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Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff

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Disclaimer and Notice: The mission of Encyclopedia Dramatica is to document the lulz, and does NOT plan or coordinate raids by Anonymous. (Of course, we laugh at them anyways.)
This page documents an attack launched by Anonymous against a set of webservers in the wake of comments made by the filicidal feminist mom.
Seelhoff (right) with one of her victims.
All your base are belong to us. Anonymous striking at the heart of the Feminazi beast.

I do not propose a black tax because blacks are incarcerated in larger percentages than whites. I propose a black tax because blacks commit more violence than whites on average, and yet whites must pay, financially and in all sorts of ways, for the consequences of this violence anyway. Are all blacks violent? Heck no! And thank god for that. But blacks are, in fact, statistically are more violent than whites.


—Cheryl Lyndsey Seelhoff as a Southern Senator in a past life

Cheryl Lyndsey Seelhoff, known in feminist circles as Heart, is a 55 year old radical feminist woman. Prior to her divorce a few years ago, she was a Quiverfull, which apparently means that all types of birth control, including the rhythm method, were out. After giving birth to 11 kids, she blamed her husband for this situation, divorced him, and became a radical feminist. She claims to have been very active in home schooling magazines and feminist media, and this fact can be verified by viewing her self-composed deleted Wikipedia article. Despite her heterosexual past, she identifies herself as a "political lesbian" because she desperately needs to be recognized as a pariah. She claims that black women oppress her because Seelhoff is a white "race traitor" because she had a series of black husbands who abused her. She regularly compares herself to Nicole Simpson.

In July 2007, a female moderator on Seelhoff's WomensSpace forums known as BitingBeaver started a thread about how she wishes she had aborted her teenage child because he was looking at pornography. When this insane thread was discovered by a female member of the SA forums, it sparked a lengthy discussion over there as well, and several trolls from SA visited WomensSpace to reply to BitingBeaver. This thread was eventually deleted by Seelhoff. In an effort to portray herself as a sympathetic victim, she reprinted threats issued by the trolls in a blog post, but completely ignored the larger issue of BitingBeaver's treatment of her children. She claimed she had the IP addresses of everyone who had threatened her and would be contacting the authorities. So far, no arrests have been made.

Outraged, Anonymous launched a fullscale raid on her website, forums, her personal website, and the website of her presidential campaign ticket. Within days, excessive bandwidth across the board for completely unrelated reasons caused them all to be taken down. She addressed these attacks on her new wordpress blog post, Blogging While Female. Men Win. Hacking As Sexual Terrorism, and refused to allow any comments that did not support her views, as well as any mention of BitingBeaver

In a bit of irony, a year before the attacks, Seelhoff utilized ED's RFJason CL Experiment article. She claimed that the experiment, revealing what sort of creeps would answer personals on craigslist, actually reveals The Truth About Men.(OH NOZ, password plz)

Filicidal Feminist[edit]

Biting Beaver in her natural habitat, stalking her own son with a sharpened coat hanger.
Main article: BitingBeaver

Perhaps the most famous of the mindless wimmin drones, a woman known as BitingBeaver made a series of outrageous posts on Seelhoff's forums about how her teenage son hit puberty and began looking at online pornography as early as the age of 13, completely losing touch with the feminist propaganda that he had been indoctrinated with since birth. His porn surfing habits were a source of outrage, and she regrets not getting an abortion. These posts and a "Find Brandon" campaign were launched by Anonymous after hearing about this and other extremist plans for BitingBeaver's three sons on her blog.

At the time this page is being written, it is unknown if Anonymous has found Brandon and liberated him, but when asked about the matter, they responded simply, "We'll keep fighting. And we'll win!"

Actual Quotes From The Heart[edit]

"And I just have to say, Heronite and Anonymom, you wimmin haven't LIVED until you've attended a homeschooling workshop in which most of the women are not wearing any clothes from the waist up!" - Heart, responding to a post from Anonymom on Dec-11-05

You may recall that that Anonymom is the one who said "make me hate myself for not pouring him down the sink at Planned Parenthood or grabbing a rusty coathanger and doing the job myself even if it killed me". They are still hanging out together, and neither one of them have addressed this comment since.

