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Imagine for a moment that you're lonely, you don't have many friends and the ones you do have never want to hang out anymore. Your life is a depressing cycle of barren social interaction. So then one day along comes a guy who seemingly forces his way into your life. He seems alright at first, a bit pushy, but you give him the benefit of the doubt and let him on in the door. At first things are a bit fun, you think you've found a new best bud to hang out with and share your interests with. But then, slowly, but ever creeping, your new best friend starts taking liberties. Suddenly he's hanging out at your house almost all day long, he's sleeping on your couch, ordering PPV movies off your cable subscription, he's eating all your food, ordering pizzas and making you foot the bill. Before long your new best bud is a manchild mooching off your good graces, taking advantage of you and wrecking your shit without any remorse or regret.

This is the current state of the comics industry as of 2017.

Beginning back around the new millennium's budding childhood, a group of SJWs began an exploitative invasion of various interest groups and social communities, in turn invading the industries and companies that catered to them. One of these was the comic book industry and their community of largely beta male, interpersonal outcasts and affection starved, socially inept artists.

But what is Comicsgate? Read on if you wish to know more.

Milkshake Wars - attack of the SJWs[edit]

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Main players[edit]

ComicGate - NY Times Bestseller List.png

Like asking a fox for suggestions on how to build a better hen house, the comic book industry had essentially engineered their own fall. By inviting a group of play-pretend comic creators into their club in exchange for promises of virgin rage relief they had cucked themselves into a corner. Desperate to try and stave off the inevitable self-destruction they began dumping huge amounts of money into adverticles, paying feminist rags like The Mary Sue to constantly promote and push their shit.

Without the advertising things began circling the drain, largely in the beginning of 2017. A point at which most people really began to tire of the incessant indoctrination. The first major blowout occurred when The Washington Post dropped their graphic novel best seller list like a bad habit. A bitch slap of reality which left the industry reeling in shock as comic book pros were left dangling over the drain.

Some shills, still in a desperate panic to try and save their sinking ship of SJWs began slashing costs by giving professional comic writers and artists the boot in favor of flunkies they found on Fur Affinity, DeviantArt and the like. These amateur hour artists could be paid peanuts and in exchange were allowed free rein to fuck up the entire industry even further than before.

B. Clay Moore[edit]

The man who officially kicked off Comicsgate In the before mentioned not-so-secret Facebook group for comic pros and insiders B. Clay Moore openly conspired to commit politically motivated violence to intimidate and silence someone he disagreed with.

This particular terrorist seems to have violent tendencies, not only wanting to physically intimidate and assault patrons of a comic book convention for having a difference of political ideology, but even in his artistic work which he seems to use as an outlet to let off steam and to keep himself from losing control and attacking people in the real world, as can be surmised from tweets like this one...

When confronted about this exposed industry insider Facebook group and his plans to commit acts of terrorism he immediately began backpedaling. He attempted to play it all off as some kind of silly joke and that everyone was just misinterpreting his openly admitted intentions to physically assault someone for their political beliefs. Apparently making terroristic threats is considered comedy gold in the comic book world, at least according to B. Clay Moore and one would presume his employers and colleagues (many of whom openly conspired with Moore in the Facebook group).

Mark Waid[edit]

Mark Waid Cuck Comic.png

Mark is about as reliable of a white knight as they come. In fact, he will leap to the defense of anything he even thinks has a vagina.

ComicGate - Spreading Slander.png

"Say my name..."

Bleeding Cool[edit]

ComicGate - Bleeding Cool - Joe Glass - 02.png
Bleeding Cool's Joe Glass fantasizes about comic fans being violently assaulted at comic conventions.

While the majority of news outlets had sense enough to NOT stick their hand in a proverbial hornets nest whilst flailing about, the comic news site Bleeding Cool decided to jump right on into the clusterfuck. Not only did Bleeding Cool attempt to push a blatantly false narrative of events, painting all these comic pros up as hapless victims, when they were the ones doing illegal shit and making countless threats of violence.

Jiggles decided the best course of action, as an employee of Bleeding Cool, was to try and file dozens of fraudulent abuse reports through YouTube. This worked for about a day, until YouTube caught on to what he was doing and then blocked him. At which point he threw a giant tantrum on Twitter where he openly incriminated himself and his employer while whining about how it wasn't fair that he wasn't allowed to abuse and harass others.

