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Police.gif Fact Alert
Chibiyima deleted all of her accounts when she discovered this article.
Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
I don't want my parents to see this.


—Chibiyima, thinking her parents actually give a fuck about her.

Real name Crystal Mae Franks
Nationality American  MiniflagUSA.png
Born January 31, 1990
Residence Asher, Kentucky
DeviantArt Deviantart-favicon.png Super-Smash-Pal
YouTube YouTube Favicon.png KrisTheMew

Chibiyima (Also known as: GenerationStar-EX, SuperStar1990, FantasyMiracle1990, GenesisWonder-GX, ParaParaRevolution90, and Super-Smash-Pal Powerword: Crystal Mae Franks), is a supposedly 29 year old fat asspie tartlet who resides in the shithole of Asher, Kentucky and is so unnaturally addicted to KAWAII DESU, cuntpasting it all over her shitty DeviantART profile, in a desperate attempt to gain attention. When Crystal isn't fingering herself furiously at underage Mpreg, she usually makes journals describing how "depressed" she is and that people should draw her OCs to make her feel better. Crystal also has the tendency to block people on the spot when they troll her, or say or do something that easily offends her. As Chibiyima is a fat autistic hambeast, she will easily be offended by anything you say or do, resulting in an epic shitstorm of lulz and drama.

Crystal is even a total fag for Pokemon, and her life seems to center around it. Of course shes gay and, she hates the Pokemon based on canines, birds of prey and chickens yet says the very canine-like Suicune is a fucking cheetah. When called out on it, she threw a bitch fit and said Bulbapedia was wrong about what kind of animal Suicune represented. It's mostly just shit nobody cares about anyway.

Apparently, Chibiyima has some "imaginary friends" that tell her what to do. Since Chibiyima cannot obtain real-life friends, due to her severe case of Assburgers, she often turns to the internet for entertainment. Her so called "friends" are these shitty drawings on DeviantART she creates with MS paint. What Chibiyima doesn't understand, is that pixels on a computer screen are not your friends and also aren't live beings, but being as dumb as she is, she can't figure that out. Her mother still dresses her and brushes her teeth for her. It shows you that she is a lazy ass woman who will never grow up.


Since Chibiyima has a massive ego, she has even made rules for her shitty group. These rules are completely fucking stupid, and they make absolutely no sense in any way, shape, or form; however, if you say or do something that contradicts these "rules", you're automatically labeled as a "bad person" and will be blocked immediately, due to massive butthurt.

If you look on the right, you can tell that she just DEMANDS for shit her way instead of letting other Aspies doing what they wish and submit it to the group.

Butthurt is Super Effective![edit]

Made an account to protect an ex-friend, failed miserably.

The internet is full of opinions. Lots. Of course, Chibi being the low-IQ hog that she is, doesn't seem to get the fact that nobody gives two shits about her journals. When nobody gives her the attention that she so desires, she whines and cries and pulls the IM DEPRESSED HALP ME card(but even then THOSE journals don't even get comments).

Below is just some of the examples.

I feel a sense of USI here About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

And Chibi even likes giving death threats too if you push her too far:

Your threat is bad and you should feel bad, Chibi!

These Deviants are Tired of her Shit[edit]

Below is a gallery of TARTlets not only showing they got blocked by her, but also expressing in journals about how much of an attention whore Crystal really is.

No more shit, fatty. About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

And this gem:

I highly doubt that.

Below is a recent Skype conversation someone had with her:

Pastebin Bullshit.png

Reaction to this Article[edit]

I'm no longer on DeviantART, but I'm not going to deactivate it. I'm just going out to stay in Facebook, because I was featured in that stupid Encyclopedia Dramatica garbage! I'm leaving here, Bye!


—Chibiyima, claiming she's quitting DeviantART.

I don't want my parents to see this.


—Chibiyima, blanking this article.

I QUIT! I am leaving the internet because of me being featured of that Encyclopedia Dramatica garbage! I'M OUTTA HERE!


