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Somebody should do something about it.

Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

Skink, one of the dogshit straight from CloudyEggs' very creative mind.
What do we call Sandy if we make fun out of her?
Firey Underwear, the retarded unoriginal autistic abortion CloudyEggs shat out in the Objectfag community.
Even CloudyEggs's desktop is a fucking mess

CloudyEggs (AKA CE, Cloudy, J. Waughtal, BlueBobWeirdoPants) (Powerword: Jason Waughtal, born May 15th 2002, age 17 ) is nothing but yet another autistic, uncreative, retarded, "depressed", "virgin-with-rage-subject" faggot who enjoys watching shitty Hamtaro videos from 2008 he's obsessed with, has a infantilism fetish and fetish for making random and the said show's characters saying "nigger", and thinks that being random and spamming cursed images is lol so funny. He is one of these retards who do their uncreative unlikable "cursed" shit for 8-year olds and da famez, do sexual roleplays, has a DeaviantART account full of autism, make nonsensical unfunny dogshit of the videos on their so-called funny YT channel.

He has a fucking retarded Youtube channel, Discord servers and an autistic fanbase who worship his cock for creating garbage that is Firey Underwear. He talks about having a 90's nostalgia a lot although he missed it all and wasn't alive at this time, which might explain his popsicle fetish. He used to make a retarded show called Shape World back in 2014/2015, but that gets in detail in History section because fuck it. His videos are effortless low quality garbage that makes Greeny Phatom look beautiful. And also likes Grounded videos since he made a lot of references to them. CloudyEggs has severe autism which explains his garbage. You really shouldn't watch his videos if you don't want to die.

We're not sure how the fuck he got all that fame by simply making a retarded audio file, but CloudyEggs is the reason why aspies should not be on the internet. Simple isn't it?

Jason Waughtal, the Sick Fuck

So we know CloudyEggs is a sick fuck and a faggot, but we know even more.

For starters, CloudyEggs has a voice and a brain of a 5-year-old, is the best example of unfunny shit, gets "depressed" over 9000 times a day over the most fucking dumbest shit you could imagine, with a underwear fetish, infantilism fetish, "nigger" saying fetish, pregnancy fetish, self-harm threats, is an animal abuser, sucks popsicles like cocks, gets forgiven for everything even for the most terrible and fucked up shit, made shitty comments about niggers (who suck balls anyway), makes fun of people's dogs dying, never lears from his mistakes and repeats them, leads to people go suicidal, only cares about geting those subscribers and fame (which makes him an e-jew), BAWWWWWWs for attention, and shit the makes Chris-chan look like he is perfectly normal.

Jason's attempt to rape his dog.
Here's the one where Jason hits his dog.
His video got removed and then reuploaded. See 0:33 for Jason's full autism level
And then Today, the morning started off with one of my friends yelling at me and making me cry...


—CloudyEggs pretending he has friends.

but today 3rd period was so bad... that i started going insane and picking scabs on my skin and having them bleed...


—CloudyEggs going batshit insane

(please make sure people see my comment on that video)


—CloudyEggs begging his fantards to make his comment top.

please feel better soon! ;-;
Oh no. I hope you get better.
That's sad. Hope you get better soon
( yeah school can be cruel.. hope you stay positive, and have a good rest of the week.
aw get better soon man ;(



— His fantards defending his sick ass.

Go do us a favor Cloudy, leave the internet and NEVER FUCKING COME BACK!!!


—Someone called "Stang", also DO IT FAGGOT

Kinds of videos

Since CloudyEggs puts no effort to his videos, you might recognise only few kinds of them.

