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Bunny, I have killed a cop, I'm sorry :( what is to do? (rus. Зая, я убила мента, прости :(что делать?) was an SMS message sent on April 30, 2009 by a blind drunk whore after she committed a fatal accident, hitting a police officer that had the misfortune to be in the way of the slutty (and very attractive, schwing!) blonde. This story is proof-positive that Russian women are hot, sexy, horrifying, monstrous demon witches and hags, as any lame butthead who married a mail-order bride will tell you.

How it was[edit]


It was an ordinary April evening in Novosibirsk when police officers waved striped sticks in front of cars and accepted their daily bribes. About 11 PM police officer Dmitriy Chulkov (rus. Дмитрий Чулков) stopped a Subaru and approached. As soon as he came to the car, Chulkov was squished pancake-flat by a red Toyota Soarer, driven by the 22 year old drunk bleached blonde. As it turned out later, this monkey-with-a-Toyota, Olga Melnichenko (rus. Ольга Мельниченко) had devoured about 6 liters of beer with her girlfriend before riding through the city. (Is that all?) The victim died on the spot. At the police station Olga began to mourn for her damaged mobile phone, dented bumper and a broken mirror, anticipating retribution for the wrecked car from her (douchey, of course) boyfriend "bunny Dima" and his tracksuit.

Great legal advice![edit]

"Go into hysterics, do not say and do not sign anything" (rus. Устрой истерику, ничего не говори и не подписывай) was the answer to the SMS message. Later Dima claimed that he meant to keep silent until she got a lawyer...

Surprise, fagets: Olga's father was a local prosecutor, and her mother was a magistrate's judge. Yes, RLY. So, colleagues of the dead police officer had reason to believe that her parents would make all possible efforts so their daughter could escape punishment. This is why colleagues of the slain police officer published her SMS correspondence on the Internet as well as the following photos. So, since in Soviet Russia things are known to be badly fucked up, the attitude was that the cute blonde would walk. But she didn't....

Bunny, I am sentenced to 4.5 years, I'm sorry :([edit]

As a result, and this was apparently a BIG surprise to the Russian press, the drunk student was sentenced to 4.5 years of jail, payment of 100,000 rubles (about $3,300) for personal injury to the father of the dead police officer, 200,000 rubles (about $6,600) for personal injury and 384,000 rubles ($12,800) for property damage to the Chulkov's widow. Chickenshit amounts of money, even in Novosibirsk. The stupid whore challenged the sentence, but the conviction was upheld.

On October 30, 2013, after 4.5 years, she was freed. And went right back to drinking and driving, probably.


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