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Listen here you little slut! If you don't fuck me and be my good little baby I will fucking kill you!



No, no... I can't even think about this guy. He is just too creepy. Makes my skin crawl.


—[Lorne Armstrong]

Every night I check my closet for cgunique.


—[Hannibal Lecter]

Screenshot of creepy stalker dude

cgunique aka Pedo McCreepypants, Manchester Daddy UK, suckleuk, and Christian Gilbart real name James, is a sad, lonely virgin who if he had it his way would have every woman on the planet soil themselves in adult diapers for his pleasure as long as their faces are attractive enough for him. His passions are; being breastfed, harrassing women online and talking about how attractive and intelligent he is. His idols are Jared Fogle, Gary Glitter and Michael Jackson. There's not much unique about this guy. He's just your run-of-the-mill creep. The kind of creep that a lot of women come across on the internet. However he is unique in some sense that he is only attracted to women if they pretend to be his baby. He is also a big fan of polygamy which will be hard seeing as he can't attract one woman let alone too. He is also obsessed with facepics and refuses to talk to a woman unless she supplies one. He's probably measuring up which face will make the perfect skin mask for him to wear while jacking off over a pile of dead babies.

File:Even more creepy.png
Another creepy screenshot

Sexual pervert

The sicko preying on the female victim who does not like his advances

James is 34 years old. However, on the internet, he is sometimes 33, sometimes 28. He is pro-polygamy troll and gets off to the fear of young women, preferably when they are in a baby costume. He claims to be both attractive and intelligent. A good life lesson is when someone constantly drones on about all of their positive attributes they're likely to be not true. He frequently misspells things in his crazy baby fetish rants. He worked with He has never worked with her again, perhaps after he suggested she dress up like a sexy infant.

Actual picture of cgunique.

Timeline of events

The whole situation started mid to late December when an unsuspecting victim curiously replied to his ad on Craigslist as a joke, blissfully oblivious to the tormenting she was in for. He asked for a facepic in his ad and she supplied one in her first email. She then stupidly developed an attraction for him. He then asked for a breast pic which was also supplied. Thinking her too good to be true, to make sure she wasn't a catfish he asked for a picture of her holding up three fingers. When he realized she was genuine he claimed to be in love. The two then started talking on Kik. He then relentless spammed the girl, telling her how beautiful she was and how much he loved the poor thing. This continued throughout the Christmas holidays. After she tried to put her foot down he threatened her with death and distribution of the pictures.

Some of Christian's stories

File:This is the type of shit cg faps to.jpg
This is the type of shit CG faps to.
File:Sorry cg ugly people die alone.jpg
Sorry CG ugly perverts die alone.
File:CG reblogged this on tumblr doesnt that say everything about him.jpg
CG reblogged this on Tumblr. Doesn't it say everything about him?

Here are some of Christian's genuine stories uploaded to his tumblr and his original Craigslist post. No I am not making this up. It is that creepy. Not for the faint hearted.

I got home after work pretty late. Was a long day and decided to go to the gym after work, and shower there.
When I got through the door, it was quiet so I knew my babygirl was in bed.
I took of my shoes off and headed upstairs.
I slowly opened th door, the tv was on but she was sleeping.
She had her soft pink onsie and her dummy at the side. It must have fallen out as she was drifitng off.

