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Its just one of those days / Where you don't want to wake up / Everything is honked / Everyhonky honks
As long as I have a honk in both hands, I'll be safe.
Don't bother trying to honk, no one is going to hear you.

Clown World (a.k.a. 🤡🌎, California and Europe) is a fork of the Mandela Effect, where there is good reason to believe that you've crossed into a different reality. But unlike the Mandela Effect, where the differences between the two are limited to whether or not the title of a children's book about sapient bears has been misspellt, the Clown World is a reality which, well, is a bit more sillier that it should be. Perhaps something that is just so supremely ridiculous—that no one would've taken it seriously at some point in the past—is now treated like it's the most sane and reasonable thing to do. Or maybe it feels like you've been taking crazy pills... even though you're pretty sure that your government-mandated primary care physician hasn't prescribing them to you yet. These, among others, are signs that you've might have entered into the Clown World. And when the world has gone honkin' mad... well, perhaps the only thing left to do is honk back.

Signs you may be living in the Clown World[edit]

  • People running things are funny, but not "Ha Ha" funny
  • Those people are also using their honk powers to bring other people into honk with them
  • Anything big, black, and inferior becomes praised by all of the world's population
  • You can't help but feel like reality is becoming nothing more than a grotesque freak show
  • The world makes you feel like you're on an emotional rollercoaster
  • You're growing hair in places where you had no hair before
  • Your face has broken out with acne
  • oh wait that's just puberty

Wait a second... you can't fool me! Clown World is just another racist alt-right meme![edit]

Guess what mom & dad? I'm a anti-Trump transgender now! Honk honk!

Oops! Looks like you caught onto the latest evil-scheme from the Alt-right. I mean, it's not like it wasn't created as a way to fool the media into thinking it's a serious dog whistle sign of white supremacy (along with the use of milk, cartoon frogs, and the 👌 emoji) or anything. And yeah, the fact that it also fools actual white supremacists who think they're in good company when in reality they're being played like a fiddle just the same has nothing to do with it. Yeah, maybe people should stop using terms like "Clown World" because it just makes other people think they're racist... or, at least, don't be surprised when people treat you like one. Because it's definitely not their responsibility to look into the history of a particular meme and actually research into whether it actually IS a dog whistle meme for white supremacists instead of a way to manipulate people. In fact, it's just easier to just call everyone racist in order to manipulate them to act a certain way, instead of coming to terms that they've been tricked and manipulated themselves. That'll teach people a lesson on why they shouldn't try to "trigger libs".

But hold up... that just PROVES we're living in a Clown World![edit]

Because why else would people who claim to be the more intelligent and more responsible side of the Left/Right political split not actually apply any of that intelligence and realize they're just being trolled? Like, intelligent people are easily fooled? Responsible people blaming others for taking a troll seriously instead of accepting the fact that they took it seriously as well? Well shit, if that's not proof that we're living in a Clown World, then just what is?

Fuck it. Whether it's a troll or something to take seriously...[edit]

All we can do now is just honk the night away.


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