—Chibiyima, claiming she's quitting the internet.

Mom! Dad! Help! Cyber-bullies in the internet have surrounded me in my immatureness!


—Chibiyima, crying out for her parents on Twitter.

Now I was featured at Encyclopedia Dramatica, thanks to the bad guys at DeviantART.


—Chibiyima, blaming her faggotry on her fellow tartlets.

When Chibiyima discovered herself on ED, she immediately threw an enormous hissy fit and subsequently created an account in a desperate attempt to remove this article. Her edits were reverted, of course, but she couldn't get through her tiny mind that blanking the article won't get it removed, and will in fact make her look like a bigger fucktard than she already is. Her edits consisted mostly of "I don't want my parents to see this", and "I don't want my parents to find out", amongst other bullshit like that. Eventually, she was banned off of ED and the vandalism stopped. She hasn't created another account since the incident Three years after the incident, she made a second account under the name of Amberchee.

As for her other accounts on DeviantART, Twitter and some other sites, she disabled them for a short period of time, claiming that she was "quitting the internet [because of ED]", only to return a few days later and re-enable all of the previously disabled accounts. As it turns out, she never really "quit the internet", as this was probably a desperate attempt to gain attention from her autistic followers on DeviantART. Below are some examples of this:

EZ knows what they talk about, but Chubbs doesn't even understand.

People know where your Facebook is now, dumb-ass.

Awww! We love you too, Crystal! <333

I doubt your parents give a shit.

The last thing she said before she an heroed her account. Trying to act like her OC.

Her activity on Kiwi Farms[edit]

As if Chibiyima couldn't be lulzy enough, she discovered her thread on Kiwi Farms in April of 2017 and decided to start sperging nonsense on it. Much like SolidMario and other lolcows who went onto the site, she made herself look stupid and autistic. Chibiyima also managed to somehow get the thread up to 114 pages as of March 2019. Despite that, most of her posts on the site are seen as her wanting attention and talking about shit nobody cares about.

Some of Crystal's lulzest moments on KF About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Possible Fuckboys / White Knights[edit]

These are all the people who currently like Chibi's fat rolls.

  • Deviantart-favicon.png AsheandCJthePikachus - Autistic manchild who is 19 years old and hangs around Chubbs for her obsession with Pokemon.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png BlueCatRiolu - Idiot artist who supports another whiner. Once told Chubbs off, but later befriended her again. Sexualizes cat characters including Sagwa.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Darlaltonbearcat - Formerly Deviantart-favicon.png Darlalloons26 Defends Chibi's interests and was once her "boyfriend". Fails to realize Chubbs' shitty behavior.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png joshuax152 - A whiny edgy kid who bitches about how Smugleaf isn't in Smash as a playable character.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Occsters - Blocks anyone who opposes Chibi, and replies in '...' when people tell her what Chubbs did wrong.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png TimzUneeverse - Whiny edgy kid who moans about Family guy and other cartoon
  • Deviantart-favicon.png pokegirlrules - Womanchild and a pedophile artist. Chibiyima finally blocked her after she sees a rant journal about what PokegirlRULES has done. Has her own article.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png matthewdaanimefanboy - Weeaboo manchild who is into anime and draws ms paint cringe
  • Deviantart-favicon.png catfan180 - Another autistic inflation artist who sexualizes Lenny and Carl from The Simpsons.

Former Knights that gave her the big screw you!

  • Deviantart-favicon.png gamerjohn022691 - Once supported Chibi's antics, but now saw through her bullshit.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png harmony--bunny - Discovered Chibi was a Pedophile and an annoyance. Made an epic journal saying how fucked up Chibi is. Blocked her for good when Chubbz copied her Halloween idea.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png superawesomehamtaro - A Hamtaro Fan that gave Chibiyima the big "fuck you".
  • Deviantart-favicon.png dreamingwizard2000 - One of Chibi's former white knights. Blocked her once he found out that Chibi was pretending to be someone else on Discord.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png nixwerld - Flipped her the frog once he found out how many pages her article on KiwiFarms had.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Sorao-Amano - Whiny pedophile who ships Peabody and Sherman as a couple. Flips the frog once she finds out about Chibi's vile behavior.

