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Cigarsex will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

(18:19)   incog: shit meme
(18:19)   incog: oh look a top hat out of place lmao
(18:20)  @Meepsheep: how is that even a meme
(18:20)  @LiteralKa: ^
(18:20)  @Meepsheep: its one retard spamming

Cigarsex is not a meme that originated on EDF², it involves the process of adding cigars, monocles, top hats and other pieces of fanciness to images of people with very advanced image manipulation software like mspaint. It started off as images of babies and has since matured to include any person.

The concept of cigarsex was envisioned by S4, a bored 13-year-old with too much free time on his hands.

<&jihad> this channel has the most hardcore trolls obviously

<&jihad> because they can type cigarsex into irc


05:56 <@garrett> welcome to #forum

05:56 <@garrett> fags
05:56 <@garrett> fags
05:56 <@garrett> fags
05:56 <@garrett> fags
05:56 <@garrett> fags
05:56 <@garrett> CIGARSEX
05:56 <@garrett> the end
05:56 <@garrett> thank you for visiting forum



This list was created for men who are into sex with other men and cigars. Discussing sex with cigars, exchanging stories, pictures and anything else to do with sex and cigars.


CigarSex, a Yahoo!-group doing it wrong since 1998


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