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New Anonymous 2: Electric Boogaloo
Samefagging by the Bully Hunters

The Bully Hunters were a team of profoundly retarded feminist moralfags hosted by Natalie "Nati" Casanova, aka ZombiUnicorn, aka Titty Streamer, who was unable to understand the concept that video games are generally immature activities aimed at younger audiences and as such put it upon themselves to put an end to online virtual lulz by attacking innocent children who just want to have fun through a hitman bullying service. Fortunately, it is a universal truth that feminist cunts suck ass at doing fun things, and had been completely owned during their policing of the internetz, and decided that, rather than playing fairly, it would be a good idea to stage matches to make themselves look good. Because nobody was ever going to find out right?

Of course, it just turned out to be a marketing campaign for their client creator SteelSeries to sell Bully Hunters branded SteelSeries headsets to make money and donate to rich Kikewood celebrities from Time's Up Now, and within a matter of days, the whole thing was memory-holed as though it never happened. Unfortunately for them, the internet never forgets. We never forget.

And because if anything will stop bullies from harassing the poor, innocent, dyed haired, carpet munching feminist "gamers" with victim cards online, it's sales and marketing.


On April 11th, 2018, a promotional video concerning the "Bully Hunters" was posted, along with a website and mission statement, the latter of which has been gracefully copypasta'd into the story below:

21 million female gamers have experienced sex-based taunting, harassment, or threats while playing video games online.*

And while many brave gamers have been fighting this toxic behavior on their own, it continues to plague the gaming community. The Bully Hunters started as a PRO group of female gamers who came together to disrupt the status quo, forming a vigilante in-game hit squad with one simple mission: to beat bullies at their own game. What started as a small team has become a global tool to connect victims of bullying with elite gamers who can come to their defense in real time. We invite all gamers who want to stand up to harassment to join us as Bully Hunters and help bring an end to toxic behavior.

∗Source: Projections** based on market size estimate of 32.7MM female console gamers in the US by YouGov

∗∗Said projection was made from a sample size of 824 people.

The website in question, as can be observed in the top right (and also through this archive link), was a painfully corporate attempt at mimicking Anonymous that made the so-called "bullies" out to be political criminals and the "Bully Hunters" to be an all-encompassing Feminist Internet Defense Force. Obviously the above was written with the concept of hindsight entirely out of mind, considering this was produced either on or prior to the day the campaign commenced and as a very short amount of time would tell, not last anywhere near long enough to be of any use. One wonders if the whole thing was designed to fail in the first place.

Because this wouldn't be enough in this day and age to get the message across, even with copious spending on Jewtube adspace, various video game journalism websites were soon astroturfed by paid shills backed by the financiers behind the campaign, in order to spread word among the masses. From PCGamer, one of the first to cover this story:

The Time's Up movement that caught fire in the wake of #MeToo and allegations of sexual misconduct against notorious Hollywood scumbag Harvey Weinstein has now made its way to videogames, in a distinctly gamer-esque fashion. Beginning on April 12, a self-styled A-Team of "elite female gamers" calling themselves the Bully Hunters will offer their services to victims of harassment and bullying in CS:GO by infiltrating games and beating down offenders "through the sheer force of their unmatched skill."

"The time for harassment in CS:GO is finally up," the group said in an announcement. "A collective of gamers, brands and organizations have teamed up to create a first-of-its-kind global tool that connects victims of in-game harassment with gamers who want to help, called the Bully Hunters. The Bully Hunters are a vigilante hit squad of elite female gamers who have banded together to end sexual harassment and abuse in the popular game CS:GO."

The campaign is backed by some high-profile supporters, including Twitch streamer ZombiUnicorn, a spokesperson for the campaign, as well as SteelSeries, Vertagear, CyberPowerPC, the Diverse Gaming Coalition, and the National Organization for Women. The members themselves have chosen to remain anonymous, however, in order to avoid the ironic but entirely-too-predictable likelihood of harassment and abuse, although a rep said—optimistically, I think—that team members will do their best to keep the heat on the field.