Chibi's picture on Failbook. It's missing something important.
Now, thats more like it.
Shouldn't you be asking yourself this?

Common Idiocy[edit]

Chibi thinks anyone who opposes her or disagrees with her is a "bad guy". When a badguy is detected, her shitty imaginary friend, Spout warns her of "bad guys". Most of Chibi's reactions are filled with lulz.

Idiot Peanut Gallery About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Her Artwork[edit]

Chubb's choice of artwork is that of the anime genre. They all have bright ass colors and large ass watermarks nobody cares about. Has got a major inflation fetish, and it's seen throughout most of her gallery. Not to mention, she's recently been being a hypocrite by putting her lame ass fetishes on western cartoon characters such as Waylon Smithers from The Simpsons.

Wapanese Throw-up on an old Canvas About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

And to top off this section with a little bonus, her retarded OC's bio:

Why the fuck is this thing five, yet a bisexual? Chris Hansen wants you to take a seat right over there, Chubbs.

Fandoms Chubbs has ruined with her shit[edit]

Even Megaman.EXE wants Chubbs to GTFO

Like any other faggot who shits on a fandom, Chibi has ruined a number of fandoms. You will either see Mpreg pictures of Meta Knight, Spoutman.EXE, Perman or Waylon Smithers barfing. Let alone, Chibi doesn't realize that Perman and Spoutman.EXE are underaged children.

Chibiyima's Hypocrisy and Pride[edit]

Like loads of tards, Chibiyima is a hypocrite. She proclaims she can not speak to boys, yet she speaks to some of her friends that are boys. She claims that her mother won't let her speak to them at all. She will go batshit insane if things do not got her way. Her sheer ignorance failed to realize that the Chris-Chan Parody Account was a parody and not the real deal.She constantly spews phrases such as "I DO WHAT I WANT!" like a toddler or tells a person to "stop commenting".

Chubs fakes depression to earn free art or for sympathy. However, she will happily Roleplay and not be upset one bit.

Worst offender is that Chibi has a shit ton of accounts where she will pretend that she is an OC of her's to get free art.

Crystal is so full of her self as well. To the conceited, Chris-Chan levels. She even glorifies herself and calls herself a furfag. The fact that page of her's has stolen templates from Bulbapedia and the ED. She claims to own a Studio which pretty much shows how desperate Chibi is for attention.


Other examples of her hypocrisy are as follows:

  • She likes stuff like Muppet Babies, The Simpsons and Happy Tree Friends, which are western made, yet bawls all over western franchises like Looney Tunes (specifically the character Bugs Bunny, because of his catchphrase ("Eh, What's Up Doc?"), and Tarzan (in any incarnation, including Disney).
  • Claims to write for kids, yet writes about scat, pee, vomit and other sick stuff.
  • She prefers anything from Japan. Excited that Muppet Babies was animated in Japan by Toei Animation. However, most episodes of cartoon shows are animated in Korea, Philippines, and India.
  • Claims that she'll never use swear words, but calls herself an F-word on her own Wiki.
  • Denies that her alt accounts are hers but is easy to tell when she uses her same rules, mangled grammar or "was" in her profiles or posts.

Chibi's writing and creativity...[edit]

Or lack of. When she isn't busy smearing Meta Knight's poop all over some paper, Chibi writes fanfics. Chubb's choice of writing is script style and random humor. If you call it humor. She claims she writes for kids, when her writing skills are in par with a nine year old. Her fanfics often consists of shitty Crossovers, Fetish shit and failed attempts at random humor. She tends to plagiarize other people's works and claim it as her own. None of her shitty fanfics make sense and screaming "HOLY SPINACH TEETH!" or "HOLY SPONGEBOB!" is funny.

