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Boychat is a bulletin board for male homosexual pedophiles. The convention there is to sign posts with "sigpics", typically images of the poster as a boy. The rules at Boychat constrain posters not to explicitly discuss sexual matters. Thus the overall impression is that of a group of rather lonely, lovely, innocent boys chatting harmlessly about frogs, turtles and puppies. However, these innocent images are connected to adult men in the real world, not all of whom have made wise choices in the management of their sexual and emotional needs.

Lulz Factor[edit]

It is possible to troll dinosaur aged boy hungry pedophiles. Some responses posted can offer quite a generous lulz deposit. The sheer level of insanity among these users is enough to give an individual a decent ROFL. The disappointing factor about this website is that it's lulz are not lasting, if you type with the same nickname pedophiles start to identify you as part of their group and start to warm to your trolling. This can be compensated by posting with different nicks. A good thing to keep in mind while on this site is, no matter how ridiculous a story you may write of childhood sexuality there is bound to be at least one pedo who will find it fappable. This can also be of detriment to obtaining lulz but can easily be fixed with a bullet through the head.

The Truth[edit]

  • Every person who posts there was repeatedly raped as toddlers by alcoholic fathers. (Yes! Even you!)
  • Every person who posts there will sully the name of logic and reason to the highest degree in order to justify their sexual appetites.
  • You must always ask yourself "Why is it always old men who are into this shit?"
  • They believe they are in an actual meaningful relationship with young boys. They don't actually care about the boys though, as soon as they grow tired of a boy or a boy gets too old they cast him away and go stalking the local theme parks to engage in more illegal behavior, such as anal sex with prepubescent children. HAHA I BROKE RULE 6, WHAT NOW FAGGOTS?!

It is sad what happens to children sometimes. Not like you care though, I just thought it should be mentioned.

Posted by hyacinth on 2008-November-21 09:45:54, Friday

I started having sex when I was 4, with a girl. I didn't even know I could do it with a boy until I was 7. If I had waited until I was 10 to masturbate, look how many years I would have wasted...

Even though I still did it with girls, most of my life actually, I knew by 12 when I hit puberty that I liked boys better, and even more, I knew by 13 that it was younger boys that I was most seriously attracted to.

So don't tell me about boys. It's been a long time, but I was a boy once, I know what I wanted, and I knew how to get it. I was quite prolific.

I think over the years I helped out quite a lot of boys, helped them in many ways. But now I just stay away.


—Epic troll? Or Epic nut job? You decide.

Further Information[edit]

  • Studies have shown that men who are exposed to dangerous levels of boydiation become variously: fat, menacing, shame-filled, silly, avuncular, smug, murderous, vacant, angry, fay, obsessive, brutal, brazen, magnetic, bearish and flamboyant. These are self-defeating studies as it has also been shown that men who engage in pederastic behavior have these traits to begin with.
  • Much has been made of the so-called "pedo-smirk." As your eye skates over the thumbnails in the gallery, note the marked rhythmic alteration between the attractive images self-selected by boy-loving men to re-present themselves to their chosen community as if still at the most winsome moment in their lives, and the corresponding images of men at their most vulnerable, loathsome, and socially rejectable. Each man's story is available at Wikipedia, a bottomless well of drama and pedophile soul from which, by Xavier's grace, you are eternally free to drink. For starters, consider two of Boychat's former webmasters. Dylan Thomas was recently identified as an America's Ten Most Wanted fugitive, and captured in a Mexico village after living the life of an outlaw for 8 years; Robbie Malloy was involved in a lively pedophile love-triangle leading to the shooting death of his wandering young lover.

As indicated in the above video documentary, all furries are actually boy hungry pedophiles and will detonate car bombs in police stations in order to molest children (cubs).

"Alive," a onetime BC fundraising chairman, writes in:[edit]

If there is anything I have learned here....

Posted by Alive on 2009-April-14 14:36:21, Tuesday is this.

Most of the people here are nothing at all like the chaste fucking innocents they claim to be when they post here

Out of all of the people here that I actually met IRL, the ones that I would actually trust to hang around children are numbers so low that I can count them on one hand. And I easily met more than 100 of the people here over the years.

I used to buy the "we love boys" bullshit that most of you spew out on a regular basis. But face it - most of you love the thought of fucking them more than anything else, and you became agile enough in your nonsense rants to convince yourself that anything you do to them is out of "love for them" instead of the reality, which is "satisfying your own perverse desires without a care in the world for anybody but yourself".

I used to believe there was good in most of you fuckers. Your actions over the years have done everything to shatter that illusion in my eyes. As more and more of you are tossed into prison as the result of YOUR ACTIONS (no, most of those people are NOT victims as they may claim, but they ARE rapists) - I now feel like laughing in their faces. Taking advantage of children is sick, wrong and evil, and anybody who does such a thing deserves to be imprisoned.

Fuck the cult of boylove this place has inspired, and fuck all of its lies.

Yes, I am no longer a friend to BoyChat. No, I will not turn any of you fuckers in - but when the vast majority of you eventually do yourselves in because you are incapable of thinking with your brains instead of your cocks, don't expect me to pity you like I used to.

Also misled by the people here

Posted by Former regular poster on 2009-April-14 15:52:42, Tuesday
In reply to If there is anything I have learned here.... posted by Alive on 2009-April-14 14:36:21, Tuesday

You have some very good points. After having posted here for a number of years, I have been shocked to find out who some of the individuals have been that I have corresponded with. Some are in prison charged with crimes that make me feel dirty and guilty that I had ever considered them wise or enlightened people. Slimballs would be a complimentary description for most of those low lifes. Some are dead. It is disturbing enough to realize the types of individuals that post here that I rarely ever post here anymore.

Its interesting to check out what’s being said here from time to time but for the most part I no longer have any desire to participate. The illusion I had of the people around here has been destroyed and I do not believe that I have anything in common with the majority of the people here.

You bring up very good issues Alive.

Time to call the cops?[edit]

In 2016, BoyChat got hit by a DDoS attack that took down and then its backup domain, The alleged motive for the attack was to remove from the Internet information (which had also been posted to, and then removed from, ED) doxxing YouTube vigilante RebelChild. Bernie Najarian opined, "In my estimation, the lawful pedophile community is getting very close to the point where it could secure law enforcement cooperation against DDOSers. Many researchers now interact with and Boychat, and there is a new realization in psychology/psychiatry that if you only study offending pedophiles, you don't have a valid basis for making general statements. An attack on lawful pedophile boards is tantamount to an attack on scientific research - in spite of all the diverse humorists and skeptics our boards support who would never give a researcher the time of day. I believe that a DDOS attack on could stimulate academics to file police reports. Will that ever be possible for the less ideologically controlled Boychat as well? In my view, it's not only not impossible - it's something that may be true sooner than we think."

Boychat: The Dorian Gray Gallery[edit]

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