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The Term BowChan (ボウちゃん) is adopted by many young Asian girls who love all things kawaii desu, especially in Lolita fashion (see EGL).
Om nom nom I'm cute
Being the cute creatures they are, Asian girls decided to push that cute factor to almost puke factor by adding the addition of a bow in their Myspace or Facebook profile pictures. This can be worn in the hair, created by hair, painted on the face or even worn all over a dress. This gives them a super kawaii innocent look and gives the impression that they are a delicious little presents just begging to be opened.
Look at me stare off into the distance
This fashion addiction didn't really blow up until one Lady GaGa decided to sport a giant bow of hair during a paparazzi gathering
Lady GaGa's infamous hair bow

Done Wrong[edit]

After the lady GaGa blow up, many young American white girls tried to adopt this same look, some giving it their own personal twist. This ended in a manifestation of extremely unattractive girls thinking that they are as kawaii as an Asian girl and became part of the weeaboo culture

Even some Asian's are doing it wrong





BowChan the Character[edit]

A young girl by the name of RaineDrops18 created a small cartoon character that she commonly uses on her DeviantArt. This is her own interpretation of Asian girls addiction to the use of Bows and possibly for the love of them herself. She often pops up in short stories or projects. At first she was known as RainbowChan but was soon shortened to BowChan after the original being to kawaii desu for anyone to handle

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