Candidacy for President[edit]

In 2007, Seelhoff announced her candidacy for President of the United States, running on the Free Soil Party ticket. The Free Soil party being a group that failed miserably 150 years ago due to shenanigans. No Free Soil candidate ever won, even when their party was standing for something other than the angry queefs of an epic lolcow. Never mind that as a self-proclaimed anarchist and "conscientious objector" to voting, she has no business running for political office.

An interesting note to her platform ideas is the inclusion of a "man tax". Primarily, the theory focuses on the idea that, since (according to her) half of the taxpayers in the U.S. are women, but men commit "by far" most of the crime. 94 percent of prison inmates were male in 1995. Women pay for male crime with their lives, their bodies, and their tax dollars.

The system of a "man tax" would entail $100 being paid by all men each year when they file tax returns. The money collected via this pogrom would go towards rape relief programs, child support programs, or to identify boys from violent homes in the possible hope of "preventing violent crimes."

What she forgets to mention is that men are also the victims of most crimes, which would make her entire bullshit argument invalid. Not to mention that men already contribute far more to the economy than women. In light of this influx of logic, the Free Soil Party website has been taken down by the Internet Police.

In 2008, Seelhoff created a new blog and wiki outlining her platform. One of the many worthwhile projects she wants to spend taxpayer money on is the funding of research into talking to animals. Seriously.

We're in ur gender, subvertin ur extremeist plans.

Feminist Revolution[edit]

Even though she wishes to run for President, there is undeniable proof that Seelhoff hates freedom, and wants to overthrow the government.

"Well, they were successful. [. . .] If you don’t want this kind of world, then build a new one with me. Women, you have to rise up. You just have to."

Legion: Actions and Reaction[edit]

"I’ll help you make a board where these amateurs couldn’t even get their little toe in the front door. As you probably know, I’ve had boards for time on end and I’ve never been hacked. No one’s even come close. These mutants could mask their ips from now until kingdom come and they still wouldn’t get past square one." Is that so, Luckynkl?

Following the battlecry of "The war effort needs your effort", Anonymous groundtroops began a series of massive assaults against the antics of the feminist extremists, going so far as to call in aid from Amerifags,Eurofags and the Soviet Union. Blogs were identified as possible challengers, websites marked for attack, and individuals who rose up within their community quickly shot down.

Both of Cheryl's domains, as well as the websites of several of her supporters were shut down due to excessive bandwidth usage in the series of raids. Finally giving up, Seelhoff announces her capitulation before the legion:

"Well, they were successful. My site’s down. Harbornet had to remove it because there was too much traffic. They are investigating it. Is this the kind of country you women, or you men, want to live in? Is this the kind of world any of us wants? Where thugs and terrorists determine what a woman is allowed to publish? Where it’s acceptable to post violent rape and murder threats on the internet? Where entire sites are created for the purpose of terrorizing individual women? If you don’t want this kind of world, then build a new one with me. Women, you have to rise up. You just have to."

Anonymous, in response:

"We'll keep fighting! And we'll win!"

The Free Soil Party website succumbed to tomfoolery within 12 hours of these shutdowns. Additionally, BitingBeaver was forced to make her blog invitation only. A series of pivotal victories came in the form of blogs of supporters for Cheryl and Beaver being given lengthy, rational debate, which forced the bloggers to make the majority of their actions private.

Minor Win - Wikipedia[edit]

Anonymous scored a minor victory on August 10, 2007 as Cheryl's Wikipedia entry was deleted. This was likely due to the fact that it was crammed full of bullshit that she probably spent hours writing. This win was more for morale as it was neither started by nor propagated by Anonymous, but simply demoralized the enemy to no end.

The Feminazis are likely to completely flip their shit over this and probably blame it on another DDOS, so watch this spot for more quotes of lulz.

