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Have you or a loved one been a victim of sexual abuse? We don't care.

The happy little girl that /co/ loves.

Clarissa is a series of comics by Jason Yungbluth (a.k.a. Jason Tundplutt), a cartoonist for MAD Magazine and founder of Deep Fried Comics, that revolve around the adventures of titular loli Clarissa and her interactions with her family who are all a bunch of brain-dead Stepford WASPs – the punchline of every single comic being the fact that Clarissa is constantly being raped and molested by her daddy and all of the people in her life seem to either not give a shit about it or not even realize that it's happening at all.

While the majority of the comics have actually existed since the era of Netscape, retarded dancing baby .gifs and two World Trade Center towers in New York, they were more recently popularized through being posted on 7chan and 4chan's /co/ boards in the mid to late 2000s. Even the most hardened of chanfags have been known to feel sympathy for this tragic, fictional little girl – once again proving that chantards are actually huge fucking pussies who should just do the world a favour already and kill themselves.

Jason Yungbluth is well aware of his comics' popularity on the chans but, unlike some retards, he has decided to embrace this fact and has even been known to link to chan threads on his blog despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that they usually contain some Rule 34 of his underage Loli creation.



Clarissa cast dad.jpg

A hardworking breadwinner and proud papa of a perfectly normal and well-adjusted American family. Just ask them.


Clarissa cast mom.jpg

Mom is a contented homemaker juggling her responsibilities to three super kids and a doting hubby with the skill of a circus performer. “Let the past be the past” is the creedo this busy mother lives by and which she will share with you for seemingly no reason at all.


Clarissa cast sean.jpg

A talented athlete and A-student who couldn’t be happier and more proud of his family. Sometimes in life things seem to go off the rails, but Sean knows that this only means it’s time to try harder and impress the people who care about you!


Clarissa cast randy.jpg

A natural joker and class clown, Randy’s levity is always a welcome contribution in his happy and well-adjusted family. If an uncomfortable situation arises, Randy knows that a smile and an upbeat attitude are the best way to push right through it.

The Dirty Little Slut[edit]

Clarissa cast clarissa.jpg

A dirty little prepubescent whore who spends every single one of these comics trying to seduce her own father. She's also a fucking emo who burns herself with matches and probably slits her wrists regularly.

Clarissa Ruins Thanksgiving[edit]

Clarissa ruins Thanksgiving by being an ungrateful little whore.

Clarissa ruins Thanksgiving.gif

Bathtime Fun[edit]

Clarissa attempts to take a bath while avoiding being raped by daddy. She also shows off how fucking edgy and emo she is by resorting to self harm.

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Stuffed Friend[edit]

Clarissa's mum gives her a stuffed bunny to cheer her up, the bunny then promptly kills itself after witnessing the little whore seducing her own father. This comic was also made into a claymation short by some German art students.

Stuffed Friend About missing Pics
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Two panel comic about bedbugs that won't STFU.

Family Portrait[edit]

Clarissa attempts to inform her teacher of her twisted desire to fuck her own father by drawing Rule 34 furry art of her own comic. How very meta!

Family Portrait About missing Pics
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Take Me To Work Day[edit]

Clarissa must resist the urge to commit incest on take your slutty daughter to work day.

Take Me To Work Day About missing Pics
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Paedos Trolling Clarissa Threads[edit]

I thought this shit was so funny. More people who have been sexually abused as children should come forward and make erotic comics about their past.

BTW i'm male and i was molested as a child by my Mother her boyfriend, Grandmother, Neices and i was abuse by my 1st grade teacher. and a nun at the private school. And for real guys, i consider my self very lucky to have been the object of peoples sexual desires.. the only regret i have is that i didn't understand what was going on or else things would have been alot more sexier... i just made my self feel bad, but only a little... forgive my forwardness but im also interested in reliving some of my childhood with a trap.. so .

if you read this and you want to find a man will let you rape his face. im also into bdsm and love pain.

let me know i'll monitor this thread

love, rape me



Because you're a stupid edgy cartoon with an unrealistic premise.

Most girls who get abused either enjoy it or have trouble clearly defining it (hence why it takes them a while for them to realize it).

Clarissa is just getting flat out raped so the try-hard tumblr crowd can wail and demonize pedophiles even more.


—Anonymous Paedo

girls are there to be fucked. what the hell is her problem?



Slut had it coming.



It's like if Calvin and Hobbes was written by Jeffry Dahmer.


my father-daughter incest fetish was momentarily confused with my sick sense of humor until i went and had a look at tommy's wwoec page, in the comics section, under "deep fried"

now my penis is fully erect again, but i continue to laugh.


I get off to her suffering ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Paedo's Remorse[edit]

The comic is supposed to discourage you from raping children by showing you the permanent emotional consequences of child abuse. Also delicious flat chest.
Notorious loli artist Tommy Simms actually felt the need to apologize for drawing Rule 34 of Clarissa.

Despite the comic literally revolving around themes of paedophilia and child abuse, even serious lolicon artists have been known to regret drawing Rule 34 of the series – although that's probably because they get death threats from the denizens of /co/ whenever they do.

Im a formal pedophile, but this makes me sad...

and a big part inside me tells I deserve to die in a fire only for fap to CP :(


—Anonymous Paedo

Galleria de Child Molestation About missing Pics
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Your signature might be shit if...[edit]

Jason Tundplutt

I recently checked my site stats to see exactly what percentage of my website’s hits are coming from customers for black market shoes (thanks to the hacker attacks that colonize my website server every month or so), and in so doing discovered possibly the funniest thing ever: the search terms that are bringing the majority of traffic to my website.

Without further ado, here are the top ten searches that bring people to!

  • 10) Gut Punch
  • 9) Schrodinger’s Emoticon
  • 8) FTM Breasts Comic
  • 7) Charlie Brown Porn
  • 6) Psylocke Suck Huge Dick
  • 5) Anime Big Dick
  • 4) Posion Ivy Blowjob
  • 3) www. What Shop Hot Video
  • 2) A Boy Catching Girl Anus

And the number one search term putting food on my plate:

  • 1) Jason Tundplutt!


I'm not going to pretend that daddy didn't fuck me.


—Clarissa doesn't beat around the bush



Moar Clarissa Shit About missing Pics
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