  • BFB (Re)Cursed - These videos are BFB open source FLA files destroyed and fucked up by him. One of the episodes tries to make fun out of ED, but giving the fact he was never funny, he failed.
  • Resolution videos - These videos are about that fucktard playing effortless and gay-ass Roblox games (mostly "become woody") in some screen resolution. I wonder who will be even a little satisfied by such bullshit?
  • Livestreams - Livestreams of him playing these 90's games and shit.
  • Hamtaro Scenes - Scenes from a shit anime known as Hamtaro.
  • Toon Twister - Videos from a shitass 3D video maker from the 90's or some shit.
  • Other Shit - It can be anything. A 90's game, a recording of his autistic discord, and all sort of shit nobody cares about.


Since CloudyEggs is a retarded teenager that lacks creativity, you could expect some of the very creative and original characters, such as:

  • Firey Underwear - Firey from BFDI wearing underwear and repeats his stupid name 3 times and for the last he says "Firey Despacito Underwear".
  • Gaty Glasses - Same shit as Firey Underwear. Will repeat it's name 3 times and will say "Gaty (something) Glasses".
  • David Sneakers - Same shit as both above.
  • Grassy Scarf, Bomby Moustache - Same shit.
  • Slamiyo - An ugly Shrek ripoff with a game of it's own. Came from his horrifying retarded dreams.
  • Pitto the Pill - Did you liked Happy Pills plushies? Well, CloudyEggs made it look autistic with his shitty Pitto character that is a Happy Pills plush.
  • Skink - A picture of a smiling retard who only says "HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA", and guess what? That's it! That's the entire character.
  • SinComics - A shitty series of "video comics". It's about Green Square, a retard with a shit life that goes to a retarded school that forces you to wear some gay glasses all day. The series originate from the J. Waughtal era and still haven't changed their quality (after five/four fucking YEARS). And the quality the series remind you of Greeny Phatom.
  • Barty - Simularly to Slamiyo, Barty is a ripoff of a well-known character (in this case it's Bart Simpson) and has a game of it's own. Barty himself is older than Slamiyo. "But what's the Lulziest part in here?", you ask. The answer is that CloudyEggs actually wanted his fans to make it a real game. Some fan decided to actually DO it, so did CloudyEggs himself. Also one of the game's characters (Called Ming-ming) is the first and only original creation CloudyEggs's retarded brain ever produced.
  • Mr. Vore - Pitto recolor. Nothing other than a filler.
  • Asshole - Another Pitto recolor. His name is what CloudyEggs is.
  • Rowley Ball - Shit, not even Diary of a Wimpy Kid is safe from this cunt's retarded mind.
  • Everyone else - ED has no time for listing over 9000 characters no one gives a shit about to begin with, so fuck it.

Also, CloudyEggs claims that they sometimes make people laugh.

How to make a CloudyEggs fan character

  1. Pick any random BFDI character, give it some sort of clothing (or item).
  2. Go to, record a character's voiceline with a shitty microphone, and pick a random voice effect.
  3. While recording make sure you follow this template; "(character)(clothing)(character)(clothing)(character)(clothing)(character)(<<1>>)(clothing)".
  4. Place it all together.
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!!!

<<1>> = Anything, a forced meme, tv channel, some nostalgic thing from the 90's or Nickelodeon stuff.


Lulzy history.

J. Waughtal

YouTube Favicon.png J. Waughtal is an beggining of a shit-stain autism that made CloudyEggs a thing. This channel is known for creating a pile of shit that is known as Shape World (Which is an another stupid gay Object Show). J. Waughtal channel was known from 2014/15 to today. And yes, this shitty channel still exists, and keeps the Shit World videos so people can burn their eyes. J. Waughtal can be also seen on Scratch and DeviantART where he spread even more cancer. In the "J WAUGHTAL IS BACK" video, he mentioned BlueSheepYT for the first time, which starts the BlueSheep era, which itself is really short. J. Waughtal somehow has 7.5K subscribers and the channel is abandoned.

The cancer of J. Waughtal
Preview of cancer.
Shit World Episode 0.
Yes, we know Shape World is a big joke.
A great documentary.

