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If you’ve ever felt like meeting a bunch of ugly, unattractive, gangly-looking buffoons and are unable to attend a local anime convention in the United States, I’m sure Tokyo Anime Fair would be a suitable replacement. The depressing truth is that not only did these slack-jawed guailo clearly descend onto Tokyo for pure anime intentions, no doubt many of them came just to attend Tokyo Anime Fair.


—The owners of Colony Drop actually talking about themselves, trying to admit that they are pasty and spoiled weeaboos themselves, but too fearful that their penises will shrink because of this

Colony Drop isn't a Macross site, it's an "Old is Good" "New is Bad" Shithole


—Once you've read this, it's kind of apparent that it's an oldfag weeabbo circlejerk

What they believe all animu fans, Nipponesese, and people they don't like should succumb to if nothing sucks their dicks and expectations. Fun Fact: This is actually from their site, photoshooped by some bitter weeb fuck and hosted up for all of the world to see. Believe it!

Colon Dump is the equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church of the Anime Fandom community, who are not comprised of overtly zealous and batshit insane Jesusfags longing for the cock of God, but of overtly jealous, self-hating, spoiled, and utterly insufferable batshit insane basement and nostalgia dwelling anime fans in their 30s from Europe and the US, who have an agenda to make Japan suck their dicks for them to make Japanese Cartoons the "way they want it".

It is also the prime example of the fucktardedness displayed on the other end of the dumbfuck spectrum of Anime Fandom Wankery, known by their more formal name, the Reject Weeaboo.

Apparently, the site's aim is to "argue against the grain of anime fandom’s most heinous misconceptions", which in turn, means to out right whine and display a twisted and jaded self-entitled perspective of their Anime Fan experience as leverage to act like a bitter ball of shit and piss, while in turn, hoping to ruin everyone's anime related experiences, so that they may perform the biggest Olympic pool sized orgy fueled by self-denial and a need to justify why Anime needs to be "cool" and "manly" for all of Europe and America to "accept it".

There is also nothing like Reject Weeaboos, attempting to act elitist and condencending to a fandom that enjoys Japanese Cartoons, who all and all don't give a shit to a corner of the internet that ranks Fucking Fail and dropping on Alexa for a reason and aren't visited by anyone with half of a brain, including other weeaboos.

Maybe it's because normal people would find people who act this insecure and lost in their lives over why Japan doesn't need to suck a dick to spoiled suburbanite gaijin crowd of another culture are fucking loons and insufferable people to keep in cages so that no one has to experience their fuckery, but maybe that's just us.


They say if you're from Colony Drop, you would drop everything you're doing and write out a fucking book about this image and how much it makes you feel funny and how much it's making the Anime industry not work for you. That's because Colony Drop writers are all dick and no pussy.

With flatearthing whiny Reject Weeaboos at there commands, their commons posts are:

Because the reject weeaboos down at Colon Dump are so fucking likable, and have a lot of insightful articles on why everything in anime isn't how it's used to be in their tastes because they are arrogant dumbfucks that don't know the meaning of the word time, right?

And all of this by bitching about Japanese Cartoons. How fucking low can you get?

Best of all, they have a fellow list of cocksuckers (under Blogroll, fucking site's composition is retarded) that get together with each other every night and complain about this stupid nonsensical shit while enjoying each other's hot manly juices on each other. One of them also is a poorly done attempt at a criticism and edgy commentary of the animu done in a webcomic, but it's too fucking stupid to state and name that it would likely destroy our servers.

Rise from Nobody Gives a Fuck to Nobody Fucking Cares[edit]

They look at anime like they are the school jocks and the rest of the fandom are the nerd punching bags. How you can create posts like this one: "a-confederacy-of-dipshits-dissecting-an-infestation" and not expect to be called tools or douches or any other wonderfully appropriate name.


—April 24, 2010 at 5:17 pm - Even before this article's creation did even the more intelligent realize the amazing amounts of sad as hell fanwank nerd douchebagottry and fucktard manchild gamer-esque Seanbaby wannabe humor that the reject weeaboo losers provide at Colon Dump.

