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Comic-Con is the world's largest convention of furries, virgins, and various breeds of basement dwellers. Every year, collectors of all shapes and sizes herd together and migrate to some poor unsuspecting city that probably is asking for it, cum buckets over shit nobody cares about, and leave the city smelling of desperation and musty fursuits.

It took Seattle six months to wash all the excess fail it had picked up into Puget Sound after the 2007 event. This created a three-mile wide oil slick that was later determined to be Astroglide and synthetic fur. After a few days of Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego, 2,000 gallons of bleach was dumped to try and disinfect the weeb bacteria, and deodorize the stench of manchild.


With the convention being called comic-con you'd figure it would be all about comics but the only real shit to do with comics anymore is the hordes of weeaboos and 13-year olds that took over the convention gathering around to suck Stan Lee's cock even though none of them has read a single one of his comics. They all probably tell him how great batman was. There probably still is like 3 booths about comics but they've been mostly beaten out by all the Sephiroth strip shows.

JewTube Cluster-fuck[edit]

One of the more popular events of comic-con is the various "celebrities" from YouTube dicking around together on the convention floor which includes but is not limited to: Failing to Troll, failing to be funny, and failing to be intelligent or knowledgeable. You can usually find people like Philip De Franco and his group of retarded talentless fuck-buddies engaging in their regular activities such as pretending to be famous or important


Perhaps the most fail aspect of comic-con is the amazing amount faggot weeaboo cosplayers there are. These people actually think they're cool because they dress up as their favorite animu character and harass people. You can expect to will see costumes of anything from star wars, final fantasy, obscure indie shows/movies/games, final fantasy, anime , popular video games,sometimes though rarely Comic-books, or even final fantasy. It is a good idea to keep your ass covered around these guys.

Every once in a while you might see some one with a really cool, well made costume, maybe even from something you like. If you do remember, just because their costume is cool doesn't mean they are, if they spent the time to make a good costume it is very likely that they are obsessive no-life faggots and approaching them could have dire consequences.


While cosplaying is indeed the most fail part of Comic-con, it also happens to be the one thing about that is amazing. Why? Well because women are paid to dress like slutty vidya game and animu characters. It's like Halloween but all the women are herded into a single building. It's true their is a pretty good amount of fattasses but at least the epic fatasses can't fit through the doors to enter the convention and eventually give up and return to their kitchens.

As for these hot girls, aside from bringing much win to the convention through their hotness they also contribute something else very important. Without them the convention would smell at least 100 times worse. You see the Nerd is a lazy thing and when he knows he will only be around his fellow nerds he can feel assured that they will accept him and his smell, no matter how horrendous, so why shower? When the women came into the equation everything changed. These genius men feel that if they shower and groom themselves they can get into the pants of one of the Double-D skinny chick dressed as Tifa that now attend the convention. This of course never happens, evar, but is still a pleasure to those who still have properly working noses. Their hotness also attracts a certain level of douche-baggery from the male gender as to be expected from any area populated by half naked hot chicks, but unless you're gay it's totally worth it.

See Jessica Nigri to see what we mean.

Vidya Games[edit]

Because video games obviously don't have their own conventions gaming companies choose to reveal much of the information on their upcoming games and products at comic-con. If you thought it wasn't bad enough with all the weeaboos, basement dwellers, and Comic book movie fans, now there's hardcore gamers. This pretty well represents the total rape of a convention based around comics to be about whatever people with money feel it's about

RT America trolls Comic-Con[edit]

During Comic-Con International 2011, a news station known as RT America, which consists of conspiracy trolls employed by the Russian government posted a video on JewTube in which a news reporter by the name of Kristine Frazao interviewed a cosplayer known as Victoria Schmidt. The video was met with butthurt from many basement dwelling Comic-Con faggots that mostly consisted of weeaboos, comicfags and other special snowflakes who couldn't handle the reality pasted onto their faces and who try to paint themselves as the poor persecuted nerds and geeks that nobody understands. Many of them even sent angry messages to her on twitter accusing her of being biased and hypocritical by wearing a bunch of gold Jewry, trying to imply that she's no better at fixing the economy and failing to realize that many of the nerdfags have no basic knowledge about politics or economics.

She then makes a video making a rebuttal against twitterfags who don't want to admit that they got trolled by the truth as everybody knows that Comic-Con fags have no concept of reality nor have they even talked to a homeless or economically struggling person whatsoever.

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