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Cloud Computing is the new buzzword in the IT world today give any Cock Touching Officer instant hardons. Basically, it's all a giant ponzi scheme or a scheme for the government to get your data, depending on which company you go with. You're not a winrar.

Watt Is Cloud Computing[edit]

Cloud Computing is simple. You take your data out of your own data center and move it to the fucking cloud, dumbass. Instead of being responsible for hardware, you're responsible for a virtualized instance with your data running your applications. You typically don't see the hypervisor, which for you elite fucks out there, there's QEMU/KVM (because you're a cheap ass hole), Xen (still cheap, unless you're really, really stupid and wasted your money to buy it from Citrix, which sells the exact same version of Xen as "XenServer" only with the fact that it can automatically update....yep. Take down your network automatically), or VMware (you obviously downloaded it).

Since you're seeking information about the Cloud here instead of another reputable source such as Wikipedia more than likely, you're too fucking stupid to use QEMU;KVM or Xen/XenServer, so stick with VMware and your favorite copy of Windows. You can buy that as well.

Watt is OpenStack[edit]

Who the hell even speaks likes this?

OpenStack is the easiest way to implement a private cloud environment. Srsly. That's why the market is flooded with OpenStack Architects. Instead of writing the stack in an awesome language that's completely reliable like Java, it was written in Python.

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