Oldfag reject weeaboos that desire the fandom to suck their dongs are just as bad as the weeabbos that scream KAWAII!!11!, camera whore themselves and post up bad homoerotic fanfiction of Fushugi Yugi and shit. Plus, this chick's got a point; fucktard losers that think that their preference of animu is better than others are like the 13 and 22 year old manchildren and tweener gamers that wag their dick around about "teh HALO IS TEH GRATEST GAEM EVAR DURRRR"

Their most proudest achievement was stating themselves that they won the next animu blog competition of 2010, and then proceeding to blab about how that "drawing the ire of such an insular, petty community is a sure sign that we’re doing the right thing." Of course, the truth being that they are reject weeaboos that not even other weeaboos like for their pisspoor attempt to be "edgy, HARDKORE and IN YO FACE", while attempting to swing their oldfag anime fanboy penises for everyone to suck on out of insecurity and self-absorbed ego fucktardism, they actually lost the first round. Sad. We're also sure that this is the reason why ratings for the shitheap excuse of this place is down to over negative one million. Actually, it already was in the first place, so fuck it.

Of course, being self-absorbed, insular, petty, unwitty and some of the biggest liars, whiners, losers, pretentious "edgy" douchebag geekoid fuckheads and dumbfucks to ever grace the internets with a heavy dose of sadism and bitter contempt for not getting pussy for your anime fanwankery doesn't make your post anything short of trollish, it's clearly a sign of your bitter hatred and oldfaggotry seeping into your words.

Don't get us wrong, weeaboos on the teenybopper "KAWAII RANDOMES" end can be the biggest and most annoying fuckers when it comes to defending their moeh, animu and grorious nippon, but nothing beats that except oldfags cumming themselves to picking on the newfag generation, especially intolerable ethnocentric shithead Japanese Cartoon "buffs" to heal their jaded broken remains of a soul through lying and pretending not to notice nobody likes you through pathetic attempts at humor and wit.

Their second greatest achievement is getting onto Weeaboo Central News (AKA Animu News Network) and talking their mouths off about how the anime isn't what's making their dick bigger any more, and further eroding the reputation of a shitty news site with crap reporting and articles and a fuckheaded forum userbase even further by stooping to hire them for their podcasts! Zany!!

But it was also revealed in the fucking hueg ass forums that the closest thing they've coming to doing in their pitiful jackass lives is revealing that they are secretly trying to be the anime-based successor to Seanbaby. Keep going guys, your lifelong achievements are all in your hands!

Motivations of Colony Drop[edit]

We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica aren't just composed of people who insult and mock on a social level, but also of those that mock on a social and personal level as well to showcase why such people are fucking cocksuckers and douchebag attention whores. The level of Colony Drop's self-hatred and bitter motivations to ruin other weeaboos and animu fan's experiences is such a mindfucking classification of retarded and bitter hatred, it has been decided that analysis of such fucktardery should be attempted in order to make clear of what this site is really all about.

So let's be honest here at ED. While we have used the same terms, over and over again, being "Pasty White, Bitter, Fandom-Obsessed, Self-Deluded Elitist, Basement-Dwelling Virgins", you cannot help but feel that a majority of these things poured out onto the internets is fucking true.

And let's face it, this place is created by a bunch of Pasty White, Bitter, Fandom-Obsessed, Self-Deluded Elitist, Basement Dwelling Virgins. When you click that site, read those articles, and push whatever responses this shitheap attempts to communicate to you, you cannot HELP but feel that a majority of these things poured out onto the internets are fucking true.

Let's look back on this shitsack, shall we?

The users are manchildren fuckball wackos, driven to insanity over their fandom in Japanese Cartoons. They post up bitter and lulz worthy material about how other Animu fans are inferior and worthless compared to their tastes and "standing" in the Anime fandom, regardless most sane people wouldn't even give two fucks about what fuckball intentions they state. They have a FUCKING TWITTER devoted to twisting whatever the hell people post up on their Deviant Art and acting in their inane fucktardry as if that makes them "better fans". They enjoy pathetic attempts at trolling and more so attempting to be edgy and douchy behaviors we know that they wouldn't even have the testicles to pull off IRL because they don't have those balls to act like how they do on the internet and deal with the repricussions. These are the losers who attempt to be the Seanbaby of Anime that fail to live to the name, and even puss out and fail on their first try by not posting up their actual pictures of themselves. These are the losers that puss out and don't even live up to being "manly", that very thing that they jack themselves off to eventually becoming, every night.

They post up fucking self-deluded shit about some fandom war about Gundams and Evangelion despite no proof of whatever the fuck they're talking about IS real. They will go so far out of their way in their fanfuckery that they will stoop to make up claims about animu directors they don't favor. They desire all of Anime Fandom and Weeaboos to worship them through their "edgy" and "cool" content, so they write articles of some of the most flatearthing bullshit about fandom that no one but these dickmunchers would spend their time on. They are so fucking out of their heads, they would even go to Japan on its slowest of days in order to twist facts about how Akibahara is a playground for inferior Japanese otaku, and like all rabidly sick and fucked in the head fanboys would do, cum themselves and lavishly brag about how the Gundam Bar around the same area is the best place in all of Japan.