"The Bully Hunters are prepared for the possibility of retaliation and are putting measures in place to combat that. They will not purposely incite or encourage additional harassment or abuse, and will only engage with harassers through gameplay, eliminating them from the game using their skills and talent," a rep explained. "Additionally, there will be a ratings system within the global tool which will allow both hunters and victims to rate their experiences, therefore reducing the chances of trolls infiltrating the system."

Dunking on online jerks is great, but the real point of the exercise is drawing attention to the problem of sexism and abuse online. The Bully Hunters claim that more than 21 million female gamers have reported in-game sexual harassment, "including extreme threats of sexual violence and death," and while that number is an estimate, the prevalence of abuse obviously is not. Yet all too often it's brushed off as mere trash-talk: Inevitable, but harmless.

"[The Bully Hunters] hope that through more conversation, fewer online gamers will tolerate this behavior and work to put an end to it. They are also calling on software companies to take action to no longer tolerate sexual harassment and discrimination in their games," the rep said.

The Bully Hunters is meant to be a "long-term initiative," and they're looking to expand their presence beyond CS:GO, although which games they may move into next is still being decided. Naturally, they're also looking to grow their numbers. Signups will be taken at the Bully Hunters website, but they were clear that they won't take just anyone.

"To become a Bully Hunter, a gamer’s statistics will be evaluated to ensure they can compete at a high level to eliminate harassers," the rep said, without delving into exactly what "statistics" will be examined, or how. "Additionally, their history of play will be reviewed to ensure they haven’t been reported for any type of in-game harassment with other players."

The goal of the campaign is laudable, but since abusive behavior is Bully Hunters' Bat-signal, you can see the group itself being a magnet for abusers—especially since at least some of the action will be livestreamed to the world on Twitch. But maybe that's part of the point—to draw negative attention away from average gamers and let them know they're supported.

File:Bullyhunters Scripted.png
Suspicions are raised; ZombiUnicorn in true femishit fashion blames them on muh soggy knees

To show the world what would turn out to be one of the most failtastic events of the year, a stream was announced for 7PM EST on the very next day. It should be noted that even during this time, many suspected that the events that would transpire on the 12th would be staged, considering the fact that there were rehearsals conducted one day prior. They weren't wrong.

Honestly, there's no WAY this won't be scripted. Top CS:GO players are fucking insane. Unless they're literally hunting scrubs this will end in disaster and even then they can't do this unscripted because female pro gamers are not very good.


Secret Asshole, Kiwifarms

The top 10 CS:GO female players don't even meet the 5th male player for earnings in CS:GO COMBINED. I'll give you one better. The 46th best CS:GO player earned more than all the top ten women combined. Just fucking think about that.


Secret Asshole, Kiwifarms

And the CS:GO community is extremely intense. One of the 'Bully Hunters' has 8000 hours played, a 0.81 KDR, and a 47% win rate. That's fucking abysmal if you think you are pro.


Secret Asshole, Kiwifarms

This will be scripted. Because they will get absolutely fucking destroyed unless they're playing literal children. And everyone knows it, which is why they disabled comments and ratings. There is no way this won't be some reality show garbage staged for 'women empowerment' because otherwise they would be utterly fucking wrecked and left crying.


Secret Asshole, Kiwifarms

The Reveal


Watch it in all its faked glory (read the chat for lulz)

On Thursday evening, somewhat true to their word (though as true as they'll be), the stream that would end up breaking the whole operation went online. Reception to the stream was overwhelmingly negative, and rightfully so. Viewers were keen to point out that not even the level used for the demonstration was the same. Matters were made worse when it was similarly revealed that both the "bully" and the "Bully Hunter" belonged to the same account, and furthermore, just about every aspect of the stream itself lacked authenticity, from empty chairs to recycled audio clips. And if that wasn't enough, moderation on the stream itself was lax, and due to Streisanding the hell out of their bullshit "cause" without a single pause for respite, filled with trolls from just about every imageboard with a sizable userbase who were sure to show their appreciation through the use of Copypasta and Ascii art, thus derailing any meaningful conversation that may have transpired during the stream.

