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Comment whore

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A good way to increase your comments received number is to make your journal friends only and make people comment to be added.

A variety of attention whore who uses a message board, forum, or journaling site for the express purpose of gathering the warm fuzzies generated by the insincere well-wishes of complete strangers who probably just TL;DR'd the post in the first place and are merely posting something ghey like ~HUGZ!~ or <3 because as their glazed eyes skimmed down to the next batch of quiz results or Evanescence lyrics, they just happened to catch the words "cutting myself" or "fat" or "welfare check".

There are a number of classic comment whore tactics, including:

Of course, all of these fine comment whoring tactics can be easily doubled in efficacy by merely disabling comments on the post in question, thereby obligating everyone on the planet to find the next most recent post and comment about the comment-disabled post.

ORLY?! No, not really

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