It is most likely that "J" in J. Waughtal stands for "Jason". Evidence


BlueSheepYT was an another horrible Pink Sheep YT parody channel that is just as shit as J. Waughtal. Not alot is known about him apart for being just shit. The channel didn't last for long before turning into the CloudyEggs channel. Made videos with shit made in Scratch like J. Waughtal and Blue Sheep videos can be still seen on the CloudyEggs channel. BlueSheep era Jason was a fucked up like the rest of the eras.

Early CloudyEggs

After the fall of BlueSheep, he knew he had to get a good fame. One time he was watching BFB and misheard "X" as "Eggs" in "Where's X", he got back to his J. Waughtal account and posted a "Cloudy says EGGS" video, but that didn't seem to do the trick. One time he came up with the dumbest idea ever, and that made Firey Underwear a thing, and got a fame he didn't deserve, all thanks to HTwins that dicided to make the living shit out of a retarded "cursed" audio recorded by an aspie, and it got attention of a shit ton of 9-year-old Objectcucks. Then he got the easy-to-access BFB .fla files and decided to use that cursed technique on it, the first BFB Cursed video was born and it got more attention. Soon he got a shitty fanbase of his own, then created a Discord server and more shit happened.

Modern CloudyEggs

Now he is just a depressed fucktard who throws e-tantrums over some small shit and does idiotic roleplays. Also he RAGES because of this article. Also "BAWWWWWWWWWW ITZCHRIS MAKE ARTICLE BAWWWWWWWWWWWW".

CloudyEggs Drama

As you'd expect, CloudyEggs does a fuck ton of drama and he starts to lose friends like a lonely fucker and surely deserves it.

Discord Drama

When it comes to Discord drama, CloudyEggs is an real asshole to everyone to the point that we wonder how can all these CloudyEggs fantards still defend him. There are all different kinds of Discord drama. Let's get on them so you can make lulz on him.

CloudyEggs revealing the truth. And did he said "unsubscribe"? Well DO IT FAGGOT!


One time in 2018, some retarded faggot named MollyBee attempted to raid the server with disturbing pr0n all over the server, and raped the server real good. CloudyEggs attempted to ban MollyBee which he did. Later on, MollyBee would create 1,472,703 alts to succesfully rape the server. CloudyEggs got mad and made #anti-mollybee channels on all of his server like a fucking idiot, that didn't help since MollyBee would continiue to raid the server. CloudyEggs hates MollyBee, so you now have an another way of making lulz on him. MollyBee's alts can be spotted as it has the same profile picture for every alt, has "MollyBee" on the beggining and either Roman numbers or "VAGINA" (or anything else) at the end.


Typical roleplay.

Another time in 2018, CloudyEggs added a shit Discord bot to his server called Tupperbox. The only point of Tupperbox is to make roleplaying more attractive and kewl. The memebers in the server love this useless piece of shit and do toxic roleplaying in the server. Tupperbox makes roleplaying bots (called Tulpas, as Tupperbox was meant to be for schizophrenic retards) and can be activated by a bracket (ex: "lulz:Nigger" will make the tulpa with the bracket "lulz:" say "Nigger"). The retards in the server seem to love it and after a month the roleplaying was the only point of being in the server.

But it started to get shit, as people threw e-tantrums and did drama, using "no dodge" won't kill tulpas, and they coplained it was unfair. CloudyEggs saw it, and like a big cocksucking asshole, he made it even more unfair by introducing the "Good Roleplayers" role and Undodgables. Good Roleplayers were the shittiest, pussiest, worst and most retarded roleplayers in the server, now you can roleplay in #tupperware-show-deluxe, which gives you nothing other than escaping the fuckers who don't have it. While Undodgables, were the gayest tulpas that can't be dodged, which gets retards to abuse their "powers". Most of them will kill your tulpa for no fucking reason. There is the highest Undodgable called "The Border", and he'll "delete" your tulpa and shit.

