn't promoting my low effort content!") that he can exploit for sympathy points. This neckbeard is an absolute master of playing the victim card. Anytime he gets even the slightest bit of criticism, expect him to start a pity party by saying something along the lines of "I acted like an asshole because I dissasociated, it's an explanation and not an excuse. But look at me I defend gay people and feed the poor! Please feel sorry for me". Or worse he might even threaten to kill himself if you call him out on his bullshit.

Boogie's Misogynistic Porn blogs[edit]

Before Boogie started pretending he was the nicest person alive, he was actually just your average /btard troll. He liked to shit post and brag about hiring whores in his personal blog as this was his main source of income before he became a youtuber. He even made a video inviting you to join!

So let's visit Boogie's old porn blog. Here you can see some inspiration quotes from the most lovable person on the internet like:

Boogie's inspirational quotes taken from his porn blog About missing Pics
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Boogie, the youtuber that wants you to be the best version of yourself, also blames victims of 9/11 for slowing down his sales of porn products. How dare they be dying and grieving for losing family members! The real problem is him not getting enough people buying porn! He is the REAL victim.

Boogie2988 braggin about a hooker finding him disgusting

Boogie's Lies (Excluding weight loss Bullshit)[edit]

Melon's lies and mental gymnastics to remain morbidly obese and still be somehow "inspirational"· deserve their own section... or article. So, for now, here's some bullshit Boogie says that isn't about losing weight:

Boogie's brand is all about being the nicest guy of the internet. He tries so hard to look like Jesus, that he has claimed he would never insult or call names to anyone even his worst enemies. How great of him! Too bad that's bullshit.

While his fans aren't looking he likes to call people Neckbeard cucks. But not directly because he is too much of a pussy to tarnish his nice guy brand.

Boogie's bullshit about promoting kindness

Must read information[edit]

  • Some autistic retard made a thread exposing all the bullshit behind Boogie's superficial niceness:

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