She is prone to stealing and copying people's ideas and works. She has plagiarized a good number of times and denies it. When she confronted about her writing theft, she will toss excuses such as "My friends do it as well!"

Her Roleplaying is far worse and half assed. Same shitty script style with fetishes in the fray. Most of the time, she will do inflation, Mpreg, even face blemish roleplays.

She has done some flashes, but they were pretty shitty. Word has it that her mom yelled at her and told her not to make Scat flashes. Chibi threw a fit.

One of her pen names has "Kamikaze" in it, but with her being a total weeaboo wouldn't know what it means.

Below is an example of one of her fics, called Meta Knight Takes A Dump. Please keep all bleach close by just in case.

Use scrollbar to see the full image


How to Troll Crystal[edit]

Would you let this thing near your Pokémon?

Trolling Crystal's fat ass will be easy. Just hope she doesn't block you right away!

  • Ask Crystal what her favorite rooster or wolf is. Lulz will ensue.
  • Go around deviantART and find lots of rooster and wolf pictures, post them on her profile.
  • Draw her OCs in the incorrect way, tag her in it, wait for reaction.
  • Tell her that Suicune is not a feline, but a canine.
  • Submit mature artwork into her groups.
  • Link her to Kittens, Offended, or the Pain Series
  • Tell her Yu-Gi-Oh! is so much better than Pokemon.
  • Tell her that her parents don't give a fuck about her.
  • Show her pictures of lightning/thunder storms and emergency vehicles such as ambulances, cop cars and fire trucks.
  • Show her pictures of wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes, dogs, chickens, and roosters.
  • Draw her pictures of her favorite characters mpregged/inflated as wolves, foxes, roosters, or chickens.
  • Show her pictures of Bugs Bunny or Tarzan.
  • Show her pictures of gore, pornography, and terrorism.
  • Show her pictures of her favorite characters as Bugs Bunny or Tarzan.
  • Tell her that she can get 14000 DA points if she drew wolves, foxes, canines, roosters, chickens, Tarzan or Bugs Bunny for you.

Notorious Drama Bullshit[edit]


Rant on Chubbz by Ms Magnezone
Chibiyima Rant Update
Chibiyima Rant Part 2
Chibiyima Rant Part 3
Someone plays a shitty hack of Super Mario World Chubbz made

See Also[edit]

...I'm hoping you said no to that question.

External Links[edit]

DeviantArt Accounts[edit]

That's nasty! - Cleveland Brown
I'm-a sad! Draw pictures for me!
Oppressed Chibi is oppressed!
Using the autism card as an excuse to get her way.

Chibiyima has many accounts she's made on DeviantArt. Two of these accounts are her main accounts on there.

Alt Accounts on DeviantArt[edit]

Chibiyima also created a whole shitload of alternate accounts on DeviantArt that she probably won't ever use anyway, so it's a complete waste of fucking time.

FurAffinity Accounts[edit]

Tumblr Accounts[edit]

  • Tumblricon.png kristheamazing - Original Tumblr Account. Deleted.
  • Tumblricon.png smashbrospoweredup - Inactive. Keeps changing her name because of Kiwi Farms. Deleted.
  • Tumblricon.png anti-kiwifarms - Her anti blog for Kiwi Farms, which she is too stupid to cover her tracks. Deleted.

Weasyl Accounts[edit]

  • Weasyl icon.jpg crystalfuwaya - Inactive, doesn't allow those without an account to view.
  • Weasyl icon.jpg miraclestarart - Inactive, again doesn't allow those without an account to view.

Skype Accounts[edit]

  • Skype username: crystal.tatsuya50 - No longer uses this account.
  • Skype username: generationstar1990

Other Main Accounts[edit]

ED Accounts[edit]

When Crystal discovered this website, she decided it'd be a good idea to cause some lulz here as well. She's also made several edits to her own article.

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