Soon CloudyEggs got his shitty Hamtaro tulpas to do "emotional" roleplaying, which begins with love and ends in drama. Many people didn't enjoy this kind of love roleplaying, so he made a rule about it, but he kept doing it like a big fucker. Some people went depressed, one person went suicidal (this 11-year old fucktard did it for attention) and CloudyEggs seemed to give a fuck about it for the first time (in his life) LOLNOPE it was proven he didn't even give a fuck about that either. The roleplaying took over the server so badly that CloudyEggs had to create a new server. The Tupperbox bot was removed in March 2019, but it was brought back later, and more drama happened.

  • TL;DR - CE added a shit roleplaying bot, everyone liked it, then EVERYONE got sexually obsessed with the "tulpas" and fucked shit up.
Tupperbox Trolling
  1. Go to #tupperware-setup
  2. Type "tul!register 'Iduno' duno text". this will make an Tulpa with brackets "duno text" (type "duno (your text here)" and Iduno will say something).
  3. Go to whatever place they roleplay right now.
  4. Kill someone (tulpa).
  5. Watch undodgables try to kill you.
  6. Dodge them all and break rules.
  7. Watch everyone get butthurt as FUCK.
  9. Dodge that.
  10. Watch them spam-ping CloudyEggs ultimately.
  11. Watch CloudyEggs using his "border" to delete you. (not really, since there are no real "moderate tulpas" option in tupperbox, only you can manage your tulpas).
  12. You can of course dodge that.
  13. Watch them getting butthurt again.
  14. Watch Everyone getting you banned.
  15. ????
  16. PROFIT!!!
  17. Extra X points if:
  • You get banned. (20)
  • You post Ĝöäțšæ with the tulpa. (50)
  • Kill everyone for no fucking reason. (20)
  • You get banned before all this shit because your tulpa is called "Iduno" (Iduno was the worst tulpa out there and was being like a faggot mostly for the lulz) (5)
  • Everyone goes nutz. (40)
  • You raid the server with the tulpa. (Over 9000)

Other Drama

ED Drama and Goatse

Moar info: CloudyEggs/ED.


ErmeyPointingAngry.jpg STOP RIGHT THERE, FAGGOT!
ED does NOT need a huge list of absolute nobodies, nor does it give a shit about your petty forum feud with that bitch who doesn't agree with your Zutara OTP. Rather than spreading your butthurt vendetta over to this site, how about you read ED:101 and ED:A User's Guide to Article Building. And while you're at it, how about contributing to some actual drama you fucking idiot?

Cowbelly recently getting demonitized proves YouTube staff don't want CloudyEggs's autistic garbage and that Firey Underwear is AIDS that is killing YouTube.

CloudyEggs seems to have a crowd of Fantards of his own, we'll call them Cloudyfags. Cloudyfags vary from 5-year-old all the way to 12-year-old with a few 13-year-old boys. Cloudyfags will say how creative and "cursed" Firey Underwear is and chat in the CloudyEggs Discord servers and the Tulpa Server. They usually make shitty quality videos making references to retarded "THINGS" that could only come from the CloudyEggs servers (ex. YOU CAN'T DODGE A SPIDERMAN) and BFB cursed fan videos. Here's a list of notable fantards of CloudyEggs (Note: they are only notable within the CloudyEggs community so they're pretty much nobodies). Cloudyfags can be spotted as they usually make references of shit made by CloudyCocks himself, have "Eggs" at the end of their names, and as said before, make Youtube videos of the autism CloudyEggs shat out.