The Fallout

File:Bullyhunters Gamerghazi.png
Gamerghazi shits all over the campaign.

Rejection by target audience

It is evident that the target audience of this stream were the areas of Reddit filled with cabals of mentally-stunted leftist crybabies e.g. Shit Reddit Says. However, even they took negatively to both the concept and the execution of said concept, basically leaving the group without a paddle. When you somehow manage to alienate your existing customer base, in addition to producing a campaign that was simply too faggy even for the people who live for that kind of shit, you know you've fucked up.

Sponsors bail


CyberPowerPC were the first sponsor to leave, doing so on late Friday night, just over a day following the stream.


Vertagear were next, leaving during the early hours of Saturday.

Diverse Gaming Coalition

A short while later, the Diverse Gaming Coalition abandoned the cause unceremoniously, leaving only two. With one of these sponsors being the recipient charity for the BullyHunters operation, it becomes fairly obvious who was behind it all.

SteelSeries is revealed as the campaign originators

With every other sponsor having jumped ship, only one remained; SteelSeries, basically outing them as the campaign originators. Not that this wasn't already common knowledge, mind you, since internet sleuths had already done more than the necessary level of digging to uncover this truth.

Delete Fucking Everything

Around Saturday evening, barely 3 days after the campaign had started and not even 48 hours since the stream went live, the plug was officially pulled on the Bully Hunters project. After losing the .css stylesheet, the website was soon shut down in its entirety thereafter. Not only that, but the DNS information was wiped, all social media accounts were taken down and aside from the articles, video responses and dilligent documentation of the lulz as they transpired, little evidence remained that the Bully Hunters even existed. Even ZombiUnicorn retreated into the shadows for a while before admitting defeat in a war she wasn't even able to claim a kill for, which is quite the achievement in and of itself. All in all, the entire Bully Hunters fiasco has not only gone down as arguably the biggest fail of 2018 (other than Brianna Wu's congressional campaign), but potentially of the whole decade.

Deny Fucking Everything

Not only is the above image absolute proof that SteelSeries was behind the whole thing, it also reveals where the stream was recorded and who produced all the Bully Hunters-related assets (hint: it wasn't the dumb whores who formed the failed advertizing campaign's face). The stupid fucks responsible left the original file directory information on their finished product, something they could have fixed in 5 seconds through a simple application of "Rename", and in essence digitally snitched on SteelSeries.

SteelSeries, lying through their motherfucking teeth.
File:Bullyhunters Steelseries Denial.png
SteelSeries, continuing to deny what is otherwise irrefutable proof.

CREATIVE_SAN: Refers to Total Creative: https://totalcreative.com/. A company based out of Fag Central and who outsourced everything related to the project.

JOBS: All jobs undertaken by the firm.

01899_steel_sieres_cannes: This is the key part;

  • "01899" is the job number internally assigned by the responsible party, be it FCB Chicago, Total Creative or any other organization.
  • "steel_sieres_cannes" is the job description. Typo aside, "steel_sieres" confirms the job was commissioned by SteelSeries, and "cannes" suggests Cannes is where the event took place.

05_graphics: A sorting rule. Usually if you look in this folder you'll see folders like "01_documents", "02_sounds", "03_videos" and so forth. It's an easy way to sort assets you need for the project.

AEP: Adobe After Effects Project file, contains the video composition with all the relevant source files put together.

032918: The latest revision of the files. Translates to 03/29/18, or March 29th, 2018. In other words, two weeks preceding the official "launch".

Steel_Series-Glitch-KC_10.aep: The finalized After Effects Project file. Once again, SteelSeries is directly namedropped, further incriminating what was already a red-handed affair.

