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I think Cheese1997 is a pretty cool gal. esH rapes cartoons and doesn't afraid of anything


A cooler guy then you.

Most likely will die alone.
At least you're not this ugly.

Cheese1997 is a 22-year-old girl that wears fucking earrings, and is the aggressive cancer that has already killed DeviantArt and seems to be consuming what's left of its body, leaving nothing but a terrifying blob of tumorous masses (though it's hard to tell the difference). She has received over 45,000 pageviews by horribly raping children's cartoon shows, such as Ouran High School Host Club and Invader Zim. Ungrateful bitch, if not for this article she wouldn't be where she is today. She's not to be trusted.

Much to the chagrin of Nickelodeon, her art is all the same, depicting the same Invader Zim character with his gigantic fucking head.

It should also be noted her name is a ripoff of an AIDS-infected supermonster who desperately needs Ritalin from the cartoon Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. She most likely chose this name because her friends are imaginary, but more probably because the character she stole it from is a goddamn lunatic, much like her.


Unfortunately, this didn't happen IRL.

If Cheese1997 didn't spawn from some anal fungus blob, her parents would be the greatest trolls that ever lived, because no two people could be so inconsiderate as to fuck, produce a child that is such a fucktard, and permit it to live. Alternatively, she could be a test tube baby, in which case the scientist who made her is the greatest troll. Either way, DA was fucked as soon as she joined. As soon as her pictures were favourited, that gave her giant ego the boost it needed to produce more uncropped abominations.

70% of the artwork that followed was retarded corruptions of the cartoon Invader Zim. A further 20% are pictures of her, either crying or cutting herself (SRSLY) and the remaining 10% is unadulterated crap. Most of her fans have long since evaporated since Anonymous (and ED) buttfucked the shit out of her comments section. If you contributed to said anal ravishment, you are a pretty cool guy. These Anonymous and EDiots soon exposed the truth behind her art, and befoar long it was revealed that 60% of her artwork was stolen from Google, and staring at her pictures for too long will kill the majority of your braincells. (I'm not just making these statistics up you know.) Cheese1997 is probably poor, as she can afford paint (probably finds it in an alley), but she can't afford an operating system that has Microsoft Paint.

Paint NOT ms paint since i don't have that


— Cheese1997

Because you know, saying you report rule breakers, then stealing all your art off Google is really original, isn't it? What ensued was a lulzy six-month campaign, whereby eventually Cheese gave up trying and presumably an heroed. But according to some, she's still trying (see here).

The Gallery of Crop Fail[edit]

Gallery of Butthurt and Theft[edit]

But don't worry guys, it's all right to be a talentless hack. Sure, your art may be pathetic crap that even a /b/tard surpass (see frustration), but there are still other methods. You know, googleing pics and clusterfucking them together is fine too, but apparently, you fail at that as well.

Gallery of thief About missing Pics
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Acts of asshatery[edit]


Inspirational Art About missing Pics
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Cheese tries to invade ED and rip down her article. 2 things lulzy here. 1. She only messed up the coding of her Quotes section. 2. Regina is the name of her favorite character from a stupid movie called Mean Girls.
Cheese1997's reaction to this article.

Cheese and her asskissing sycophant brigade tried to erase this article, resulting in much lulz as they had obviously never heard of reverts. Then the main operator of this article showed up and waged edit wars with her and her retarded watchers, causing the whole article to prolapse. HappyMeal showed up and restored the article to its full glory. He now is constantly patrolling it, just in case. Also, remember to contribute to the emo pussybitch's page and score some easy lulz:Kittyfan10.

Did you know?[edit]

Cheese can't stand art drawn with MS Paint.
Epic lulz

Cheese is a fucking hypocrite?



The best thing you can do for the Internet (and will probably be the high point of your life) is to become an insensitive fuck and go spamhappy on Cheese' profile. As with all lolcows, lulz are bound to be unleashed. If you possess some uber hacking skills, you may want to take it upon yourself to spam Tubgirl and meatspin all over her profile, because nothing traumatizes a retard moar then a tranny being analled. If you do this, you are a fucking Internet saint, and I will actually suck your cock (no kidding).

Alternatively, if you aren't that much of a dickhead, you could just offer constructive criticism of her art. See the gallery below to see what would happen if you did.

