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With Jews, you lose!
You can almost smell the shekels from here.

Brother Nathanael (powerword: Nathanael Kapner) is an ethnically Jewish Orthodox Christian on a crusade to expose international Jewry that corrupts the entire world. He is most notable for being antisemetic despite being a Jew himself. His videos mostly comprise of him whining about how Jews control the banks, media, and government. He mostly films outdoors to emphasize his love for nature and the environment; unfortunately the same can't be said about his Jewish allies that pollute this precious earth.

Going into his videos at first you might assume he's just an antisemite looking for some Lulz. He doesn't even look that Jewish so you might just assume he is your standard Jew-tube neo-nazi, but he is not he is an ethnic Jew so he knows Shoah Business inside and out and he is ready to warn us when the Jewish owned establishment comes after all innocent goyim. He will always remind you that he is Jewish in his videos just in case you forgot.

Early Life[edit]

Brother Nathaneal was born on September 5th 1950 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by his 2 very Jewish parents who were know doubt pissed to figure out there son was worshiping Jesus. He converted to Christianity early in his life because all the goyim on the playground sang Christmas carols and not shitty Hanukkah songs that no one cares for.

He was first a salesman before becoming a Monk in the Russian orthodox church. He was eventually kicked out when they figured out he was Jewish.

Modern Times[edit]

Nowadays, he mostly just protests businesses that refuse to say "Merry Christmas" while getting kicked out of churches that grow tired of his Jewish ways.

At least he is a spreader of Truth

Online Presence[edit]

Being an old fuck he doesn't know how to internet so he just uploads videos of him rambling about how the Jews are destroying the universe or some shit. He owns such fine websites as "Real Jew News" and "The Brother Nathanael Foundation" none of which are actual credible news sources and more like Conspiracy theory content free shitstains on the world wide web.

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