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This page is about an attempted an hero.

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—Brandon Clark

The edgelord himself.
One less THOT to worry about.

Brandon Andrew Clark is an emo faggot who sliced up an e-THOT by the name of Bianca Michelle Devins. The most commonly accepted reason for his actions is that Clark flew into a fit of buttmad jealousy—although there are those who believe Bianca may have actually instigated the act herself, as the culmination of some form of kinky sex-play. Following his brief dalliance with kosher butchery Brandon attempted to an hero by slitting his wrists, however failed miserably, thus will likely spend the rest of his worthless existence being tag-teamed by Tyrone and DeVonte.

High Score[edit]

Graded Score
Kill count: 1/20 Killed one egirl whore, I guess all the nights of masturbating alone gave his right hand a killer workout
Accuracy: 5/20 Did manage to send the THOT to the 2nd circle of Dante's Inferno, but failed to even kill himself
Style: 0/20 Emo millennial faggot orbiter
Butthurt: 10/20 Did get a shit ton of whores to go with the whole "muh egirl rights" trope. Other than that nobody really cared besides /r9k/ and the whole ordeal died after about a day (much like Bianca)
Bonus: 10/20 At the end of the day, he did decapitate a pretend "smol and cute uwu" cock gobbler - so there's that
Total Score: 26/100 (F)
Rejected orbiters around the world rejoice!
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Wanted Level

Mall Cop

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