Lulz Journals[edit]

Journal of Lulz About missing Pics
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The Ass Kiss Brigade[edit]

Surprisingly (very surprisingly), Cheese has friends who are willing to back her up despite knowing they'll get fucked for it. Much moar likely however, these three will probably need to buy kneepads soon, because fellating a stranger's e-penis can get tiresome very quickly.


Much moar likely a virginal 40-year-old Uncyclopedian than a 13-year-old girl. As you can see from the totally wacky exhibit on the left, Biohazard is probably going to abduct Cheese1997 in the future, because like all Uncyclopedians, he can't get any pussy his own age. Word to the wise, Cheese, don't trust anyone on the Internet.


Kibasstoryofagirl is fucking crazy, and I mean ALL CAPS FUCKING CRAZY. You do not want to piss her off. Probably the biggest cock sucker of them all, she will rage on you if you say anything remotely unflattering to Cheese on the Internet. But of course, textual based comments don't compare to guns. So feel free to do as you please.


InvaderGeniji2 is apparently Cheese1997's BFF, but instead she just licks Cheese's flabby ass (fuck me, I gave myself a boner). She threatens to leave DA as much as her butthurt assmaster does. This would actually be pretty awesome, as the clusterfuck of art that is known as DA would be slightly cleansed.


It's been discovered that kibasstoryofagirl is bipolar.
...It's beautiful...

Mere weeks after this article was posted, multiple Anons flamed the living shit out of Cheese's page, trolling varying from harsh truths to just DESUDESUDESUDESUDESU. After a paltry couple of days of being trolled, Cheese's activity on deviantART seemed to decline. Could she have finally left? Anons are still patrolling the area.

Update 06/17/2008

Cheese has now been offline for over nine weeks and five days. Check out her page for some funny comments from concerned friends and trolls, and from a friend of a cousin who hates her. Good to see she fails IRL too.

Cheese will be officially pronounced dead when her counter hits 10 weeks. AKA June 19th, 2008

All we can do now is wait. Wait, and pray.

Update 06/18/2008

Counter hit 10 weeks, bitch is dead.

Update 07/03/2008


Bitch is alive. Fuck. Ah well, at least we'll be able to milk this lolcow a little moar.

Update 07/04/2008
Cheese is assumed to still be dead, as she has not updated anything. She will remain dead until a new journal or picture is submitted. But, if she is IRL permabanned, we will LOL (and we did it for the lulz).

Update 01/03/2009
Offline for 26w 1d 9h 11m 26s

Offline for just over half a year, she's dead, or just escaped to an alt nobody has found yet.

Update 03/07/2009
Offline for 35w


Update 06/23/2009
Offline for 50w

And still getting comments. 'Tis a wondrous thing.

Update 11/28/2009
Offline 73w.


Update 04/11/2010
Offline 92w

Still getting flames and spam.

Update 08/04/2011
Offline 161w

Pushing up daisies

Update 03/22/2014
Offline 298w

Beyond dead. Is there even a word stronger than dead? Eternally vanquished. Yep, that's her.

Update 12/26/2014
Offline 338w

Sad trombone.

Update 02/08/2016
Offline 396w

You may think it's time to stop updating this, but we must always remain vigilant.

Update 02/03/2018
Offline 500w

Update 06/22/2018
Offline 520w

Update 11/22/2018
Offline 541w

Update 6/18/2019
Offline 571 w


It should be noted this section took a giant clusterfuck of effort to produce. Certain EDiots have been dedicated into researching wherever Cheese1997 might troll the Internet. You can do your part by either:
  • a) Leaving this section the fuck alone
  • b) Adding research to this section

It seems Cheese thought it would be super clever to make a new account! Her new account name is Racoonlover LULZ B&.

(It should be noted that she spelled raccoon wrong. Funny for someone who spells so well.)





UPDATE: Cheese has been banned. Again. Probably for the last time, but who knows? DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

HOLYSHIT BACK AGAIN?: It appears once again Cheese has returned and is once again drawing shitastic art. Her new username is Przeslzo, whatever the hell that means.

She still uses the ever successful "no pupils + no talent + MS paint = FAIL equation."

Oh, and also it appears she is attempting to look hardcore by claiming to like things such as Edgar Alan Poe, Nirvana, Stephen King, and of course The Nightmare Before Christmas.