These Alpha Male Wannabe posers complain about how a fucking trend in their precious animu, Moe, is the death of anime, and how their pathetic attempt at a website is going to change that. These are loser virgins bitter and thought that Japanese Cartoons would get them laid, who take out their frustrations out on people who don't give two fucks about what they're thinking. These are losers who got one to too many wedgies in High School attempting to kiss up and cater favor to appease to a society that fucks them in the ass, in order to feel accepted over Japanese Cartoons, and how making them "Manly American/European" will help people "take Japanese Cartoons Seriously". These are complete insecure pussies who go as far as to go to anime conventions and take photos, to make fun of them and jerk off to feel satiated in their fandom standing, as if anyone fucking cares. These are fucking losers that would go as far as to make a magazine dedicated to their retarded and overrated conversations about old anime that no one gives a fuck about anymore.

These are pathetic basement dwelling virgin nerds, bitter and angry at a world that doesn't "embrace anime seriously", who put all of their blame on current trends of what their Japanese Cartoons doesn't follow back when they started watching it in a self-entitled and delusional world of nostalgia and jaded perspectives, and are on a downhill shitdrop to becoming An Hero because about as much as they enjoy acting like some of the most self-entitled and arrogant shithead Reject Weeaboos on the planet, they're really just pathetic hipster virgins, who will sink to any low to even sucking dicks of Japanese Directors in order to curry favor to make themselves feel better at night and help keep their pathetic delusion going as they age into vagina starved cocksuckers desperate for stimulation on their shitty animu site. Not even Weeaboos have this kind of fucked up and mindfucking level of emotional baggage to fuel something as abysmally insane as the fucking rectal santorum of Colony Drop.

These are some fucking pathetic and pitiful assed Reject Weeaboos, and we here at ED have found the top tier of the insanity of fandom fuckery.

Travis Motherfucker Touchdown telling you you're not funny. FUCKHEAD. YOU'RE A JOKE, AMIRITE


Doesn't make that low-hanging fruit any less delicious. Me, I always enjoy gawking at the endless parade that humanity provides.


—Zach, who apparently doesn't know how the internets work

When you spend your life bitching about this and how it doesn't suck up to your expectations, you know you have fucking issues
WORST (animu) EVER. Sums up again about what this is all about.
  • Steve
  • Zach
  • Sean
  • Dave
  • Mark

TL;DR, Lonely Homoerotic Pasty White Amurican Douchebags

Luckily for them, you can meet them whenever you have a local animu con nearby, although they're too fucking high and mighty as elitist reject weeaboo shitheads themselves, they'll only go to big city cons. Feel free to punch or kick the living shit out these guys and tell them they aren't witty, effective, cool, interesting, or funny in the least. They'll also hold a booth, or provide some dumbfuck "deep artistic insight" on why they can't get laid, so don't be afraid to set up an open fire! ;3

Also, don't be afraid to weed these douchebags out if you hear they do come. These shitbags also take no prisoners making fun of anyone and being the pussyfoot dicksticking fuckfaces too busy fapping themselves to their self-entitled "elite fan rank". They will also follow you around with a fucking camera and even beat off to the photos by how much they can make fun of your ass for kicks.
So, for fun's sakes, if you see a faggot running around with a high-class camera, or a bunch of losers muttering about how everything sucks and how much your life is worth less then theirs because of anime shit that no one fucking cares about, gather your friends and show them a great time. And if you're a sad bastard that enjoys managing cons, have a fucking brain and have security weed these bastards out, and have them play rapedolls with this crew of jaded pathetic shit.

And while we at ED do have incriminating pictures as well, they are often shot by a third party source, i.e., us not fucking with what's actually happening, and usually, we have something to write about more so than pretending to be Newfag Summer Anon and being pussies than do something cool.

Asshurt? In my ED? It's more likely than you think[edit]

Tehdramaoh lolololol.jpg

Disregardless of these facts, it is also well documented in the past that they are extremely obsessed with striking back on those on the internet who make slander and criticism, as well as in-your-fucking-balls mockery against their pathetic site. Such actions are overly reacted against, that they will spend 5% of their day vandalizing it, while spending 95% of it jacking off on their IRC chat and lathing in their complete insanity. In other words, they are so dedicated to their site, it's not really known if these losers ever get out of their basements.

