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Typical gameplay screenshot
Ultra gore!!!
Terrorism™Just Do It!

The 2013 Boston Bomb-A-Thon, also known as the Boston TNT Party, was a tactical first-person sporting game in which a team of terrorists competed against a team of counter-terrorists in a series of rounds. The event was a blast and the funniest Boston Marathon evar when nobody expected a marathon to become a game; at least 183 people were blown away with 3 completely destroyed. While marathon running never used to be popular, it recently exploded into the mainstream as a vortex of lulz and drama, primarily due to the enhanced gameplay brought about by the introduction of new obstacles near the finish line and the addition of extra tactical teams and terrorists to pass through. When the players are nearing the finish line, they are required to dodge the nearby explosion of the bombs planted by the terrorists, or they get blown to pieces, with their giblets all over the place. As far as we know, this has only happened to a few players so far, including a few cops, a 13 year old boy, and some other guy that nobody cares about.


The wallhack/radar used by the Massachusetts State Police to cheat in Round 3

Players can either join the terrorists, counter-terrorists, or spectators. The spectators don't spawn with any weapons, but can still get their legs blown off from all the incoming gunfire. The terrorists decided this would be a better game to play than Russian Roulette and decided to plant these obstacles as the counter-terrorists were so fuckin' blind that they couldn't see what was coming.

The counter-terrorist team begins by running a two-legged race wearing spandex while dodging the numerous obstacles thrown in their path. Failing to avoid these obstacles can result in loss of at least 100 health points and having to complete the race on only one leg, effectively converting it to a game of hopscotch.

Three players on the spectator team lost over 9,000 health points, causing their death. Even the hospitals couldn't cure them. It consisted of some young 8 year old boy, a Chink graduate school student, and a restaurant manager lady. Then the two culprits ran away as only one became an martyr while the other one surrendered and went with the puh-leez.


It is widely suspected that the counter-terrorist team used a wallhack with the party van to locate the last remaining opponent masturbating in a boat in some guy's front yard. Additionally, they have admitted to botting in order to diffuse the remaining unexploded IED's. Cheating n00bs. After an epic battle with the party van and pigs, Tamerlan Tsarnaev got shot and died instantly, and now is currently partying in hell with Adam Lanza, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Cho Seung-Hui, Ted Bundy, Hitler, and a million other people that is elected an hero.


Terrorist Team

The two commies considered by the party van as the culprits. Curly haired, big-nosed Jews.
The player with the dark baseball cap was dispatched by the FBI in a gun battle. The player with the white baseball cap is now making wedding plans with Bubba.

During the first few days, the commies weren't identified, because the police are too fucking retarded to figure out something so easy. As it turns out, the two players on the terrorist team are Muslims. Surprise! One commie was apparently seen taking a dangerous thing out of his backpack and placing it where the second pressure cooker of the gods exploded. One of them was some 17 year old runner. Surprisingly, these two culprits weren't sand niggers, or even North Korean gooks. At first they accused some illegal alien from Saudi Arabia of doing it after the police were having a fun time playing their favorite game called 9/11.

The actual culprits were Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, two Chechen natives who were deeply involved in Islam. The tweet below is from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Twitter-favicon.png Twitter.

Dzhokhar is six stars wanted.

Terrorist Family

26 year old Tamerlan Tsarnaev married Katherine Russell and had a 3 year old daughter together named Zahara.

Who benefits?

When looking at the ulterior motives behind this bombing, we need to look beyond mere Islam. We must look at individuals who benefited from the situation. These include:

  • People trying to increase military spending
  • Fat people who hate marathons
  • New York Yankees fans.
  • Kofi Kingston ("S.O.S.! I hear them shoutin'!"), a Bostonian who won his third WWE United States Championship (using his "Boom! Boom! Boom!" finisher Boom Drop to defeat Antonio Cesaro) less than 8 hours after 3 people were killed by the bombs.

