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Cokeman reads his latest summons from the US Attorney's Office

Cokeman2423 is a mentally challenged IRL Troll hailing from the greatest exhibit of Caucasian chimps in the United States, Louisiana. He shoots and toys around with guns in an unsafe and unconventional manner in an attempt to draw attention to himself, and usually successfully trolling most gun enthusiasts in the process. He originally started off as what seems to be a typical 20-something year old who thinks he's hot shit for buying his first gun with mommy and daddy's money. Eventually, he found that making troll videos got him all the views, initiating a long YouTube career enriched with lulz and butthurt. He also offends liberals very often, both due to the fact that he owns guns, and that he says "faggot" in every three sentences. Cokeman makes a lot of money off of his JewTube Partnership, allowing him to have access to what he claims to be about $30,000 worth of firearms. So, not only is Cokeman a mentally challenged degenerate living in quite possibly the worst state in the United States, but he's also a good goy who obeys the command of JewTube, like any other sucker would. In a diminutive number of videos, he gives the facade that he's a normal, perfectly sane human being. This is most notably shown when he tries to hide his fervent admiration of Anders Breivik, attempting to feel sympathy and shock (despite it being an obvious affectation). Later, in his insatiable quest for moneyz, he was almost suckered into indentured servitude to Machinima. In the end, it did not work out, leaving Cokeman infuriated enough to create a video bitching about it. In another video, he is incredibly angry over the fact he received the wrong item from a gun order, claiming he wasted several hundred dollars. Dejected that he would have to wait another month for his welfare check to arrive, Cokeman made a video hoping to scrape up a meager sum to alleviate the dent in his wallet. His most notable video is of him shooting a broken Playstation 3 with a diverse arsenal of weapons. Aside from enraging thousands of fanboys and manchildren, he acquired a large sum of subscribers, ensuring that he keeps his pitiful existence afloat and fed for at least a few years until 2016, where Cokeman claims he had to get a job to ensure his cottage does not go into foreclosure.


Gingers should not be allowed to own firearms
It's all about proper aim

Cokeman started his channel in 2006, with his first video being him showing off his Golden Tiger Striped Desert Eagle. His second video serves as an example of the first time he began to (d)evolve into what he is today. The video involves him waving around a Taurus 1911 and rambling on, insulting the viewers and those claiming his firearms are fake and gay. Cokeman is notorious for going dark for up to half a year without making any videos. This leaves many of his fans with the conclusion that Cokeman had accidentally committed the act of an hero from his habits of being a heavy drug user, low-IQ and foolish with his handling of his guns. Cokeman also had a cat (he claims to have owned him for over a decade for his death), whose name is unknown. The cat died some time before 2012, most likely due to a (possibly) accidental gun related incident. He replaced this cat with another one he picked off the street, named Mister.


1911 Underwater


Zombacalypse Preps

Gun Collection

Firing some rounds Indoors

Edukate urself fag

Successful Troll


1911 Gun Boil

raep u

Lulzy Quotes[edit]

Alright, FAGGOTS!




Got some....kitty bullets....for my....drum...




You know what it is, FAGS! Deagle, bitches!



—No, we don't know what it is.

Get RAPED!!!!



Asking for it

Get raped in the mouth!



Only in the mouth?

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