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Callum Cartel from Liverpool, England. Bully, cheat, liar, fraud, troll and wannabe Internet Sheriff

Callum Cartel is a morbidly obese 17 year old boy who wanted to be an Internet Sheriff on YouTube, but he appeared to give up on his dream when people pointed out that he was fat.

In secret, Callum recruited a group of 13 year old boys that he knew IRL and videoed them reading out Callum's own hateful and abusive rants targeted at innocent victims on YouTube with the intention of bullying them off the site. At the same time the hypocritical bastard posted videos of himself telling people that there was no place for bullies on YouTube.

Callum Cartel's Dummy Accounts[edit]

Apart from the 13 year old boys he had recruited to do his dirty work and the people that they attacked, noone watched Callum Cartel's videos. This was not surprising as all he talked about were large, sweaty men stripping down to their underwear and getting to grips with each other (this is apparently called wrestling by the Gay Fraternity).

Callum enjoyed making videos of himself wrestling with 13 year old boys on his bed, although he said he did not know why he liked it. (This situation is likely to have changed now, as his recent activities have brought him into contact with a pedophile called Irish282 on the YouTube website).

Callum hid his shameful unpopularity by creating over 80 fake accounts on YouTube which he used to subscribe to himself, watch and favorite his videos and, most bizarrely of all, reply to his own comments on those videos.

He also used the fake accounts to subscribe to all the 13 year old boys he was grooming.

Callum Cartel "Wrestling" In His Bedroom With Jordan

Sample Fake Accounts

YouTube Favicon.png Rambo101

YouTube Favicon.png 1990Abyss

YouTube Favicon.png BarbieHurl

YouTube Favicon.png BIGJOHNLOO

YouTube Favicon.png callumbia2

YouTube Favicon.png CRINGLECRISPS

YouTube Favicon.png CrymeTyme4Eva

YouTube Favicon.png GregSolomonsMom

YouTube Favicon.png LiverpoolAdidasKit

YouTube Favicon.png MobbJade

YouTube Favicon.png OctagonJeff

YouTube Favicon.png Ole247

YouTube Favicon.png PoleoDog

YouTube Favicon.png ragheadman

YouTube Favicon.png Recommendx

YouTube Favicon.png RogerJR1985

YouTube Favicon.png RollingThunder5Star

YouTube Favicon.png TechnoBen

YouTube Favicon.png VivaLaJustinsMum

YouTube Favicon.png Wyclefbinlid

Pedophile Subscribers

YouTube Favicon.png jdude2008

YouTube Favicon.png VigilantOne (Seekritly just Irish282) - ACCOUNT NOW CLOSED

Channels on which Callum Cartel posts the videos that he makes using his 13 year old boys

YouTube Favicon.png ThatLiamLad

YouTube Favicon.png tommygillefc123

YouTube Favicon.png RightJordan

The Full List of Dummy Accounts (TL;DR)

Recommendx TechnoBen myheart2yourlips OctagonJeff 101Rambo101 PoleoDog PerfectClear101 Ole247 Braap13 BrunoB16 Lola619 KENNEDY1986 TripleH619 lol567123 Kano534852 RockyStatue PantyHoedog RenettosMom RockNSock101 BrilliantJoe1991 BrillOllirB RogerJR1985 1990Abyss BIGJOHNLOO ImAnOgre RollingThunder5Star BALNDO callumbia2 TheBrockOne NiGaHdOg MKDeception BoloHereWeCome aiholden1 LocaOgre 1point5ahole AkeBosnia LockheartsRach BlackListJoan VandaliseME RedShitDotCom PP69er SOSOLIDSALLY Sindaloser LeiSei06 Bendog2010 JennyBaby1989 SonySamsung109 ASWEPROCEEDDDDDDDDDD AliBongosDad MothaLicka Skippaestaloca KallumKartel RedRumsChum LeatherStrapOns CRINGLECRISPS MobbJade Wyclefbinlid BarbieHurl ragheadman hooper1234567890 TheScouseSlime CrymeTyme4Eva GregSolomonsMom pumagod BarbieHurl userjoshfaneddie LiverpoolAdidasKit cresseh JohnsOrder starnow66 richard48911 uhsuuuun babyteets timss VivaLaJustinsMum Joey8646 ImTheDawg101 abyssmonster laurasNOTafridge OhMyGodOwnage


Link to the CallumCartel Channel Subscriber Pages on YouTube

Callum Cartel's Internet Sheriff Activities[edit]

Like all Internet Sheriffs, Callum Cartel needed to find someone who was being victimised so that he could condemn, harass, bully, vilify and swear at the victim's attacker while being seen to retain the "moral high ground".