What's left of the original article

Epic Battle Ensues[edit]

At the moment, Anonymous is doing what they usually do; taking down or attacking the following sites by sucking away all of the bandwidth:

"I personally think we should leave them a place to congregate so we can see them all BAWWWWW together. It's like the peephole into a hugbox so we can see them all pathetically pat eachother on the back and say 'It'll be alright, sweetheart. We retreated, but we really won.'" -- Anonymous, on attacking relevant livejournals and blogspots

Reactions From Feminazis[edit]


Does anyone know whether or not that one lovely individual whose IP address everyone recorded ever got a visit from the police? God, I sure hope so - malicious little shit. If I have anything to say about it, he will.


—Ginmar, avowed hater of all things male, on the recent blog comments

Apparently not being a feminazi should be punished with a v&.


—Anonymous, in response to Ginmar

I'm so angry I'm shaking.


—Chloe, providing moar lulz

I hate this crap, I want it to be over and I want to go back to blogging


—"Anon Radfem". By "blogging" she means "castrating teenagers for liking tits".

These are the same types of men who shaved the heads of wymyn at Auschwitz. These are the same types of men who raped wymyn in rape camps in Bosnia. These are the same types of men who thought up the unspeakable crime of FGM.

This is simply another manifestation of the male species’ uncontrollable desire to control wymyn, with any means and at all costs. A man’s mind cannot handle the idea of wymyn beginning the revolution and casting them off. So they set out on campaigns of terror like this to maintain the status quo.

This makes me so angry that I’m crying and shaking as I type this. Wymyn are never free from the violence of the men, it seems, even on the internet. It’s like a classic case of womb-envy… we have the power to create, but they can only destroy and tear down.

But we won’t be torn down. I feel the power of the Goddess in me and in all wymyn. She will give us the strength to fight these evil opppressors and take back what is rightfully ours. Years from now we can tell our daughters that we gave our all to defend our freedom.


—Daughter of Artemis, dymb cynt

How can you be so cold, and so cruel? How, you misogynist pig! Anonymous is clearly a bunch of vile, vile monsters who are ruining these poor wimmyn’s lives!!!!!


—redhot, village idiot

How dare you? How fucking DARE YOU? COWARDS? Come on, come up and tell me to my fucking face that I don’t get an opinion. That I don’t have a right to be heard. You won’t do it, will you? WILL YOU, YOU FUCKING WOMAN-HATING PIECE OF SHIT?


—merlewhitefire, stealin ur memes in one entry, butthurt in the next - also OMG she didn't say wymyn FUCKING TRAITOR

abyss2hope thinks that Anonymous are all murderers and rapists. We think they just love Italian food.

Final Victory[edit]

They see me ridin, they hatin.

On August 8th, 2007, the full identities of BitingBeaver and her abused son Brandon were located, and Anonymous began their last stand in fighting for the freedom of their fallen comrade. It is unknown if they were successful, but rest assured that there will be much lulz when he is located, or he becomes the latest and greatest an hero.

Sauce. Prove it.

Feminists Deny Everything[edit]

Before long, the feminist community got a hold of an article by one Dan Riehls titled Are Some Radical Feminists Child Abusers?. The response to this article was to deny that BB ever said such things, despite the fact that the original post is archived here. Obviously, the feminazis who are undoubtedly reading this page know that it's only a matter of time before Brandon finds out the truth from Anon. Thus, their last desperate measure is to claim that the incriminating thread never existed, in the hope that Brandon doesn't raep his Mom when he finds out.

The comment thread on this is proof that feminists are incapable of rational thought. They have requested that we remove this link. ED requests you accept the facts and gb2/kitchen/. Evidently, they have given up and stopped believing their own delusions, for the writer in question has crossed all claims that BB did not actually write the quotes in question.
  • If you give them the source, they say it was hacked.
  • If you tell them that a DDOS cannot edit posts, they will call you a sockpuppet of Dan Riehls.
  • If you offer the proof again, they will tell you they only accept Dan Riehls himself saying that he verified the source.
  • If you offer proof that he did, in fact, verify the source, they will call you a troll.
  • If you give them screenshots, they will say that Anonymous hacked Google Cache.

Screenshots for BitingBeaver Deniers[edit]

BitingBeaver gallery of screenshots

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