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Symbol of the child molestor wiki.

What would you do if you found out there was a wiki for pedophiles?, not Wikipedophilia, another one.

Well, look no further than BoyWiki, the NAMBLA approved pedo wiki!

As anyone who is aware of how pedophiles try to make their perversion seem normal IRL, a wiki for these bad touchers and their apologists exists so they try to whitewash buttfucking three year olds as normal and excuse grabbing the genitials of prepubescent boys as anything other than fucked up with an entire wiki of idiotic, crybaby bullshit about how pedophilia is normal, pedophiles are just helping kids explore their sexual natures, and that child molestors are misunderstood.


Unsurprisingly, these fuckers eventually got shut down by the Internet powers that be, along with a bunch of other pedo-loving sites.

Some info on these sick fucks[edit]

BoyWiki is a part of the organization Free Spirits, the same sick fucks behind BoyChat, and since everyone knows wikis are really easy to troll, they only allow people to edit by invitation only, and for the pedophile too pussy to ask for site membership, they allow site articles to be submitted anonymously.

A choice sampling of some of their lulzier articles[edit]

  • How Not To Accidentally Out Yourself - Since pedophiles are obviously law abiding citizens with nothing to hide, they have an entire page about various software that can be used to cover their digital tracks. and ways to avoid letting the world know they rape kids.
  • BLogo - This explains the meaning behind their site logo. Go read the article for the full version, but the short version is this: The large triangle is the pedophile, and the smaller one is the boy he's raping.
  • Adult child sex - This is basically a long winded bitching about how age of consent laws are wrong and that grown men should be allowed to fuck little boys because all the research used to determine the law on the issue is "prejudiced" against child rapists.
  • NAMBLA - A badly done whitewash of one of the most well known pedophile organizations on the planet.
  • Sadvocate - A crybaby stub complaining about people who have exposed these childmolesting perverts on BoyChat and other places.

How to troll[edit]

You can't troll these sick fucks directly, but thankfully, the site admins posted their contact information, so if you want to spam the fuck out of them you know what to do.

Contact Info[edit]

  • (one of the site admins)
  • (one of the site admins)
  • (their Q&A link about the site)

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