I gently went over to her to and kissed her on the forehead.
she slowly opened her eyes, a bit hazy she looked at me.
“Its ok, its just daddy”. “im going to check if she need changing ok, you stay sleepy baby”
I opened up her onsie a little and I could see she had peed a little.
“good girl” I said.
I started to open her nappy, one by one peeled the sticky tabs back and opened it. I had wetwipes and tissues near the bed.
I kept the nappy there to not make a mess and started to clean my baby, first with tissues then with wet wipes.
I made sure to wipe for a long time to get it clean. rubbing up and down on my babies pussy.
After a while she stared to moan a little, “hmmmm”
I grabbed her dummy and softly put it in her mouth. “shhhhhh baby, you have to be quiet”
I carried on rubbing as she squirmed a little, now looking at me with her beautiful eyes sucking her dummy.
I started to put a little more pressure on her pussy as I was rubbing. It made her squirm more and moan a little more..
“Daddy is going to make sure you are clean now baby”
I opened her legs gently bending down I started to kiss and lick her thighs softly, first one leg, and then the other.
Then my mouth made its way to my babygirls pussy. I kissed it first tasting every part and then put my tongue inside making my way to her sweet spot.
When I got there and I sucked a little my baby goraned. “mmm daddy”.
“its ok baby” then with my tongue i put pressure on and started to move up and down with my tongue.
Her legs kept coming up like she wanted to wrap them around me so I grabbed both legs and held them in my arms as I was massaging her pussy harder and harder with my tongue.
I could feel the tremble in her body as she made more and more noises and started to breath more heavily.
Then she put her arms and hands out. She wanted her daddy. she needed to be held. so I moved up on top of her, took her dummy out and kissed her so she could taste just what daddy had tasted. She kissed me back and started to suck my tongue like she was sucking her own juices off, then with a single gentle thrust I put my penis all the way inside.
She was so wet it went straight in.
She groaned louder. “shhhh baby, noone is aloud to here us, its our secret”.
I put her dummy back in and held it until she started to suck on it like a good girl.
Then when I was sure she would be quiet I started to thrust.
She put her arms around me so tight and I held her back and bottom with my hands, caressing her as I was thrusting.
I started to thrust harder and harder, and faster. Both breathing heavily she wrapped her legs completely around me and as she did I lifted myself up picking her up and holding her tight.
i started to lift her up and down on daddies cock, as I did, I could feel she started to lift and thrust herself up and down.
“Thats a good girl, ride daddies cock”
She said “I want you to put a baby in me daddy”
“OK baby” I said “Daddy is going to put a baby in you”
both talking through heavy breathing while she was bouncing up and down on my cock in my arms.
Then I felt it, I was about to cum. “Im going to cum inside you baby, Im going to cum”
She said
“Cum inside me daddy, cum inside me. I want you to cum daddy. I want your baby daddy”
And just then I could feel it shoot so far and so deep into my babygirl. I had to stop thrusting and she held even tighter.
“I want it all the way inside daddy”
“It is baby” I could hardly speak “It is baby, its going all the way inside”
just managing to get the words out.
Then just as I finished I had to sit down.
Still holding my babygirl and still inside my babygirl I sat down on the big cushioned chair that was in our bedroom
“You are such a good girl” I said. I took her dummy out and immidiately she pressed her lips againts mine.
We kissed and kissed and kissed….
She was facing me with her legs bent to fit on the chair, as my penis started to go smaller, it slipped out, and I tunred her onto her side to cradle her to make her more comfortable.
“Are you thirsty baby” I said. “Yes please daddy” she said, knowing that I was going to give her a bottle.
There was one at the side of the chair ready.
so I got her comfy pressed againts daddies chest and grabbed the bottle.
I gently put the teat in her mouth until she started to suckle and then when it was in the right position relaxed myself to feed my babygirl.
She was looking straight into my eyes as I fed her.
“Thats a good girl, drink your bottle baby”, I kissed her on the forehead and told her to close her eyes.
I watched her eyes slowly drift off as she suckled her bottle all safe and secure with her naked body in daddies arms.

File:2 girls 1 pedo.jpg
A wet dream of Christian's that will never be reality.
Daddy and his babygirl

There’s a girl I always used to see on a walk I go on. It’s a really picturesque walk in the city next to a couple of the main parks and the river.
We saw each other that much we started to talk and ended up walking together a few times.
She is just over 10 years younger than me.
We became very close friends after a while went out a few times together and Introduced each other to our other friends.
We became so close we would call each other all the time to talk about our day and get advice for things etc..
Nothing ever happened sexual wise. We never kissed or anything like that or ever really spoke about anything like that. She is very cute though. Quite a bit shorter than me and extremely attractive.
She wears really cute clothes with childish dresses etc.. Like with cartoons etc and really soft colours like a baby would wear. I really loved the way she dressed.

