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Breaking Bad Comics will be posted by the same
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Unless you are living under a rock, you probably heard about Breaking Bad - a TV series which became manual for meth cookers and users. The show centers around the life of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who begins cooking and dealing methamphetamine to make money for his family after finding out he has lung cancer. He is accompanied by Jesse Pinkman, who assists him in cooking and dealing the meth.

To cut a long story short, it is actually quite watchable and it could have peacefully stayed this way, if it wasn't for those fucking meddling kids.

Somewhere around October 16th, 2011 a guy named Henry Lawson saw an episode of BB. Then a wild idea appeared, from the kind that will rip through your pants. Excited, he rushed to his computer and after long hours of work he created this. Hence, Breaking Bad Comics were born.

The original was posted to the webcomic blog SB Board. It features a conversation between gruesomely deformed characters from the show, Walt and Jesse, about cooking meth to provide for Walt’s family. This is also a moronic interpretation of scenes from the show, the same situation takes place with other comics. Sometimes there is no reinterpretation whatsoever. Simple as that. This is how it should have ended. But not on the Internet. The comic was massively uploaded by retards who fell in love with this new phenomenom. Actual comment from one of them:

my brother and me watched this show for a while. mr white is such a nice guy. i will be just like him some day hahahaha


The cancerous cells began to spread. A couple of days later a Tumblr sub-site was created, featured similar comics that often used the original SB board submission as a template. Soon, even more Tumblrs was created, with further spread of cancer, more comics and more annoying fans, who fapped to every piece of this shit. This success encouraged BBC's creator to shit out more comics: Walking Dead Comics and Mad Men Comics, but fortunately they've not gained as much attention as Breaking Bad version. This, however, couldn't stop its fans and the comics are frequently seen on 4chan and other sites who allow you to post crap.

Words cannot fully describe it, though. See it for yourself, bitch.


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