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Breitscheidplatz is the DLC for the successful and highly acclaimed game Nice Truck Attack 2016. Like the original, the protagonist is a Muslim, this time a Tan German. The objective is the same as the first; run into as many non-Muslims as you can before the polizei arrests you. The DLC was produced by ISIS and released on December 19th, 2016. It comes included with a Scania PRT-range semi-trailer truck, a range of small-calibre guns, and customizable thawbs and turbans for your character.

Breitsheidplatz spans over 4 days, divided into three æpic phases:

  • Phase 1 - Truck Rave: Hijack a truck, and direct it to the Christmas market at the best time; when there are most people. Launch the truck into the crowd, and try not to fucking die in the process (bonus points for every non-white casualty).

  • Phase 2: - European Hike: Escape the crime scene and evade capture. The player has to use stealth and absolute furtiveness in order to outrun the pigs on the Europe-wide hunt for you. The goal of this phase is to try and evade capture for 72 hours, let your guard down, and you'll have to resort to becoming an hero.

  • Phase 3: - Final Fusillade: In the final phase, the player goes down in blazes of glory. The player engages in a grand-finale shootout with the polizei after they catch up to you. Survive the onslaught in order to win The Game. (Bonus credits: If you survive the shootout / execute all police forces, the player rejoices with ISIS and begins an all-mighty ascendancy over the country.)

High Score

Graded score
Kill count: 12/20 (and 56 injured)
Accuracy: 20/20 Hit the target, did what needed to be done
Style: 6/20 Repeat
Butthurt: 10/20 Not a real Muslim anyway
Bonus: 19/20 Police arrested the wrong person two days prior
Total score: 67/100 (D-)
Krauts get heraus
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Wanted Level:

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National Guard

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