One day we got into a bit of an argument. I think we had both caught each other at a really bad time. I was in bad mood for a whatever reason and she was feeling quite emotional.
I had just been to the shop to buy some things for my 1 year old niece that my sister told me to get for her.
Just a few baby things. Wet wipes, nappy rash cream and a new dummy (pacifier) which I had in a backpack. After that I had arranged to meet her to go on one of our walks.
We were in one of the parks on a bench we sat on all the time. We found a few spots where no one ever went to. You can still see other people from there but no one really noticed us. It was a bit high up so you are looking down at people on the main path through trees and bushes.
She was upset about an argument she had had with a friend and was telling me about it and I started to have a go at her, for someone reason taking her friends side and called her selfish and was getting a bit angry with her. I don’t know why because I didn’t mean what I was saying but I was so pissed off that day.
I guess because we became so close we did take things out on each other sometimes.
This day was different. I think I was quite mean the way I spoke to her.
I swore a little when I called her selfish and her eyes started to well up a little then she started to cry with her head in her hands.
I felt so bad. I couldn’t believe I made her feel like that.
Immediately I was apologising and I had my arm around her comforting her saying “I’m so sorry sweetheart, I didnt mean it”
I put my hand on her head and pulled in towards me a little as I kissed her on her cheek to comfort her, then almost without realising I pulled her onto my lap to hold her close to me. Kind of a natural reaction. I just wanted to hold her to stop her from crying.
She was crying as I held her on my lap like a baby and as I was rocking her.
Because I was thinking of how to comfort her I realised I had the stuff in my bag which was next to me.
I guess because she was so much younger than me and because of the way she dressed I kind of thought of her as a babygirl.
I took out the dummy managing to open in with one hand while I was still holding her and I softly put it in her mouth while she was still crying.
I held it there with two fingers so she couldn’t spit it out and until she started to suck on it then she started to calm down a little as she was sucking. I was holding her tight rocking slightly saying “it’s ok sweetheart, don’t cry” she quickly calmed down and stopped crying.
She was looking straight up at me and I was looking at her. She had stopped crying but still had some tears in her eyes glistening slightly.
I softly wiped the tears and she kind of grabbed hold of me almost like she didn’t want me to stop or like she approved of what I was doing. She kind of groaned slightly too, in a good way.
She looked amazing. The dummy was a clear see through one, with a pink cartoon type thing in the middle. Don’t rememeber what it was but with the clothes she wore she just looked so cute and sexy.
As I was holding her looking into her eyes while she was sucking the dummy I started to rub her legs ever so gently. “It’s ok babygirl” I said while I was caressing her. I had never called her that before but it felt so right.
She seemed so comforted and content while I was holding her and softly rubbing her legs.
Then she slowly pulled my hand to her pussy. Her legs where up on the bench because I had her cradled like a baby so she kind of forced my hand in there between her legs.
She was so wet I could feel it through her cute jog pants she was wearing. In fact as I looked it was so obvious to look at too. She was soaking down there.
I started to get hard and I knew she could feel it because she was on my lap.
I started to rub it slowly. She groaned and closed her eyes.
“Do you like that babygirl”
She just nodded her head with her eyes still shut. Now she was sucking the dummy like a baby. It was going in and out with that sucking noise.
After a while I slowly put my hand into her pants and slipped my middle finger inside her. She was so wet it was unreal. I slowly started to put my finger deep inside.
She put her hand on top of mine pushing it in every time I went in and out. She was controlling how fast I went and started getting me to go faster. She was moaning so much and sounded so sexy.
She was groaning softly and she started to mutter the words daddy but gently like she was embarrassed to say it. I could kind of tell that was she was saying ever so gently while she was groaning.
Now I was as hard as I’ve ever been and she was making small movements grinding against my penis.
I felt like I was gonna explode in my pants.
I couldn’t control my urge anymore so I pulled my hand out and sat her up so she was on my knee facing me pulled her panties down and got my rock hard cock out through my zipper and lifted her onto it slowly lowering her onto my dick.
She wrapped her arms around me tight to hold me and said softly in my ear and through her dummy “please fuck me daddy”
I immediately started to thrust and she started to grind. We speeded up almost straight away and before we knew it I was fucking her on the park bench while I was holding her sucking her dummy.
She had her head resting on my shoulder facing me and holding me so tight, saying Daddy over and over and I couldn’t fight it anymore, I exploded inside of her. It felt so amazing. “Cum inside me daddy” she was whispering as I was thrusting so hard and cumming inside of her. I couldn’t help groaning as I was cumming and she was groaning too. At this point people where looking up because they could hear the noise but I couldn’t help myself. Then as I finished the last drop and slowed down to a halt, both of us breathing so hard we just held each other tight. I looked down at her to the side into her eyes. I took her dummy out and kissed her. It was our first kiss. We kissed for what felt like hours but was probably about a minute then I put her dummy back in and we sat like that for a while. As I started to go soft I pulled out my penis and we both pulled up our pants.
Afterwards we didn’t really say anything we just carried on our walk as we held hands and I guess neither of us cared what anyone thought because we could have easily got caught while we were on the bench and she carried on sucking her dummy as we walked in public and her pants where soaking wet almost like she had wet herself.
A few people did a bit of a double take looking at us as we were walking but I didn’t care. It felt so good to be walking with my babygirl and she just looked so f¥čking sexy sucking her dummy.

