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Cartoon Junkie
Given Name(s) Septiplier Leader/Hater, Twitter SJW Mandolin (Possibly Drama-Whore
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Born October 6th, 1990
Residence Uncertain; possibly Hell?
deviantART Deviantart-favicon.png cartoonjunkie (active)
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Cartoonjunkie is a cucky artist on DeviantArt who used to be a huge whiteknight for JewTubers MarkiplierVerified.png and JackSepticeyeVerified.png. She's also the "original" creator/leader of the worldwide fanship Septiplier due to her art getting popular on the shitty website. Ever since then she has become widely known by tartlets as "the mother of Septiplier" and has been protecting the ship ever since just to please her two gayly men, until today that is.

Daniel Kyre's suicide[edit]

He's dead he's dead who the fuck cares that he's dead stop talking about that asshole.


—CartoonJunkie reacting to his death on one of her Jewtube videos.

The fam's and friend's post on his Facebook page.

Let's start with how her name suddenly became a fucking asshole shall we? On September 18th, 2015 Markiplier's dumbass friend named Daniel Kyre (AKA Dan Cyndago) apparently committed suicide because of how much of his fantards screamed at him to make more shitty content. After the announcement on his FaceBook on September 19th made by his family and friends, fans began crying their eyes out, grieving his passing in hopes of him going to a better place with Harambe. Even Markimoo ended up crying like a lil' bitch about it.

Video 1
Video 2

When good ol' CJ heard about this "terrible" news, she just laughed at how he killed himself for attention, saying that it was his own fault that he decided to take his own life for no good reason. She even called Daniel a selfish asshole to one tartlet on Twitter (And used Markiplier's name with her comment, assuming that he's agreeing with her) in which the Markiplier community reacted in butthurt about it. She soon later tried to fight the fangirls back and supposedly "resolved" the remark with a pity apology, but ever since then tartlets will never forget what she said and always use that against her everytime she makes Markiplier fanart. Markiplier had no comment on that however, since he was still mourning his loss at the time of the tweet.

"-asshole to kill himself right after the giveaway XD"

Septiplier drama[edit]

All Aboard the Septiplier ship!
Mark is currently scarred for life.

Like all shippings, there has to be some type of war drama between two people correct? Well, there is in this fucking Titanic. On a Dumblr post that Jacksepticeye has posted a while back, he stated that Septiplier was never a real thing and that it's for the lulz and laughter. However, he specifically states that on behalf on Mark, that they do not like to see smut or porn of them fucking each other in the ass, because it greatly upsets them considering that they both have bitches and lovelives of their own.

Jack's Dumblr post about Septiplier

And what does CJ do regarding of this post? She still draws porn of em for her obsession over the ship, even when tartlets were warning her that karma will bite her in the ass someday.

-moans- Oh Mark!~ Y-yeah! Suck it!
Junkie killing Markimoo for showing him constant Septiplier smut.
Now this is getting too much-

CJ lying about tagging smut to Mark and Jack, trying to hide her art and blaming tartlets for Mark unfollowing her on Instagramz

Kawaii 4chan porn that burn your eyes About missing Pics
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Twitter drama[edit]

2 Random-ass Ocs CJ created in replacement of Mark and Jack.
Atleast her name now makes sense.
It's only a matter of time before she becomes like Daniel, only she fakes it.

Along with her constant obsession over Septiplier, and the fact that many tartlets have told her to stop drawing smut of the ship, CJ flipped her shit when BOTH Markimoo and Jackspedicey unfollowed her on Twitter and Instagram. She suddenly became so BUTTHURT by this that she tries to start shit with Mark on Twitter about his recent Charity stream, calling him a no good selfish faker for not donating enough money for the charity himself. Then she declared that she will no longer draw Septiplier because of her crippling depression and instead became an Overwatch retard trying to start another ship between the characters Junkrat and McCree. (Aka Junkcree) Her "fans" reacted immediately, baWWWing at the fact that she's drama-whoring and attention whoring altogether in her recent tweets. CJ went from being a unlovable fatass to a soon to be gay troll trying her best to lower her following as much as possible. (She used to have over 13,000 followers on Twitter but it went down to 11.6k within two weeks of her bullshit.)

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CJ reacts to ED[edit]

Because she enjoys being drama-queen

CJ's private stream video (retarded)[edit]

CartoonJunkie rants[edit]

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Jack's View on Septiplier and CartoonJunkie[edit]


A great example why staying away from reTARTlets like CuntoonJerkoff is her whiteknights. Her 24,000 assassinators on DeviantTards will ready to stab anyone with their butthurtness.
Deviantart-favicon.png NerdtleLovesArt "its ok to ship REAL people besides i ship 2 of my real life male friends XDD (Insert dumb emoji here)"
Deviantart-favicon.png Odjina-Zheite "SUICIDE IS A SELFISH ACT"
Deviantart-favicon.png werewolfmaidain "Kill yourself :)"
Deviantart-favicon.png Dragon0Dance Huge rapist who complaints about being a nigger.


Did you know?[edit]

She's really going low on this one.
I wonder if there's any porn of Trump and CJ together?
  • Did you know that CJ copied the style of Wild Kratts just to make Mark and Jack look like retards for her comic?
  • Did you know that CartoonJunkie created the Anti-Mark and Jack? (And that JackSepticEye took that as a full concept for the lulz?)
  • Did you know that CJ is a hypocrite when it comes to being "friends" with Mark and Jack? (She still tries to hold onto Jack for a bit longer atleast which is honestly pathetic.)
  • Did you know that CJ is a Trump supporter? Oh wow!

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