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Chimpmania is an anti-nigger hate site consisting of permabanned rejects from Niggermania and Chimpout. Most of these inbred racist losers were banned from the aforementioned sites for trolling, obviously advocating violence with a wink and a nod, being too crazy, or being too stupid. All members of Chimpmania belong to a personality cult worshipping TattooedRedhead, a ginger whore who posts hawt pictures of fictional cartoon characters but is almost certainly a 300 lbs. redneck in real life. Chimpmania stands out by acting as the Westboro Baptist Church of the internets. They spend most of their time finding news stories about dead black people, regardless of the circumstances, and post them on the site. If there is an R.I.P page on Facebook, they will also post a racist attack there. This is just troll bait. They wait for butthurt responders to troll their site and post their Facebook photos and other personal information for mockery. It's an especially fun time if the subject of this exercise responds with a demand that the offending material be removed, displaying a total ignorance of freedom of speech.

What users see when they first enter.

Origin of Name[edit]

The name Chimpmania is just a combination of the two pre-existing sites all the members were banned from, Chimpout and Niggermania. If it has any literal meaning, it means the members are crazy about and obsessed with black people, which is true and also shows that these inbred, retarded hillbillies have no originality at all to think up their own unique name.

Exaggerated Abilities[edit]

The admins of Chimpmania, especially TattooedRedhead, are credited with the ability to instantly detect trolls, be they blacks, liberals, Niggermania loyalists, or just trolling for the lulz. They claim this is based on their own insight as well as on their knowledge of the opposition. However, almost all trolls immediately out themselves, posting a diatribe about how stupid and ignorant Chimpmania is, a plea for understanding explaining how they're different, or something else clearly identifying their opposition stance. When they don't do this and don't have the same IP as a past obvious troll, the admins have no clue. At least three verified trolls have pretended to be Chimpmaniacs for months before finally being outed. They also boast that they have the real facts and none dare to debate them. However, unlike other Nazi sites, they have no place for opposing views. Anyone who disagrees is banned immediately and the posters then make their arguments in a Quarantined Nigger Communications forum which non-members are no longer allowed to even read.


  It has finally revealed after many years of speculation just WHO IS TattooedRedead. A former member of the site for many years who actually MET TattooedRedhead on SEVERAL occasions has finally revealed the person behind the sexy cartoon pictures....TattooedRedhead is actually.....Are you ready??......A GAY MAN!! He was a convicted child molester sent to prison and was "Turned Out" by several black men who would pass him back and forth for a pack of cigarettes, a package of ramen noodles or other commissary items or favors. When released from prison he was sent to a halfway house where again he was used as a sex toy by resident blacks. This was where he vowed to get revenge on "Niggers" when he was back in society. His boyfriend (Who also was his former partner in child molesting crime and was also "Turned Out" in prison) and former cell mate "Boon Avoider" both decided to start an anti-nigger site as revenge on the "Niggers" who stole their manhood. TattooedRedhead and Boon Avoider have since gotten married and are living in a compound somewhere near Harrison Arkansas.


  It has also been revealed that out of the current 2,095 "So Called" Members, over 85% of those are in actuality TattooedRedhead and Boon Avoider using several other accounts to make their site look important to "Show Up" Niggmania" And "Chimpout" (Now Dindu Plantation)


Unlike reputable websites and despite sporadic claims to the contrary, Chimpmania has an active policy of feeding trolls. This is natural as they are essentially trolls themselves. One side of the front page is dedicated to "Our Most Recent Trolls" and shows Facebook pictures of the last three banned users for which they are available. Each troll then gets his or her own thread in an entire section of the forums set aside for this and members spend hours ranting about them and fapping to their pics. Facebook and Twitter links are posted freely and the members respond to the troll with brilliant arguments about substantive issues by making shit up. The admins then bitch about how much work it is to keep the forum free of trolls.

This policy has obviously come to the notice of attention whores, many of them using fake social media accounts. They are not subtle but neither are the mods perceptive. They write off anything that seems fishy as just TNB. In one especially fail moment, TattooedRedhead posted the picture of an alleged troll. The troll then returned, claiming it wasn't her. When TattooedRedhead insisted she'd found the troll's Facebook using her email address and couldn't be fooled, the troll patiently explained that more than Facebook user had the same name and to actually search using the email. TattooedRedhead then deleted the exchange, posted the "correct" fake Facebook account with pictures of infamous 'thebeerbarrel' troll 'ChloeBlossoms', and let members go on about how brilliant and hardworking she was at detecting trolls on the site. Fail!

Jungle Fever[edit]

A typical post at Chimpmania.

A favorite pastime for chimpmaniacs is to post pictures of beautiful black women such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, and Halle Berry. Sometimes they even use images of random people. They then fap furiously while posting about how ugly these women are, how much hawter their 800 lbs. wives and TattooedRedhead are, and how they don't understand how anyone would touch them. All from the safety of their basements, knowing none of these women would look at them twice. A good half the pictures are of this type, proving that the mods either have jungle fever too or are so deeply racist that they can no longer tell the difference between Stacey Dash and Precious. The worst offenders are Nigger Basher, LIVERLIPPER, Missing Link and TattooedRedhead herself.

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