WTF, BITCH?!: It seems like she made another account for her "photography," called Chartreuse-Dryad. (By photography, she means pictures of nothing anyone cares about, and her being her faggy fat self, occasionally with her equally faggy, but not as fat, weaboo friends.)

Link to teh FAIL: [1]

MOAR FAGGOTRY: She It (yet again) has made another account.[2] QUICK SPAM HER BEFORE IT RUNS AWAY!!!!!

Help ED and help us all by spamming cocks over her page. Do it faggot. This is still fun, but seemingly pointless as she has been offline for over a year. With any luck she's actually fucking dead this time.

WELL, DAMN!: Last visit, six weeks ago, as of September fourteenth, 2011. She's still here, folks, just keeping quiet.

Prophets of Truth[edit]

Many lulz worthy comments have been posted on Cheese's front page since the making of her article.




Terrible ---work, just makes me want to blow my brains out with repeated pellet gun shots while scratching an itch on my throat with a meat grinder, absolutely terrible, like eye rape.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is WINNAR



I'm extremely scared.



Wow...your stuff is worse than mine! Fuck that's scary.


—A nigger

OH MY GOD. what is this.



So not everything ED says is true; you're even worse :O




.....This gallery is frightening.Start using a pen and pencil with your works,as well as Photoshop.I couldn't tell what the hell I was looking at throughout your gallery.



High school Musical sucks almost as much as your art. Maybe more.


iamangery eyes fucking burn.



.....My brain.

It hath exploded.

...Goddamn you, stupid child, my eyes are fucking BURNING now.




Your Art (If your could call it that) sucks. I know why you steal photos now. Looking at your so called "art" made me want to put out a cigarette in my eyes and then squeeze a lemon into them. Hopefully I would have not seen your "art" but what has been seen cannot be unseen and I want to go An Hero. Please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD actually quit da befor you ruin the meaning of art all together



Absolute fear. I'm scared for life now. I think I'll need therapy.



This is paintwork. It's made from fail and aids



Please...for the sake of my weak health, which I blame entirely on you for such horrific works (I refuse to call this "art"), please just stop until you can actually make a decent picture that is outside of generic paint program. Currently, the paint and lack of cropping make all of your works look like a trainwreck. It's really not that hard, so just stop. Besides, aren't you a little young to be on the tubes?



ok, srsly.


What astounds me is that your parent(s) actually let you submit these abominations on the Internet, AND THAT SHIT STAYS THERE FOREVER! I hope they get thrown in jail for abusing the Internet with such a powerful wepon known as there childs artwork.

After seeing this, I want to self-pwn myself, I cannot un-see this shit EVAR! And do you know what? you made Jesus cry, that's right, JESUS! Can you see those tears welling up in his eyes, its because of you bitch, YOU GODDAMN ASSWIPE!

What the hell were you thinking when you hit the submit button? Did you think people actually like this shit? You have destroyed what little hope I had left for humanity with your shitty drawings and your absolute fail at living. LEARN TO GODDAMN DRAW MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Your the reason why I don't want to have children, there's a risk they could be as fucked up as you and destroy my life. You know what, fuck this im getting surgery done so there will never be that 0.1% chance of having kids EVAR!

I am absolutely terrified by your submissions to DA and clearly your a waste of there server space, please, get a match, light it up, throw it on something flammable, wait for the fire to get to a large enough scale, jump in it.

And most importantly, GTFO THE INTERNET!!!11


LulzMachine9000 trolling cheese's new account

It should be noted that RedAlert52, AtomicKitten254, and Karax112 are all chicken shit little 12-year-old girls who only started trolling Cheese once they thought she was dead. Judging from their deviations and their behavior, they deserve to be trolled as badly as she does.

Some Internet fags have tried calling her a Necro Guro. Did not work out too good.


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  • Deviantart-favicon.png weed97 - OMG GAISE I"M SO HARDCORE ;_;
  • Deviantart-favicon.png chartreuse-dryad - This time pixplz.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png przeszlo - And this time more emo than before.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png cheese1997supporter - Probably Cheese being shittier than ever by being her own fantard.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Invader-lola13 - Might be a troll. Feel free to lurk moar to find out otherwise.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png TheGirlLOvesCats - Probably not Cheese, but just as retarded.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png ember1997 - This might be Cheese, it has enough Happy Tree Friends and emo shit to possibly be connected to Cheese. Also the use of :3 emote.

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