Callum Cartel was jealous of YouTube Favicon.png Reymon14 because Reymon14 made more entertaining wrestling videos than he did. He also thought Reymon14 must obviously be somebody's victim because he had a speech impediment.

Reymon14 made videos impersonating wrestlers for fun. Vivalajustin mimicked Reymon14's impersonations, complete with speech impediment, also for fun, as a friend with no malicious intent.

Oblivious to the actual situation, Callum Calbert rushed in (Internet Sheriff-style), thinking that Vivalajustin's spoof video was the perfect oppurtunity to throw his Internet-weight around.

He made two videos ordering YouTube Favicon.png vivalajustin to leave Reymon14 alone. Callum took the oppurtunity to point out thst he was better than Vivalajustin because he had more subscribers, despite this being a lie (since Callum had subscribed to himself with 77 dummy accounts and the 3 accounts on which he posted the videos of his 13 year old boys).

The following gallery includes a blow-by-blow account of the events.

Callum Cartel's Puppets[edit]

Since Callum had be completely owned by Vivalajustin, and his Internets were surrounded by TheAbyss91, he decided to deputize some other 13 year old boys to do the public part of his Internet Sheriff work for him.

Jordan. The 17 year old fugly ginger chav that wastes his evenings talking to Paperlilies on MSN

Callum claimed in his YouTube Favicon.png "CallumCartels: Top 5 Youtubers Of 2006!" video that Jordan (one of his deputies) was messaging Paperlilies on MSN for an hour while Jordan and he were both in Jordan's bedroom, which according to Callum officially made Paperlilies his (Callum's) E-girlfriend.

HellionExciter said some mean things about Paperlilies that he felt had to be said, (which took him about week's worth of videos to do), and Callum decided it was officially his Internet Sheriff duty to defend Paperlilies' Honorz.

He videoed Liam O'Brien (a minor) reading out a stream of abuse directed at HellionExciter and then he posted it on the YouTube Favicon.png ThatLiamLad channel.

In a highly-charged video response HellionExciter declared war on ThatLiamLad and made enquiries on the Internet about purchasing a Russian tank that he could use to run Liam over.

YouTube Favicon.png The HellionExciter is attacked by a 8 year old Mega Lol - Removed by YouTube (Only clips of the video now remain in Blunty3000's parody YouTube Favicon.png How 2 looz at teh Internetz)

Callum Cartel posted another video of Liam O'Brien reading his Internet tough guy script, trying to milk the 15 minutes of pseudo-recognition that HellionExciter had given to one of his channels.

YouTube Favicon.png HellionExciter wants a War? Hes got one.

Callum's attempt at being an internet Sheriff had turned into a high profile farce. Comedian YouTube Favicon.png Montagraph and Internet pan-handler Blunty3000 both decided to get in on the action too.

YouTube Favicon.png Re: The HellionExciter is attacked by a 8 year old !!!!!!!!! - From Montograph - 5 April 2007

In the following video, Blunty3000 ironically fails to draw the parallel between Internet Sheriff Callum Cartel with his flunky Liam O'Brien (aka ThatLiamLad), and Internet Sheriff Damien Estreich and his flunky Nate Burr (aka Blunty3000).

YouTube Favicon.png How 2 looz at teh Internetz - From Blunty3000 - 8 April 2007

Callum Cartel posted another video on his ThatLiamLad channel, this time of himself and angry-ginger Jordan. In the video Jordan threatened that if HellionExciter didn't back off he would start making videos about him (even though he had already made two videos about HellionExciter using 13 year old Liam). Callum stated that he was not homophobic (he is a wrestling fan, so no surprises there) and that if anyone was ever found hiding under his bed they would be gay. It is unclear why there are so many references made to homosexuality in the video, but many people believe that Irish282's hand is now on Callum Cartel's rudder.

YouTube Favicon.png Defending Ourselves - On the ThatLiamLad channel - 9 April 2007

TheAbyss91 Putting All The Drama In Perspective (using a wide-angle lens)[edit]

YouTube Favicon.png CallumCartells Theme Song
YouTube Favicon.png CallumCartells song called I`m Fat

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