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Butt plug

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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The device
The result

A butt plug is a device made of rubber, glass, the skulls of aborted infants, or plastic, meant to be inserted into the anus of a willing or unwilling person. The use of a butt plug will cause your ass muscles to loosen so much that you leak shit everywhere; like a retarded 7-year-old or Glenn Beck.

List of people who love butt plugs[edit]

Other uses[edit]

Besides the obvious, a butt plug can be used for many things, should you inherit one from your grandfather, consider the following:

  • A butt plug is an effective weapon against bears and other wild animals
  • You can paint it festive colours and display it in your yard for Christmas
  • Butt plugs make great hood ornaments for your car
  • You can hollow out the middle and store money or drugs inside
  • Displaying it in your window on Halloween will keep the children away