By this point, SteelSeries had well and truly been caught with their pants down and their emasculated, circumcized dick flapping in the breeze. Not only were they the only company of those originally named to have a product ready upon the campaign's launch, not only were they the last company to remain loyal to the cause after the other three disassociated almost immediately, but they were the only company named on the website's assets, outside of logos. No other company would even try to sidestep their responsibility at this point. Except bizarrely, probably due to the sickening smell of money being burnt, SteelSeries then attempted to claim that they, much like the other three sponsors, were contacted by "Bully Hunters" (despite the organization not even existing in an official capacity prior to the 11th) and were misled. Because of course they were. In other news, the gloves did not fit, he did not inhale and he had no prior knowledge of 9/11.

People involved with Bully Hunters

  • FCB Chicago - The ad agency of Bully Hunters who wishes to fight online bullies.
  • SteelSeries - The client creator of Bully Hunters. Bought into a phony cause and decided SJWs would be their ideal target market.
  • Time's Up Now - A Hollywood celebrity group that doesn't need donation money for their greedy selves.


ZombiUnicorn is your average retarded camwhore and cold-hearted cunt, with the tits so close the lens she can't even play video games. The camwhore is more concerned about dyeing her hair than not dying in video games. Just wanting to show off her hideous fake tits on cam means that Natalie has an absolutely abysmal Kill-Death ratio, that even casual scum would laugh at.


Archive today-ico.png KDR of .77 - Female elite gamers


Dat 1kills - 15 deaths ratio. Being the female DarkSydePhil

The only time this bitch can win anything is if it's heavily scripted like when she sucked off the directors of FOX's Kicking And Screaming in exchange of landed up winning the season 1 first prize. Well done, bimbo. Your only achievement in life is being famous on a unpopular Survivor spin-off.


Nati, attacking a strong independent woman for working out instead of sitting around playing video games all day.
Hi just here 2 say I play video games 4 a living, raise money for charity, spread joy & positivity. Also, you're a cunt.


—Nati showing right off the bat that she has absolutely no integrity.

You're actually a fucking moron. it's reality tv. no vag was thrown lmao you really are just a fucking insensitive cunt. bye bitch


—Nati whining about how people know her achievements are as fake as her ideals... and tits.

Wells since she's a cunt I'll say it how it is - no boobs and homely as fuck so you wont care anyway LUL


—Nati misusing the holy word to further fuel her unfunny drama.

Now run along lil cunt & stop wastin ur time. Literally nothin u could say will evr affect us. We'll b over here enjoyin our lives


—Nati telling her critics to get a life and stop wasting time on the internet despite not having one herself and doing the exact same thing but worse.

For more quotes go here.


Back in 2014, Nati decided to up her autism and organise an event to lure in all her underage fanboys, by organising a Minecraft convention, where they got an opportunity to look at her tits in real life in exchange for paying money to be there. If you wanted to see peak autism Archive today-ico.png click this link. It was so embarrassing that Kiwi Farms made a thread on it. And if you wanted to see how gay it really was, well...

You were warned


It gets more attention whoring for ZombiUnicorn when she once posed online for Playboy. For possible butthurt reasons ZombiUnicorn later went full femtard and demanded Playboy to delete fucking everything so she could whore up more fame as the host of Bully Hunters. Unsurprisingly, in the wake of their founder's death, they cucked out and relented, potentially losing said photoshoot forever. Thanks to Archive, a service which ZombiUnicorn described herself as an "alt-right weapon used for bullying", the Playboy images of ZombiUnicorn have been saved for the win. The video of her in Playboy was unfortunately not saved which is probably for the best.

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Le Hive Bar

Remember that part about Cannes earlier? Googling "steel series" and "cannes" together leads you to the Twitter account of Le Hive Bar. Searching the bar's tweets reveals a LAN Party hosted not long before the unveiling of Bully Hunters, and were done so in co-operation with SteelSeries. What's arguably even more damning however, is the fact that none other than one of the bar's employees formed part of the audience:


Jimbo (aka Mister Metokur) weighs in, as he always does

TheRalphRetort also weighs in with his Killstream (and fatness)

Even PewDiePie defames Bully Hunters

Chris Ray Gun is more educated on bullying than this scam

Ethan Klein of h3h3Productions mocks ZombiUnicorn and her Bully Hunters movement

After her "break", disavowing, crocodile tears, and victim card using intensifies.


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