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Britta or Bumble--Bree, is a 23 year-old artist from Germany. She's a whiny bitch, whenever she makes a scene, she calls her army of white-knights who constantly defend her over anyone who criticizes her over her craptastic work (probably just for free gift-art) or her toxic behavior

Britta in general[edit]

Britta was formerly known as a Rayman fag in the Rayman community before she jacks off to Larry Laffer from Leisure Suit Larry. She currently jacks off to Larry as previously discussed, Epic Mickey, Arms, Splatoon, Super Mario, Bayonetta, Pokémon, As mentioned earlier, whenever a friend stops kissing her ass, she'll throw a bitch fit and talks shit about them until someone calls her out. She'll inevitably run away, like the petty coward that she is. She might stalk you if she has a unhealthy obsession with you. When she has nothing to do and everything's all quiet ad peaceful, she'll start drama just to bitch about something. Like that one time her retarded alcoholic mom twirled her clitoris as her daddy dearest put glass in her genitals. It's hard to believe if all of this is true as she had no witnesses other than her cuckold of a husband. She has no life outside of DeviantArt, and only makes money by making Furry smut just to buy shit she doesn't need.

Britta's Fetishes[edit]

As if being in love with limbless teenagers, anthropomorphic foxes, and dudes in leisure suits wasn't enough, she has a fetish for covering her private parts with food such as cream, along with BDSM.

Britta's Critics and Trolls[edit]

Britta considers her critics and trolls as the same shit, because she is a dumbass who has no idea how to tell the difference. Generally, she deals with them by saying how she hates them or how they are losers when, really, she is the one who made the shitty art so she's to blame. She then goes off saying how her trolls are to blame for their words and her art is the best thing ever. So if you're not giving her a critic and saying " OMG ITS SO AMAZING OMG OMG OMG I WOULD LICK THAT BITCHEZ TITS SO MUCH. RAYMAN IS SO INTO HER BLAH BAH SHIT!" then she doesn't like it and labels you as a troll cause that's the best way to deal with problems After a day she goes and deactivates her DeviantArt, saying she is leaving forever and baaawwing, recently she started saying how no one lovers her even if she has approximately a fuckton of white-knighting friends and family. Later she will send notes to the "trolls and critics" that she will commit suicide if they don't leave her alone. which just results in her becoming troll bait.

She also tells these people that she doesn't care what they say, then BAWWWs about it about a minute later.

Britta's Alternate Accounts[edit]

Britta has made several on DeviantArt and SheezyArt, usually by the name Sonicraymanfan, Purplesugar or Gwizdoxbritta. She only makes them after she gets trolled or involved in drama (brought on by herself), then leaves to be left alone. However, what she may not realise is that her account names and content make it so blindingly obvious that it is her. Regardless, this just shows she enjoys running from all of her problems.

Britta's Whiteknights[edit]

Like many other pussy ass autists, she has her own army of sheeple. Be warned, like the good ol whiny Britta she always have been, they're hard to reason with. So, expect them to turn on you if you're a unlucky bastard. She has too many of them, so here's these two last brain cells. A 18 year old ladychild who is into diapers and shit. And she sucks off to some 30-something year old Mexican slut. Much like Britta had done so in the past. Her husband.

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