Daddy, babygirl and new sister (part 1)

Me and my babygirl where on holiday in Spain.
We had a coach journey booked which was a 10 hour trip to some amazing caves and volcanos.
When we arrived to the location where we would be setting off from luckily there weren’t that many people., but it was a big luxury coach, so plenty of room for everyone.
We got on the coach and headed to near the back, As we sat down to get comfy, one other girl headed near us, kind of next to us but further back because of how the seats were laid out.
Just like us, was wearing bikini/summer clothes, a swim costume with just a white t shirt over it. another gorgeous brunette just like my babygirl. Almost the same as what my babygirl was wearing, except the colour of the t-shirt. My girl was in a thin white and yellow striped dress that covered her whole swim costume just about.
We were going to be swimming, and it was so hot everyone was wearing the same kind of thing.

There was Spanish music playing on the journey, not too loud, just nice and every now and again the driver would speak into a microphone to point out landmarks.
About three hours into the journey, two before out big stop my babygirl was getting a little horny.
I had my hand on her thigh just gently and lovingly rubbing her leg and thigh.
She said to me in a quiet voice “you’re making me so wet daddy” and looked at me.
I looked straight back, smiled and kissed her on the lips.
She embraced the kiss so sexy, lifting her head up to kiss me back, then sucking on my tongue.
Then she leaned into me to rest on my shoulder as I carried on caressing her leg.
About 10 minutes later she said “seriously, im so horny”
“shall i stop baby” I asked, “no, please dont” she replied.
“what do you want me to do then baby” I asked
“I need you to suck on my nipples daddy”
She loves to breastfeed her daddy, and she knows how much I love it too.
She went to move to the window seat where I was sat so the other girl could see, but I told her not to. “no baby, stay there” “but..” soon as she said that I knew what she would say.
“Its ok sweetheart, you’re gonna stay there ok” I said, in a reassuring way.
I think she knew why.
For the whole journey we had been kissing and touching each other. We always do and I had spotted the girl watching us a few times.
She was sat on the window side too but could still see us just about.
I put my hand up my babygirls shirt and under her bikini and started to very gently caress and squeeze her nipple, slowly rolling her nipple in my fingers.
At the same time I would gently kiss her on her cheek, on her forehead and her gorgeous lips.
She groaned ever so softly, and started to breathe a little louder.
“mmmm daddy” she would say every now and again"
“that’s a good girl” I would reply whispering in her ear.
I could see the other girl could see what was happening.
Then i told her to take her dress off, it easily slipped over her head.
So she did.
One of her breasts was out and I moved the bikini so both where out.
Her nipples where already both hard.
Then I got on my knees in front of her, there was just about enough room, and I started to kiss and lick her breasts.
My baby was about to turn to see if the girl could see or not but before she did I said “its ok baby, just relax”
And then I put her nipple in my mouth and started to suckle.
That’s when she closed her eyes and groaned again.
With my hands I would gently squeeze both breasts and then move the other breast, her left.
As I did I looked over to see the girl watching with her hand down her bikini bottoms.
She wasn’t even hiding the fact.
I carried on looking as I suckled on my babygirl and as she watched I could see her hand in her bikini rubbing slowly.
