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The chick at ElfOnlyInn explaining why screaming "Censorship!" on the internets is plain retarded. 99.9% of LJ users don't get this comic.
Censorship spoils everyone's fun

Censorship is the irritating act of denying a person lulz under the pretense of protecting them. This reasoning is bullshit, however, since the one doing the censoring is more often than not censoring in order to protect their own ass. This ensures that everyone stays stupid so that they can more easily be manipulated. Anything that a person with power disagrees with will be censored. The most obvious example of censorship is blocking users and deleting comments on sites like deviantART and Twitter. However, blocking and deleting can make users curious to find out exactly what is being hidden.

Screaming "Censorship!" is a classic Drama-generating technique and a perfect way to ██████ a moderator or an admin everytime you don't agree with any arbitrary decision taken by him. It doesn't matter how small that █████████ is, because if you're lucky, a bunch of retards like you will suddenly become ███████ and start screaming "Censorship" as well. After effectively igniting the █████████, the admin will have to either lose a lot of time explaining people the reasons for his decision or start banning everyone. Either way, the troll wins.


Prima: Announcement: I just banned Secunda because she █████████ my █████████ with █████████
Tertia: "OMG this is CENSORSHIP u r not letting teh TRUTH about 911 come out!!!! HITLER!!!!!!"

The problem is, 99% of Censors (or Forum Regulators or whatnot) look for ███████ and ████████ Think about it, they get paid to look for extreme XXX stuff that is illegal in most countries.
Don't kid yourselves, the government workers who get to decide what rating a game is going to get aren't normal people. They spend their life █████████ Disney movies to make sure there's no titties for the kids to see. All in all, Censors are fucked up in the ███████. They might say you're a sicko for █████████ child porn, but before they ████████ it all, they save a copy to their PC. It's the truth.

Censorship is telling a man he can't have a cock just because a baby can't chew it.


— Mark Twain

Examples of █████████████[edit]

Example #1[edit]

Cum is like fish; any longer than 3 days, and it really starts to stink.
Ain't thatta bitch

Example #2[edit]

True story, man. I found the secret to a great ██████████████████ is to ██████ a ███████ with large ███████ -- inside the bacon -- █████████, ████████ stick the "shuttlecock" in a well lubed waffle-iron. After that ████████████████████████████████████ the Window Aliens ██████ summer concert series kegger █████████ █ shoehorn ███████ Llama.
Oh, and then Steven Seagal shows up with his █████ in a █████████████████ and we all ███████! Good times, man. Good times.

Sites, People, Things, and Games known for Censorship[edit]

Not even MS Paint is safe

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