Counter-Terrorist Team

Loads of people got their legs blown off and shit, it was awesome. Some argued however, that in order to race, everyone needs a pair of legs. Fascists. So, instead they ended the marathon and wasted their energies investigating the crime. Switching maps in the middle of a match is widely regarded as a form of admin abuse.

In later rounds, some guy at MIT got headshotted near a 7-11, and some chicks in an SUV got GTA'd. A car chase ensued resulting in one of the terrorists getting vehicle team-killed while the other easily got away from the dozens of pursuing police officers.

Final Score

The terrorist team epically pwned the counter-terrorists by a final score of 4 frags to 1, over the course of 3 maps.

Score by map

de_Boston (Terrorists: 3, Counter-Terrorists: 0)

cs_MIT (Terrorists: 1, Counter-Terrorists: 0)

Watertown (Terrorists: 0, Counter-Terrorists: 1) (One terrorist team killed by other via SUV.)

Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 9/20
Accuracy: 11/20
Style: 14/20 Way to finish a race off
Butthurt: 17/20
Bonus: 16/20 Escaped the bomb and lead a manhunt
Total score: 67/100 (C-)
Ban assault pressure cookers!!11

Rank and Situation


After James Holmes killed those couch potatoes at that movie theater, some glamfags made a fire happen with over 233 people killed somewhere in Brazil, Adam Lanza the aspie pwnting several key-you-tea-looking children and had beated off the living fuck out of teh country, and other successful hardships made by an hero, this explosion's rank have killed merely 3 people, including some 8 year old boy, and some adults but severely hurt at least 183 people who are bleeding their asses off. The culprit earns a C-. The party vans came with the FBI cumming out and calling it a terrorist attack because they were secretly busy beating off to the video of 9/11 which got this in their fuckin' mind.


Once some gay marathon mostly consisting of retards in green and some gingers are all were up to the finish line, teh two twin bombs exploded. This is recently after some gooks from North Korea threatened to bomb Americunt and become the new sand niggers. It seems now possibly several gingers (who all infest Boston) are either injured or hiding (in the closet), which is why the person who did this was brave to sacrifice his life by reducing the spread of ginger vitus in Boston. Now we can keep our souls! Unfortunately, there are still more gingers haunting the world with their soulless magic! We will now have to do another thing to team up and protect the world from them as well as the beaners who caused the swine flu.


  • A crowd fills with gingers, retards, Britfags, victims, and many others.
  • The marchers cum in (wit their cum).
  • A long time of watching a boring-ass show of a bunch of asspies marching until they cross the finish line.
  • Some one fucked teh shit up. We don't know who but we do know that they did a terrible job at it as only 3 people died.
  • Newsflash with butthurt reactions.
  • Osama Bin Laden watches the news and gets pissed with those Korean gooks for copying him and his sand nigger prison punks.
  • North Koreans could be the new sand niggers.


Many people who experienced this were shocked and decided to make JewTube videos about it. Most of them are just news story bullshit where the media ramble on about how "tragic" these events are and fail to realize that they've just been trolled by a bunch of lulzy Muslims pulling pranks on them. As for the other videos, many people just made parodies about it for the sole purpose of generating lulz and/or supporting Tsarnaev. Below are some prime examples of this:

This is definitely why there are so many
incidents like this in the USA.

Even Leonardo DiCaprio can't imagine two weeks in Boston.

Theme song

I'm a sailor peg
and I lost my leg!

I ran past the finish line
I lost my leg!

I'm shipping up to Boston!
(whoa oh oh) 

I'm shipping off 
to find my wooden leg!

I'm a sailor peg
and I lost my leg!

I ran past the finish line
I lost my leg!

I'm shipping up to Boston! 
(whoa oh oh) 

I'm shipping off 
to find my wooden leg!

Trolling people who were shocked by the scene

One of the bombs that failed to detonate at he scene.


Boston Marathon 2013 About missing Pics
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