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He's free ladies

Chismah is the YouTube screen name of Dwayne Holloway, a 32 year old man who claims he suffers from "True Forced Loneliness" and stuff like that. Dwayne claims that women stereotype him out before getting to know him and stuff like that. This is very lulzy because Dwayne is unemployed, lives with his mother, weighs well over 500lbs (BEWARE of the fucking harpoons assfish), and sits behind his computer all night posting YouTube vids and making fake youtube accounts of his haters and shit like that. Just what every woman wants in a guy. When questioned about his social life, Dwayne said, "I don't have any friends so I pretty much sit at home on the computer and stuff like that, but I do get out when I go to the store and stuff like that". In a failed attempt to lose weight, Dwayne devised a workout plan which consisted of a walk around the block at 5:00 in the morning and stuff like that before he went to bed, and thats it. He claims he was planing on "hitting" the gym, but couldn't because his doctor said he was at risk to have a massive heart attack and stuff like that. Dwayne has e-sex with his butt buddy Bill122460.

Mental Illness[edit]

Chismah doesn't change facial expressions clothes.

It is quite apparent that Dwayne and Bill alike suffer from severe schizophrenia and shit like that and should be admitted asap. They believe that the government and shit like that is out to get them and is brainwashing women into forcing them to be lonely and stuff like that. Bill has posted videos to people in the military and in law enforcement telling them to turn on the government and blow up The White House. Bill has stated that he hates women so much that when he hears about a woman being murdered on the news, he smiles and fantasizes about killing a woman. Bill and Dwayne also think that the government killed Chris Benoit and stuff.


Dwayne claims he's on a mission from God to open people's eyes and expose the reality of "TFL" and the U.S. Government. He says after they post 1000 more YouTube videos and get 7 more supporters, they're going to "take it to the streets". Of course, his idea of taking it to the streets is sitting on his couch eating pizza and watching tv land while Bill122460 goes on a killing spree with his son Jason. In a sad attempt to show his dedication to the "movement", Dwayne has stated that he's in it till the bitter end or until he's dead and maggots are eating his shriveled virgin dick.

Setting you down the right path one retarded quote at a time

Relationship with Bill[edit]

Dwayne and Bill met in a gay chat room 2 years ago. They each expressed their hate for women and 2 days later Bill and Dwayne were "brothers for life". Their relationship grew even stronger when Dwayne bought a webcam and showed Bill his penis on cam. They have phone sex on a daily basis and when Stevehoca was part of the TFL movement, the three were known to have 3way circle jerks on cam. since Dwayne didn't like Bill looking at other guys, they removed Steve from the movement and added REDTOP who is very well know in the gay community for his deepthroat skills.

Break Up[edit]

After being told by his mother to stop talking to Bill, dwayne deleted his YouTube account and decided to use his 743895789 fake accounts to harass his ex-lover. Dwayne returned to youtube on cam from his new youtube account *billanddwayneexposed posting videos "exposing" Bill. His attempt to return as a hero was an instant fail.

The NWO Spokesman[edit]

After making many failed comebacks on various accounts, Dwayne decided to start *NewWorldOrderTV Suspended, LOL. On this new channel, Dwayne educated fellow basement dwellers on how women, the government, children, atheists, and anybody else who isn't a complete fucking psycho are all trying to take over the world.


  • Claims he lost his virginity last year at the age of 31.
  • Says "and stuff like that" after every sentence.
  • Wore the same clothes in his first 30 YouTube vids until people started mentioning it. Then he finally changed them.
  • States he has no IRL friends.
  • Nicknames include, Fat Albert, The Hunchblack, Big Red, and The Red Pill.
  • Publicly endorses the disease fibromyalgia and has attempted to become the disease's spokesperson. Rumor has it that his IRL BFF Bill122460 also has the disorder and is making the same dedication his lover has to speaking out against skeptics of this disorder.

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