Then I stopped suckling momentarily and with my index finger gestured her to come here.
I still hand my other hand on my babygirls breast squeezing her nipple as I did.
The girl stopped rubbing, looked at me, then I gestured with my head to come over smiling, reassuring her it was ok.
She moved her bag onto the floor that was next to her and came over.
She came quite quickly, I think to not draw attention and to not be seen.
Straight away I said get on your knees.
I moved up a bit.
My babygirl opened her eyes and just smiled as she was in a bit of a horny haze because of how having her nipples suckled made her feel.
Then I said quietly “do you want to suckle”
She looked at my babygirl as she was smiling back also softly biting her lip, and she just nodded back.
I lead the way and started to suckle, and she immediately put her lips on my babies other nipple and started to suck.
My baby then started to squirm a little more than she already was.
Closing her eyes and breathing even more heavily.
She then looked at the girl, and as the girl was suckling she looked back.
My baby was looking her straight in the eye, again she did that sexy bite of the lip and then the girl quickly moved in for a kiss.
They immediately started to kiss very passionately.
Then my babygirl put her hand gently on her head/cheek and moved her gently towards me.
She was a bit more nervous and hesitant but she moved in and I kissed her very gently on the lips.
“it’s ok” I said, “you can kiss me too” then she moved in for another kiss, this time a bit more passionately.
Then I started to take my babygirls swimsuit panties down.
They were warm and wet and there was a glisten in my babies pussy.
Then I started to kiss her thighs moving closer to her pussy, but before I did then I looked at the girl. She then started doing the same thing. kissing her thighs and almost getting to her pussy but then stopping, almost like she was waiting for me to show her what to do.
Then I put my mouth on my babies pussy and started to taste all her juices.
Putting my tongue inside her.
My baby would grab my head as I did, the with my tongue I started to put pressure on her clit and massage keeping the weight on like I know she loves, at the same time showing the girl what to do.
As I did my baby must have known the girl wanted to try, so she moved my head away and was staring at the girl.
The girl moved straight in and started doing exactly what I was doing.
As she did I kissed my baby girl so she could taste what I had tasted.
Then I started to suckle her breast again.
Now my babygirl was breathing so heavily I knew she would cum quite fast.
The girl was loving it and was feeling her other breast as she carried on massaging my babies clit with her tongue and my baby was holding her head.
Then She started to shake,
“oh my god… oh my god” she whispered, but whispered quite loud.
And right then she started to shake vigorously.
“that’s a good girl” i said, “cum for daddy”, She loves when I say that. And she opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled as I said it. Then closed them again as she was still having an orgasm then she moved the girls head away because it was getting too much.
She looked at her and smiled, and the girl spoke for the first time in a very sexy Spanish accent.
“you taste perfect” she said smiling at her, then they kissed again.
I sat back down on my seat as they were kissing, then she kissed me and said “I want to be your babygirl aswell”
My babygirl smiled at us both. I could tell she wanted it as much and that moment was when my babygirl had found a babygirl sister.

My babygirl’s new sister (part 2)

