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Their logo design resembles shit smeared on a wall.

Campo Santo is a video game publisher based out of San Francisco that largely specializes in creating "artsy games", which is another way of saying they make games that are more eye candy than they are, well, games. Think of it like taking the most basic, boring, nondescript, linear game you can think of, say Pong for example... and then just adding in pretty pixel pictures as a matter of backdrop. That's... that's it, that's literally all this company does. They take half-assed playability and coat it over with a fresh batch of bullshit to trick everyone into thinking they're getting something really worthwhile. When in fact all you're getting is the effective equivalent of a mildly interactive screen saver.

Campo Santo's most popular title, Firewatch, was so bad that many users demanded refunds after purchasing it, once they found that the "game" had almost no playability at all. Consumers were essentially tricked into buying the video game equivalent of a brightly colored paper weight and were rightly upset over the deception.

They recently garnered the attention of the Internet Hate Machine when they stuffed their idiot hands into the hornets nest that is PewDiePie's fanbase and began flailing about wildly, to the point of taking sole credit for PewDiePie's fame and fans while boldly declaring their intentions to take him out... no srsly.

Firewatch Developer Sean Vanaman vs PewDiePie[edit]

On September 10th, 2017 top YouTuber PewDiePie was playing a game not owned, produced, licensed or even having anything remotely to do with Campo Santo, during a live stream, when he got overly flustered and shit screamed, "NIGGER!" at the pixels on the screen.

Despite the fact that every other rap song produced has the word nigger in it and despite the fact that every gamer online hears the word at least six or eight times an hour, it suddenly became a problem when wholesome little white bread PewDiePie accidentally let loose a nuclear N-bomb in the pedestrian hallows of YouTube.

Mainstream media of course, raging over Pewds taking a significant chunk out of their regular viewership, of course responded as if literally Hitler had suddenly risen from the grave and was demanding the immediate execution of all blacks, Jews, Space Jews, retards and SJWs... er, scratch that last one, no need for redundancy.

As the naked troll rats built on up their mountain of shit to fling at Felix, Campo Santo developer Sean Vanaman decided it was a good idea to throw a giant screaming tantrum over the incident, again despite the fact that it had absolutely nothing to do with Campo Santo, their games, or anything even remotely in orbit of their unimportant bullshit.

This culminated in Sean Vanaman declaring that his company would commit mass copyfraud in an effort to try and forcibly remove PewDiePie's entire channel...

Campo Santo - Blowout.png

But Sean didn't quit there. Oh no, like an Asian driver he didn't know when to stop and ranted right on for a good dozen or more tweets; wherein he started openly encouraging and asking others to act as his personal army and file DMCA claims against PewDiePie's content. His openly admitted intention was to further his effort to try and burn down YouTube channels in the same manner that Hitler enjoyed burning books.

Campo Santo - Bad Faith Army.png

Again, apparently unbeknownst to Campo Santo, the DMCA specifically forbids anyone from filing a claim based on content that they do not own and actually classifies such action as fraud, a federal felony, one which carries significant repercussions, including a potential extended stay in a five star federal penitentiary.

Firewatch Developer Sean Vanaman vs The Infuriated Gaming Masses[edit]

As you might imagine all this did not go over well with the gaming masses who almost immediately started attacking the ever living shit out of Campo Santo, including efforts to DDoS their entire site off the face of reality as well as review bombing every game they've ever produced back into the stone age. Pewds meanwhile offered up an overly sincere apology video and even conceded to Campo Santo's DMCA demands to remove all his videos in which he was playing any of their games. This despite the fact that Campo Santo has giant walls of text saying they take no copyright stake in streaming videos...

Campo Santo - Streaming Policy.jpg

This all of course only served to infuriate gamers further as Campo Santo and by proxy the gaming industry as a whole wound up looking like thugs trying to forcibly ass rape poor Pewds into quiet submission. A point which became even more inflamed when industry shills like Polygon jumped on the bandwagon and started shelling out overly biased articles attacking PewDiePie...

Campo Santo - Polygon Attacks.png

Ultimately this culminated in Polygon hiring legal firm Interactive Entertainment Law Group to write an overly biased article for them in which they publicly encouraged self-incriminating actions amongst the masses in a rather failing attempt to force the gaming masses into submission in the same way that they had done to Pewds...

Campo Santo - Polygon Lies.png

In response to this an e-mail was sent to IE Law Group asking for an explanation to which they replied that their article was not meant as "legal advice" but that they were simply providing "general education" to the masses.

Or to put that another way it's like you have someone doing something stupid and illegal... and then that someone turns right around and says, "Oh it's okay, I'm not really doing this stupid illegal thing that I'm obviously doing right now. Just ignore the lawyer behind the curtain!" if simply saying, "We're not giving legal advice." somehow magically negates the fact that they are in fact giving legal advice. I mean, it's right there in the God damn title of the article!

In this particular case they were apparently "generally educating" readers to their attempted narrative that filing DMCAs in bad faith and committing perjury was somehow acceptable and "perfectly legal" under the letter of the law.

The majority of this legal lying was of course done to try and posture the belief that the gaming industry as a whole was somehow going out of their way to support gamers and providing them with a special something that they could magically take away at any time they like and that every gamer should be grateful for their incredible back breaking generosity.

In reality however the United States Copyright Office clearly states... 

Copyright does not protect the idea for a game, its name or title, or the method or methods for playing it. Nor does copyright protect any idea, system, method, device, or trademark material involved in developing, merchandising, or playing a game.


—The hard bitch slap of reality.

In other words no gaming company has any copyright stake in your "Let's Play" videos, streams or otherwise and attempting to feign some semblance of control or allowance on their part is entirely fictional. In fact copyright, trademark and patent laws within the video game industry are some of the absolute weakest in our society (and for good reason). Nintendo recently experienced this the hard way when they couldn't even uphold the patent on their motion controller. The reason the video game industry in particular is legally neutered in this regard is to forcibly prevent monopolistic business practices and to ensure open/free development within the market, rather than allowing things to stagnate and fester as they have in other industries.


Tranny Wu has obviously never played an MMO.

So you might just be asking yourself, "What kinds of people in the gaming industry support Campo Santo?" Well the answer to that question is pretty much every industry shill and shank you can think of. From Polygon to Anita Sarkeesian, Campo Santo is literally everything GamerGate warned us about and more. Not surprising of course given that their best game, Firewatch, is a "Depression Quest" knock-off with pretty pictures and fervent fauxcritic hype.

So it's no surprise that those like Brianna Wu and Anita were first on the scene to slurp ass and whore themselves out for unwarranted attention and pity points in this recent clusterfuck. These industry shanks (or skanks if you like) along with before mentioned shills like Polygon are always quick to circle jerk amongst themselves for any semblance of attention that they can get their greedy, grubby little hands on, in the hope of garnering even more unearned attention in the industry...

Campo Santo - Firewatch Credits.png

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