Magdalene Visaggio[edit]

Gross tranny and legit psychopath. Someone about him just appears off in interviews. Looks like he might either randomly snap the interviewer's neck at any second.

Shon C. Bury[edit]

Shon's reaction to this article.

What the fuck kind of name is Shon?

Most recently his "Nerd Boss" Kickstarter crashed and burned. He cancelled the account within a week after it only managed to get 4 backers and $131 of its attempted $25,000 goal.

Currently the only semi-viable property he controls is a Burger King Kids Club style pre-tween furry comic called "Moonlighters". Which features horrendously disfigured looking characters that turn into badly drawn furries, with statistically improbable ethnic diversity and over exaggerated faces/expressions.

Jennifer De Guzman[edit]

just spic things

Talentless spic nobody. How Jennifer weaseled her way into the comic book industry is anyone's guess, a quick Google image search will bring up an endless amount of selfies she's taken, but almost no art work. There are 12 year old girls on DeviantArt who have larger portfolios.

Dan Slott[edit]

Dan Slott, a third rate comic book artist,
believes himself to be God's gift to art.

Insufferable faggot. Views himself as some deep artist on par with the renaissance masters of old.

Brie Larson[edit]

Hardest shit she's been through has been her purse.

Brie Larson is just some dumb bitch playing Captain Marvel who recently holds the 'Michelle Pfeiffer Of The Now' award. She isn't super famous and has the sex appeal of a piece of Wonder Bread. Aside from dubious fame at playing a role nobody asked for or wanted, she also decided to ruin the day of some poor TSA agent and accuse them of sexually assaulting her. She's going to be forgotten by the next hot thing in a few years. Before her there was Scarlett Johansson, an actress who preferred pretending to be an Asian before having a superhero movie starring herself.

Zainab Akhtar[edit]

Some stupid sandnigger or pseudo-sandnigger. Who knows? This quote from some anti-SJW hack on Youtube is relevant.

It does not matter how genuine the apology is. It does not matter how actually remorseful you may be. They will continue to be offended. But like a shark smelling blood in the water, once they see that little bit of weakness, once they see you subjugate and supplicate yourself, they are going to go in for the kill. They are going to latch on with their fucking teeth and they're going to yank and rip until they pull a limb off because that is the nature of the beast. You can never make amends with these people. Nothing will satisfy them. It doesn't matter how genuine you are about it. It will be thrown back in your face. It is a waste of time. An utter waste of time and it will hurt your bottom line trying to appease people like this. If you find yourself in a situation where SJWs, where the snowflakes, are fluttering around you and they're demanding an apology because you've offended them... don't give in. Don't apologize. It will not work out in your favor.


Which is exactly the position that Lakes International Comic Art Festival found themselves in when they found out they had committed the mortal sin of having too many white people.

Richard C. Meyer[edit]

The secret origins of SPLATTO DEL GATO!

At the center of all this controversy and industry fueled hate/attacks has been Richard Meyer, the owner of the YouTube channel "Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack". Attacked relentlessly by SJW comic spergs despite being pretty laid back. Made a shitty fanfic comic in an attempt to own the libs.

Richard inadvertently created what would eventually become the mascot and comic hero of the ComicsGate cause, "Splatto Del Gato".

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The Marvel inquisition[edit]

In the aftermath of this epic shit storm Marvel doubled down, tripled down and then quadrupled down in their stupidity, culminating in Marvel comic pros like Dan Slott starting an inquisition in which he went around harassing and obsessing over every last person working at Marvel (right down to the janitors), demanding that they stop everything in their lives and painstakingly search through their entire friends list for anyone having even the faintest connection with Marvel detractors and critics.

Rumors have already started circulating that Dan has been colluding behind closed doors and demanding that young, upcoming comic artists and writers who want to get in on the industry have to become his personal flying monkeys. Dozens of sockpuppet accounts emerged on Twitter attacking Marvel's detractors.

ComicGate - Marvel Inquisition - 02.jpg

ComicGate - Marvel Sales Manipulation - 09.png

In an absolute laughable attempt to try and cover up their ever failing sales Marvel has been colluding with comic distributor Diamond in order to screw over comic shop owners who are often forced to buy bulk copies of unpopular comics or in some instances they're purposefully over printing and then sending the comics to the comic shops whether they even ordered them or not. After which turning right around and claiming they had epic sales distribution, even though the comic shop owners didn't want the excess, unsellable comics, which they often had to give away just to get rid of the wasted paper piling up in their store houses.


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