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Boyd Doghouse

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Cat eyes.JPG
There's something familiar about this guy.

Alexander Boyd Campell (also known as Boyd Doghouse, Edgar Button, or simply Boyd for short) is a polarizing individual from the bowls of Second Life who is believed by some to be a pedophile. Having been a common fixture in the virtual community for a span of centuries, people either like Boyd or outright hate him. A former SL land baron, Boyd now spends his time socializing with Second Life's userbase of mentally unstable sociopaths, often times assuming the role of a counselor or glorified father figure of sorts.


It should be noted that this article was originally written as an attack piece by hated /v/ shitposter Manlytears (now calling himself Britbong/Britbongreturns and is, ironically, a cp hoarding, closeted pedophile himself) who only wrote the article out of spite and a petty vendetta because he couldn't provide for a girl on the internet in the same way that Boyd could. More recently, Manlytears found out that this article was re-written and immediatly not only tried to vandalize the page by trying to revert it to his edit, but complaining about it on the talkpage.

Krappleguy/Kopy is vandalizing the page because he's friends with the guy the article is about, trying to be lowkey on sockpuppets removing large chunks while lying and claiming they are "fake" when backed up with videos, audio and various logs.

Then you tried editing it so the point it was hard to revert, go away Mark.


—Manlytears crying on the talkpage about his unfunny attack page being re-written

It's really obvious that Shutterfly is vandalizing the page on behalf of Boyd/Kopy and even more obvious when he scapegoats "manly tears" so the staff will allow it, funny how this guy claims this is an attack article (with video/audio/logs/picture evidence to back it up) while the Manly Tears article is 80% lies, made up stories from his detractors he trolls on Second Life.

Also --ShutterFly continues to vandalize the page freely, lovely bit of nepotism going on here, since when did SJW run this site defending a brony.


—Manlytears (as Avengerman) losing his mind and desperately grasping at straws

He keeps blaming Manly tears because he knows ED staff don't like him LMFAO, you're vandalizing.



—Manlytears talking about himself in the third person

A very triggered Manlytears attempts to salvage what he believes to be his magnum opus
in a rare instance of an article's author caring more about the article than the article's subject.
Manlytears outs himself by not only vandalizing this article, but his own article as well.

Why Manlytears REALLY hates Boyd

You told me you were gonna have to borrow the money, you were really worried about it... blahblahblah I felt really bad for you.


—Boyd explaining why he reimbursed Britbong for the unused plane ticket after his plans to visit Upraksi fizzled out (@ 1:21 minutes in)

Boyd asking Manlytears for his money back after finding out Manly not only bragged about taking
the money from Boyd but was also threatening to post Upraksi's pictures on 4chan for dumping him.

Boyd was good friends with a young woman named Upraksi (to the point that he helped her pay for basic living expenses when she had fallen on hard times) whom Manlytears just happened to show interest in. Manly briefly dated Upraksi but the relationship quickly fell apart when Upraksi met Manly in real life and found him to be physically repulsive. As a result of this (as well as Manly's undesirable creepiness and inability to shower every once and awhile), Upraksi was horrified when Manlytears bought a plane ticket to go and visit Upraksi in America and she went so far as to threaten to call the cops if he came anywhere near her. Boyd (whom at the time was Manly's confidant) felt sorry for the manlet and refunded him the money for the plane ticket. Manly however in a fit of tard rage, decided he wanted to get revenge on Upraksi for her apparent mistreatment of him. As such, Manly went so far as to harass Upraksi and her family and even email her school, pretending to be Boyd. When Boyd found out, he was understandably outraged that Manlytears stabbed his friend in the back so he demanded that Manly return the money to him (which of course as Manlet's track record goes, he never did).

Boyd X Upraksi

Due to Boyd and Upraksi having been very close for a time, it is likely that conversations like this are what drove Manlytears to attack Upraksi out of jealousy.

Master Button (edgar.button): am I gonna get in trouble if I kiss your ear lobe?
[2014/05/28 02:30] Master Button (edgar.button): lol guess so
[2014/05/28 02:30] Upraksi: nooo
[2014/05/28 02:30] Master Button (edgar.button): I won't get in trouble?
[2014/05/28 02:31] Master Button (edgar.button): would you close you eyes and pretend like you didn't notice?
[2014/05/28 02:34] Upraksi: lol whattt
2014/06/26 23:38] Master Button (edgar.button): would I get in trouble if I kissed your tummy?
[2014/06/26 23:38] Upraksi: EW
[2014/06/26 23:38] Upraksi: STOP
[2014/06/26 23:39] Master Button (edgar.button): ew?
[2014/06/26 23:39] Master Button (edgar.button): lol
[2014/06/26 23:39] Master Button (edgar.button): you don't like that?

Family Life

Manlytears attempting to troll Boyd's family on facebook
I don't talk to Boyd any more, he's a liar and he needs to grow up


—Boyd's ex-wife's reaction to being "trolled" by a manchild in his late 20's

Not much is known about Boyd's personal life, other than that he has an ex-wife, step-children, and more recently discovered, a brother. Being someone who likes to hit below the belt, Manlytears takes great pleasure in reminding Boyd of this failed relationship and has even gone so far as to harass Boyd's step-children on Facebook by linking them his version of this article.

More recently, Manlytears took his vendetta against Boyd to a new level when he tried to personal army Jaypee (an equally autistic script kiddie he met on Second Life and subsequently began to dickride) into prank calling a man who was allegedly Boyd's brother. The result was of course little more than a great deal geriatric outrage from the old man who did not take kindly to middle aged losers calling his house. But harassing an old man because a girl on the internet liked his equally elderly brother more than you is of course Epic WEEN amirite?

In Second Life

Boyd's Q&A about why LindenLab didn't want his patronage.

Boyd spends much of his time in Second Life chatting it up with the many deviants and degenerates who hang out in SL's seedy infohubs and look for cybersex. As a responsible adult, Boyd will sometimes warn newfags about these cancerous warrens.

[06:28]  Naicrux: [2015/06/15 01:45] Dog - God (ratratchet): I just wish you'd trust me
[2015/06/16 00:03] Dog - God (ratratchet): don't worry I'll never attack you
[2015/06/16 00:03] Dog - God (ratratchet): I think the fuss is funny
[2015/06/16 13:29] Dog - God (ratratchet): I'm gonna go to the cflub
[2015/06/16 13:29] Dog - God (ratratchet): stay out of trouble
[2015/06/16 13:29] Dog - God (ratratchet): the natives are really restless today
[06:28]  Alaya Chépaspourquoi (alaya.kumaki): so a sterile jesus is the weirdest thing, and a virgin,, mom,,,, woudnt work as a model either but virgin before the son of the king is good,,,,,,
[06:28]  Dog - God (ratratchet): 2015/06/15 01:42] Dog - God (RatRatchet): did you take a picture of your tongue with your name on it?
[2015/06/15 01:43] Dog - God (RatRatchet): it's gone viral
[2015/06/15 01:43] Naicrux Resident: yes
[2015/06/15 01:43] Naicrux Resident: lmao idk


Boyd's 2 primary Second Life accounts were banned last thursday, the reason for the ban being "fraud". Due in part to Boyd apparently running virtual casinos. After doing an AMA on his now deleted tumblr, Boyd briefly ventured into In-Worldz (another virtual world that's even worse than Second Life) before returning to SL on various alt accounts (due to repeatedly getting b&hammered).

Boyd on the Tubes

Boyd's notoriety on Second Life has resulted in numerous videos having been shat out by both his fans and detractors.

The Boyd Gallery (as told by Manlytears)


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