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Brushie Bat

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Brushie Bat will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Brushie Bat, or Brushie Brushie Brushie, is a meme that has been spammed throughout /b/ and the majority of the Internets. The original photo is of a bat named Rubberlegs being brushed with a blue toothbrush. This photo was uploaded onto Facebook by bat enthusiast Mandi Griffith. This image was later discovered by attention-seeking newfags wanting to create a new meme, which initiated a massive spam campaign in 2010. The blue toothbrush has been shopped into several images. The toothbrush appears to have magically stress-reliving properties, although this has yet to be proven by science. Newfags without any shopping skills simply post "brushie brushie brushie" or the original image into threads.


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