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Early history

Bookchan Is an AnonIB subboard catering to the semi-literate /b/tards who go apeshit whenever they see an ebook thread. Inside, you will find a level of geekery so profound that your eyes will actually eject themselves from your skull in a desperate attempt to keep the name of JRR Tolkien from burning into your retinas.

Bookchan is proof that at least a dozen /b/tards are literate. Any more than that becomes a dodgy assumption.

The joke is on them, however. Ebooks are a Jewish, old media conspiracy designed to turn the internet into yet another library.

The Sad Lulzy End

AnonIB's constant fail resulted in Bookchan eventually turning in a gurgling, book-requesting pit of shit. Seeing how the situation was bleak, Orion, as-of-then master of the realm, decided to end the fail and announced that he would soon euthanize the poor thing for good so everyone should grab whatever good is left and GTFO to #bookz and Gigapedia. However, the greedy webmasters of AnonIB soon figured out what was going on an being afraid of losing their biggest cash cow decided to take over. Overnight they changed the admin's password on the board locking out Orion and put their own man in charge, artificially prolonging the poor creature's existence some more. Any attempt to address the takeover on bookchan itself or AnonIB in general usually got your post swiftly deleted which resulted in massive butthurt for bookchan's oldfags biggest nerds.

Bookchan finally got shut down if the rest of AnonIB.

Bookchan on /b/

As off 6/23/2009 a young /b/ entrepreneur left an innocuous "i'll just leave this here" picture of two delicious breasts. It quickly spiraled out of control when one member asked for higher res "to see titles of books" in the background. Upon picture of books, Bookchan was born. She included many more pics of her with books, choosing to hide her face behind books that /b/ generally agreed were "good". Bookchan was very responsive, and in a rare moment for /b/, universally loved. (NSFW) (MIA)

Memes you might find on Bookchan


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