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And nothing of value was lost.

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He got his (annoying) username from a can of Carlsberg beer he was drinking. (Bad pic, if you zoom in you can't see the text.)
Comments on his pic:

DO NOT WANT - Alliecat 00:07, 16 December 2008 (CST)

 : Don't be a player hater, Alliecat. --lateral |talk| 12:55, 18 December 2008 (CST)

ByAppointmentTo is a Britfag 23-year-old ED sockpuppeter, disgraced ex-sysop and Internet tough guy.

ByAppointmentTo, aka Michael, is a good example of how to fuck up an ED adminship in record time. He survived on ED "writing" mostly tl;dr and boring TOW related content and documenting shitty forced memes, and being a sad fanboi for other TOW vandals as a result of his extreme butthurt over the wikipedia jews. He is basically a poster-boy for trying too hard, and fucked up his adminship royally due to tremendous USI, profound stupidity, and repeated footbullets despite being given numerous second chances. He was admittedly a decent writer, but the term "quantity-over-quality" springs to mind weighing his contribs as he never had a problem abusing adminship. Most of the poorly piped walls-of-text he shit out were on forced memes (ones he started) or grudgewanks about TOW admins, which only a handful of people care about. As a person he was a rather duplicitous piece of shit. He was a bit of a savant editor, both having the capacity to write *decently* while at the same time being completely socially inept and oblivious as to how he was perceived on-site. Historically, he was one of ED's most notable self-pwners.

I bet I could beat you in a fight, you fucking faggot.

Yeah, I'm 6'4" and have been doing weights again over the past couple of months. No further comment necessary. Since you're not willing to compromise, then you either make peace with me, or I'll get my friend Grawp to do the right thing. It's an easy choice, and you know what the answer is.


—--Loikmoudkoups (ByAppointmentTo), 23:31, 22 August 2008 (CDT)

people who actually have girlfriends don't need to brag about it


NawlinWiki, telling it how it is., [1]

Fun Facts[edit]

ByAppointmentTo being an unoriginal internet tough guy by acting and looking like Grawp.
Typical fap material for ByAppointmentTo.
What BaT gives to his typical fap material
  • Systematically clowned himself on /b/, spamming personal army requests trying to recruit other gullible /b/tards to vandalize TOW for him (and getting banned in the process).
  • The meme related articles he wrote were largely forced memes of which he himself was behind and shamelessly promoting at the same time. YOU'RE A BIRD! is just one example of this, it was an epic failure, and even to this day, the meme still remains unused by all but the most newfaggish of newfags, some of whom have been observed by ByAppointmentTo using the meme after reading about it on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  • Sloppy with his sockpuppets. If he's a careless as he is on TOW as he was on ED, it's no great mystery why he's a fail troll. Obliviously announces himself on talk pages believing his opinion still matters, and then cries elsewhere about how mean ED admins are to him.
  • Basically his entire gimmick, apart from writing shitty TOW articles, was "trolling" Wikipedia and imitating Grawp. He was too unoriginal to come up with his own method of vandalism, you can tell the difference between the vandalism of Grawp and ByAppointmentTo (termed a "Grawp-a-like" by Alison) from over 9000 miles away because he's too retarded to work out how the mediawiki title black list can be overcome.
  • Is currently lurking fagging up Britchan.
  • He is Frankie Boyle.

ByAppointmentTo Quotes[edit]

No, I haven't had sex with WhiteMystery. Stop imitating Grawp, calm the fuck down, and come back to ED when you have a cool head.


Certainly though, I would say that gay pedophilia, or pedophilia of any kind for that matter, is not compatible with a stable society. Their sexual orientation is completely unacceptable because victims of pedophilia are often mentally scarred. That is never justifiable. I do not imagine that any child would want to consent either. When I was about 11 years old I had a man try to touch me in a toilet block when I was on holiday in Belgium. You know what I did? I shouted "FUCK YOU" at the top of my voice, and got really really angry, and I think I scared him off, although I've always had a tendency to do things like that because I either have Asperger's syndrome or something closely related. It's a hazy memory though.


—ByAppointmentTo gives his insight into Wikipedia's "pederasty" article on the Wikipedia Review and confusing Tourette's syndrome with assbergers.

Plz change the black tranny to a picture of a woman with big (non-fake) tits. It'd do wonders for accuracy.


user:Rape Machine (ByAppointmentTo) 02:01, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

Known Sockpuppets[edit]

User:ByAppointmentTo, User:Michael Elliot, aka ByAppointmentTo, age 22, User:RapeRoll, User:OhLawdIsDatSum, User:Warm, Sticky Cum Fountain, User:Loikmoudkoups, User:Pizza, Beer, Cigarettes, Music, Internet, Women, User:NawlinWiki, User:Schopenhauer Cash, User:EFG9K, User:Feels good man, User:Austin Kincaid, User:Fake Alison, User:According to Wikipedia, ED contains viruses, User:Card Crusher, User:Feels Goodman, User:Lull Watt, User:Powerhouse, User:Seismic Toss, user:Rape Machine

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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix, making a YTP video out of them or spamming their talk page.

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