So as of Last Thursday, the rejects at Colon Dump have noticed the page's existence. Apparently, their most "offensive attempt" was to post up a screencap of the person who wrote this shit up and write off the most insipid nerd loser comment ever made by their mommies (ie, attempting to look nerd smart) and feel better about themselves.

Apparently, they didn't catch the fact that when there's only one person that looked at their shitty site and wrote up why it sucks, most of all, the fact that no one ever visits it, they should take the hint that no one fucking cares about vain jaded losers that whine about Japanese Cartoons not catering to their tastes. Goes to show that quality is always better than quantity in anything.

Here's also their user page.

We're likely that these assholes are going to strike back again because of how "we are ruining their reputations", and likely are still going to be asshole anime fan losers that still want to stick their cock into pussy through means of fandom wanking.

Here's also further proof of their fuckery, which doesn't help as this only helps show how much more pathetic they are getting to be.

Travis Fuckin Touchdown, everything you hate and wish you colon dump losers could be. What's his secret? He's not a insufferable fucktard hardkore internets r srs buiznzz blogger burn out weeb loser. There's a great reason why his game sells alot more, it's because he kills people to buy more animu and not give a fuck what other people think, not sit on a computer and whine like a fucking nerdass bitch about why you can't get laid through Bizarre Jelly 5.

The Moar You Know[edit]

Even animu animators want these loser fucks to STFU.
What the people at Colony Drop jerk off to every night.

Here on the analysis of Colony Drop, we've learned these very important facts:

  1. Why bitter burnout oldfags are never bearable in the first place,
  2. Why geeks that bitch about fandom and never shut up about it are whiny douchebag losers that nobody likes,
  3. Why these guys don't have any friends regarding their self-inflated egotism and self-given dumbfuckery,
  4. Why being an elitist on the internet isn't an award that gets you a pile of cocaine with a hot shot car powered by harbl and blowjobs from hookers,
  5. Why douchey white boy losers that bitch and complain about shit that's from another country are actually the biggest losers you'll ever know,
  6. Why Comic book fans like these aren't ever going to get their dicks touched by an actual woman.
  7. Why no one likes pretentious wannabe tough guy ethnocentric pseudo internet bullies, and why they'll forever be alone.
  8. Yelling about anime fandom to make yourself feel better at night isn't going to do shit,
  9. The intellectual elitist end of the Anime Fandom Spectrum is just as fucking retarded and stupid as the "randomness" weeaboos,
  10. Attempting to be smart and "edgy" by writing up "slandering" articles without doing your research is going to make you look fucking stupid,
  11. This is the reason why directors and creators don't ever listen to fans,
  12. When fat basement nerds are whining like babies, you know there is no dignity nor credibility when it comes to whining, baby mouthed, ego driven, pretentious, school age internet shit throwing,
  13. Basement otaku in Japan forever are more likable than you fucktards,
  14. Why nerds like these are the greatest examples of racial and ethnic imperialism on the internets (SRS FUCKIN BUZINZZ YO)
  15. Even fucking Anonymous, being the pillaging, raeping, destructive hellions of the interwebs, posting up the most insane, offensive and mind blowing shit in the internets, are more fucking funny, witty, effective, in your fucking face, and more controversial than any of the flatearthing bullcum horseshit shat out from any of you fucks, and have provided more insightful and tolerable fucking topics on /a/, /jp/, and /touhou/ combined, and have left a greater impact on the animu community than whatever the fuck Colon Dump would ever create in its life time.


Imminent explosive penetration of vagina by penis.jpg




We’re located on in the channel #colonydrop.


—Thanks assholes! We'll come over and say FUCK YOU sometime too! ^w^

Oh hai thar is that some DOXS? Straight from the very heart of the suburban diaspora in Southern California..[edit]

need sause 22587 Cobble Creek Dr, Moreno Valley CA 92557. Phone (714) 686-1555

PSSTT, more of Mommy's Little Tadpole

Registrant: Colony Drop

22587 Cobble Creek Drive Moreno Valley, California 92557 United States

Registered through: Domain Name: COLONYDROP.COM Created on: 21-Jul-07 Expires on: 21-Jul-12 Last Updated on: 21-Jul-10

Administrative Contact: Rynders, Steven Colony Drop 22587 Cobble Creek Drive Moreno Valley, California 92557 United States +1.7146861555

Technical Contact: Rynders, Steven Colony Drop 22587 Cobble Creek Drive Moreno Valley, California 92557 United States +1.7146861555

Domain servers in listed order: NS1.HOSTMONSTER.COM NS2.HOSTMONSTER.COM


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