The whole forced meme BoogEMan introduced was just Shirley, that fatass Shawn the Sheep character.
  • BoogEMan - An 11-year-old boy notable for bashing his head 31 times (The thing that happened during Tupperbox faggotry drama) and a creator of absolutely retarded forgetable forced meme that only appeared once on some Meme video and is fully notable in the Cloudyfag community.
  • Meatballgaming - A piece of shit that did the most of drama in the community until EspiEggs arrived. Will force everyone to like his completely original characters Stephen (representing a nerd) and Arian (a dog-based female furry, proving Meatballgaming is a retarded furfag).
  • PurpleEggs - Once a mod of CloudyEggs servers, who got demoted over the Tupperbox retardation. While things happened long ago, Cloudyfags still bitch about him to this day.
  • PhoneyEggs - A random faggot that is the first one to "discover" the ED article. Also posted a fucktarded talk section to the writter of the article demanding to delete the article (and blanking it one time) and ended up getting B& by sysops.

PhoneyEggs's discord: Discord icon.png Alabamaball#2490 (ID: 295260030624858114)

  • EspiEggs - Along with some other unnotable faggots, EspiEggs is a furfag who took over Meatballgaming drama role and spams pictures of furrified BFDI characters.
  • Bloxxy Blox - A coffin to EspiEggs and Meatballgaming in case of drama. Another fucked up faggot with over 9000 fetishes who is nothing but another autistic fucktard.
  • ItzChrisNumber1 - A former fan of CloudyEggs who got more sane and left the CE community, also the main writter of this article. While I write this, I'll put in a quote.

I just wanted to get more sane than these drama guys. I don't want to be weak and go depressed like a dumbass because there's an tupperware asshole or I am considered one. Either way, I just left the community because they just do drama.



Butt buddies

CloudyDicks has some retard online friends who helped him become the "depressed" faggot he is. There are only few of them, so let's list them:

  • BGG - Another faggot with a simular fanbase and more fans. Also helped make CloudyErectileDysfunction a famous fuck. Also just as fucked up as Jason except that they didn't forgive THIS fucktard.
  • HTwins - Yes, that's right. These pedo azns and creators of this shitstain of a show follow this faggot and helped the most out of everyone else.


This autistic garbage is what started this mistake we call CloudyEggs.
This dogshit of a video that started his popularity he didn't deserve.
BFB Cursed. Beautiful.
Sperg singing.
This retard actually celebrates 5 years of this piece of shit.
Of course after the existance of the ED article, he has to go all apeshit about it.
BoogEman bashing simulator


  • He wets his bed.
  • He wet his bed TWICE.
  • He gets bullied in school for being a complete retard.
  • He makes the MEE6 bot to do all the job for him (cuzz he iz layzeh).
  • He's not creative.
  • He gets depressed every 3 seconds over the dumbest shit.
  • He and his fans are scared of Goatse for some reason.
  • He's sexually obsessed with Hamtaro
  • He goes batshit nutz everytime he gets depressed (again, every 3 seconds).
  • He has a fetish for SpongeBob posicles.
  • He hates Fortnite.
  • His fantards keep demanding the article to be deleted (like any fantard anyways).

Trolling CloudyEggs or his fans

Literally the entire Discord server after seeing Goatse for the first time.
  • Mock him for wetting his bed.
  • Tell him he's not creative at all.
  • Post Fortnite everywhere.
  • Tell his fans about how creative he is.
  • Tell his fans that CloudyEggs is retarded.
  • Be positive about MollyBee.
  • Redirect them to this article.
  • Mention November 27th 2010 (The date CloudyEggs considers the worst day in his life)
  • Say November 27th 2010 was good.
  • Say he deservered everything on November 27th 2010.
  • Post Goatse and watch them react. (LAWLZ THEY ACTUALLY DID IT)
  • Tell him and his fans that Shirley was never a meme.
  • Roleplay in a way we gave you in section "Tupperbox Trolling".
  • Post Tubgirl.
  • Post Pain Series.
  • Tell them Hamtaro is shit.
  • Tell them there are better anime.
  • Post Rule 34 of Hamtaro.
  • Post Lemonparty
  • Post any shock picture/site.
  • Raid the server with goatse and pain series


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CloudyEggs shits and pisses his underwear and other weird shit About missing Pics
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