When we got to our destination, we had already chatted and got to know eachother.
We all got on so well. It was all so natural. She had a great sense of humour just like us. A little sarcastic, a little childish but very intelligent.
We got off the coach and waited to be told where to go.
It wasnt a tour, we were just given directions for diferent caves etc.. nothing extreme or dangerous, and there were gorgeous pools of water everywhere you could swim in.
We headed straight to one of the caves.
The conversation went straight back to sex as we were walking in. There were so many hiding places and private spots, I think we all knew what would happen.
The spanish girl said to my baby girl, “can I taste your daddies cock”
She said “hes your daddy now too remember” and she stopped me in my tracks to take my dick out.
At this point my babygirl was taking control.
She first got on her knees while holding the spanish girls hand and she followed her lead and also got on her knees.
My baby looked up at me as she slowly put it in her mouth, usually she woud get me hard so fast, but she wanted to share, so as it started to get semi hard, she took it out of her mouth and looked at teh spanish girl.
“its ok” in her soft sweet voice she said, “go ahead”
Then the spanish girl looked at me and very shy put it in her mouth.
As she did she looked at my babygirl, and my babygirl smiled and said “mmmm” “i love that” and then the spanish girl knew it was ok, looked back at me and started to put it in deep as my cock quickly went fully hard.
She choked ever so slighty, and then started to move her head back and forward holding on to my ass as she did.
I was gently holding her head, caressing her head and hair.
With my other hand doing the same to my babygirl.
My babygirl then grabbed her hair and started to move her head more vigorously.
The spanish girl groaned, as did i because she was shoving her head and my cock to the back of her throat.
It felt so good, and seeing my babygirl loving it so much and starting to dominate was so amazing.
Then she started to do it harder and faster, grabbing her hair completely taking control. The spanish girl just groaning and moaning, slightly choking every now and again. The sound of her lips and throat slapping on my cock, with a little saliva coming out her mouth.
She then pulled her head away and pulled her head towards her and kissed her, so dominant and passionate licking her saliva.
Then to take control I moved her to face away from me and bent her over.
Straight away my baby said “put it in her ass” “i want to taste her asshole” So i slowly started to put my cock in her ass.
I didnt want to hurt her so I was very gentle. Just puting the tip in first getting her used to it and then slowly putting myself inside her a little more at a time. 
Then my babygirl stood in front of her and pulled down her bikini bottoms and shoved her pussy in her mouth.
Now she had my cock in all the way inside her and she was tasting my babies pussy.
I then started to thrust in and out. Still gently. I could tell it was her first time so I just slowly thrusted in and out, judging her reaction to know what felt good at what was a little uncomfortable.
Then when she got a little more used to it I started to thrust harder and faster.
My babygirl was grabbing her head and thrusting her pussy againsy her mouth.
She had her eyes closed groaning.
Then After I started pounding her ass a little I stopped, took my cock out and said “come here baby” my babygirl opened her eyes and came over, “get on your knees” I said, and then I put my cock straight in my babygirls mouth.
“i want you to taste your sister” I said as I started to shove my cock all the way in and out while holding her hair.
Then the spanish girl was on her knees, she wanted it so bad too, she wanted to taste. 
I put it in her mouth next and did exactly the same.
Then as they were taking it turns putting my cock all the way in they started to kiss. They both were in a frenzy, they wanted to taste eachother so bad.
I immediately bent my babygirl over and put my cock in her ass.
This time not gently, I knew how hard she wanted it.
I stated to fuck her hard.
Again taking it out so the spansih girl could taste this time.
They couldnt get enough.
At this point I was so turned on I knew I was ready to explode so i picked up my babygirl in my arms and put my cock indide her wet pussy. It slid right in, she was soaking and then my babygirl started to bounce up and down as I was holding her.
“are you going to cum daddy” she said, “i am” I said breathing heavily. and she started to bounce up and down harder and faster holding on to my sholders as I held her and then I closed my eyes and I could feel it.
Deep in my babygirl I was cumming so hard. She was kissing me, lips almost locked as I cum and the spanish girl was watching on the floor vigorously massaging her clit as I was cumming inside my babygirl.
“oh my god” i whispered in a deep breath. It felt amazing.
And then as I started to slow down my baby held on to my so tight, and I held her back.
Then she looked at the spanish girl, she smiled as she was rubbing herself and was cumming at the same time. 
I looked at her smiling too, and out of breath.
I put my babygirl down and leant down and kissed her.
“thats a good girl” I said and then my baby came and sat next to her smling and kissed her too. The spanish girl was breathing heavily too as they kissed.
I sat on the other side of her and then my baby said to her.
“Will you be my sister”
She immidiately said “yes” in a loud whisper “yes i want that so bad” and then they kissed again.
Then she looked at me and said “are you my daddy”
“I’m your daddy” i replied smiling and then she kissed me.
It was at this point we knew we should probaby make ourselves look presentable before someone comes, or we leave to go to another area. We spent the whole trip together before heading back on the coach to start our lives together.

Reported to the police

Luckily this pervert has been reported so he can't abuse any other woman. He has threatened rape and death to the victim after finding out this reason. But hopefully something will be done about it, soon. The sick fuck is still relentlessly posting ads, obviously trying to ensnare other women into his catfishing trap.

File:More creepy.png
Yet another creepy screenshot

Update: Christian has now resorted to threatening violence towards the victim and her father, sending her love letters and loitering around outside her house. Update: Christian's real name is James and he has been taking the identity of a guy named Christian Gilbart.

The Victim

The idiot in question, kept anonymous by this black bar and cat snapchat filter.
In a way I'm glad it happened. So that we can nip it in the bud and make sure it happens to no other girls


—[The Victim]

A dumb idiot.


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