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Chateau Heartiste (Formerly known as "Roissy in D.C." and "Citizen Renegade", Powerword: James C. Weidmann) is a middle-aged pedophile with yellow fever and "manosphere" blogger recently fired by FINRA.

Roissy as drawn by smarter feminists who punked him.

General Worldview and Overall Faggotry[edit]

Roissy is a PUA/game blogger who enjoys particular popularity among HBD/alt right circles. As the aforementioned scenes are infested with nerds, aspies, social rejects and lunatics, Roissy's brand of posturing over sexuality and female behavior, ultimately a combination of wry (yet unoriginal) observations of human nature and autistic social theorizing appeals greatly to them, with his blog entries regularly garnering hundreds of gleeful, satiating comments within a day. Like countless other PUAs, Roissy is a hyper-promiscuous, sexually deviant sociopath, (Hahaha, just kidding, this guy isn't getting any ass) with his writings openly extolling the virtues of anal sex, beating women, and fucking teenagers, all delivered in an incredibly sacrosanct, flamboyant writing style that comes across as indistinguishable from any deeply narcissistic faggot who loves nothing more than to hear himself talk. Particular lulz result when different subgroups of Roissy's readership -- misogynistic incels who are Indians or Muslims, and misogynistic incels who are white racists -- inadvertently intermingle and wander into one another's sites.

Another source of lulz: incel faggot Roissy's Archive today-ico.png attempts to describe female genitalia.

Roissy's Doxing and Downfall[edit]

Despite congratulating himself routinely on his purportedly high IQ and mastery over teh females, Roissy managed to get doxed by an insane feminist named -- really -- "Lady Raine." To be fair, she had help: Under his IRL name, Roissy idiotically agreed to be quoted in Globe and Mail piece on "PUA" culture, where he could not help but spout the same masturbatory, deluded rationales and turns of phrase published under his pseudonym. Oops!


It is a fact of life that young girls who have developed secondary sexual characteristics are desired by men of all ages, even 90 year olds. And these exquisite nymphets, in turn, desire older men for their power.



James C. Weidmann, March 2008

[A] part of me feels not just pity, but even tender admiration, for young Hitler’s romantic idealism, so pure of thought and intention. This was a Hitler, however misguided, who denied a cynical world its tribute in parcels of his uncorrupted soul. How might things have turned out differently had a strong male presence — an alpha male mentor — shown him the way to fulfill his burning desire? Or at least told him to stop acting like a tool.



—Jew James C. Weidmann, revealing his ultimate fetish

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